Police activity week of 11-01-10 through 11-07-10

11-04-10 01:00 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Liquor law-underage-purchase, consumption, possession
Nyack Ave & Schappet Ter. – While on patrol Officer Albertoli spotted a white Buick LaSabre parked on Nyack Avenue near Schappet Terrace. In the driver’s seat with the engine running was the offender, the offender is known not to possess a valid driver’s license, het he was in control of the vehicle.

Officer Albertoli put on his emergency lights and the offender steered the car to the right of the roadway. Officer Albertoli approached on the passenger side and engaged the offender in conversation. This officer pulled up and approached on the driver’s side of the road. The offender was asked to step out of the vehicle. Upon speaking with the offender, this officer detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath. Officer Meehan of the ELPD did administer a PBT in this officers presence. The offender blew a .03. It should be noted that the offender is under the age of 21 years. The offender stated that he was attempting to pick his girlfriend at her house on Nyack Avenue.

Located in the back seat, passenger side door were two small zip lock type bags one red and one green in color, commonly used to package illegal drugs. Each bag had minor residue inside, indicating they once contained marijuana. These bags were taken back to police headquarters and destroyed.

The offender stated that he was just coming from the Wawa store and was going to pick up his girlfriend. Since police received information in the past that the offender is known to carry a gun, he was patted down for our protection with negative results.

Through investigation it was learned that the vehicle is not insured. Since there is no licensed driver present and the vehicle lacked insurance, the vehicle was towed. The offender was issued a citation for underage drinking and driving without a license at the scene and released. The vehicle may be taken out of impound upon a licensed driver appearing and proof of insurance.

11-04-10 17:00 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan- Theft-under $50-retail theft
Unit block E. Baltimore Ave. – Police received a report of a female shoplifter, not in custody, at the Rite Aid Store. Further information stated that the shoplifter was giving the employee a hard time. On arrival this officer did observe the employee in the foyer of the store with the defendant. The employee stated that he caught the defendant shoplifting and attempted to stop her from leaving the store and that she started to fight with him. The defendant blurted out that she was so stupid, that it was just cat food and she was very sorry for stealing the cat food because it wasn’t worth it.

This officer advised the defendant that she was under arrest for retail theft and taken into custody. The employee did provide this officer with a register receipt of the items that were confiscated, which totaled to eight packages of cat food for a total of $20.91. A check of the defendant’s criminal history shows that she has four previous convictions for retail theft.

In a search incident to arrest, this officer did seize a prescription pill bottle labeled with another person’s name and contained three round, scored, white tablets imprinted with “215” on one side. The prescription bottle is listed as Oxycodone and the tablets are suspected to be such.

While taking the defendant into custody, her 9 year old son came running into the store and grabbed a hold of his mother and was screaming and crying about her getting arrested. The child was apparently in the defendant’s van outside in the parking lot and came running into the store when he saw the police go in. When this officer asked the defendant if she was ever arrested for retail theft before she said No. When the child was holding her he stated, “I don’t want to lose you for another year.” The child was release to his uncle who came to the police station to pick him up.

11-04-10 20:38 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – MV theft-autos-street-commercial area
Unit block Runnemede Ave. – Police responded to the unit block of Runnemede Avenue for a report of a stolen vehicle discovered. Upon arrival this officer spoke with the victim, who reported that on 11-4-10 at approximately 2038 hours she discovered her vehicle had been stolen while it was parked next to the Runnemede avenue address on W. LaCrosse Avenue, just west of Runnemede Avenue. The victim reported that she parked her vehicle on the date reported at approximately 1420 hours. The victim believes that her vehicle was locked at the time it was stolen. Vehicle is worth approximately $3,000.00. The vehicle is a gray 1998 Saturn SL2.