Police activity week of 10-29-12 through 11-04-12

10-30-12 18:50 hours – Ptl. S. Nick – Theft $50 to $200
200 block W. Baltimore Ave. – Officer Craig was flagged down by the victim who stated that a white man driving a red and white Chevrolet pickup had just stolen a leaf blower and some aluminum flashing from the side of his residence near his back deck. While speaking with the victim the suspect truck was observed on Baltimore Ave. . The truck was stopped and the offender was taken into custody. The victims did identify the stolen items. Offender will be charged appropriately.

10-31-12 20:00 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart -Theft- $200 & over from auto
300 block Barker Ave. – The victim reports while moving into her new home unknown person removed a 32″ LCD LED flat screen TV from the moving van.

11-01-12 00:36 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Liquor law-underage
100 block Windsor Ave. – Police received a report of a loud party coming from inside of a home on the 100 block of Windsor. On arrival Officer’s could hear loud music and yelling from inside the residence. Twenty offenders were taken into custody ( 18 adults and 2 juveniles ). All will be charged appropriately.

11-01-12 09:15 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Burglary-forced entry – residence-night
100 block Windsor Ave. – Following the liquor law offense, arrest of 20 persons, police received a call reporting a burglary at the house where the underage drinking party took place. DJ equipment is reported missing. Also a vehicle parked out front of the party residence was broken into while one of the party goers was in police custody. There is a suspect in this case and the investigation will continue.

11-02-12 02:47 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Public drunkenness
100 block E. Stratford Ave. – Received a report of an intoxicated person yelling in front of the residence. Did make contact with the offender and took him into custody. The offender will be charged with public drunkenness and placed in a cell overnight until he sobers up.

11-02-12 09:39 hours – Ptl. S. Nick – Fraud
Unit block e. Stewart Ave. – The victim received a call from a person claiming to be the victim grandson’s lawyer. The suspect did request the victim to send $2,000.00 to an address in Canada. The victim did send the money. The victim then received follow up calls from the suspect to send more money; the victim did not send any more money. The victim did contact the U.S. Post Office to try to intercept the letter he sent.

11-02-12 09:18 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Theft- $200 & over
Scottdale Rd -Hoffman park – The Borough recreation director made a report of a suspicious condition. The Director reports that two 8′ sections of hand railings were stolen from the pavilion at Hoffman park. The theft was discovered on 10-16-12 by the Borough crew but that she was too busy to report it at that time. Estimated value of missing items is approximately $400.00. Did advise the Director in the future to contact police immediately for any further incidents.

11-02-12 09:51 hour – Ptl. C. Craig – Theft- $200 & over
Scottdale Rd. – Victim reports her pocketbook taken on 11-01-12 while she was taking pictures of the work that was being done in the area.

11-02-12 17:50 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Theft- $200 & over
Unit block LaCrosse Ave. – The victim reports approximately 40′ of copper drain down sp9ut had been removed from the front of her residence. Value of item approximately $350.00.

11-02-12 22:03 hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – Narcotics-possession
Unit block E. Baltimore Ave. – Two males taken into custody for drug violations. Suspected marijuana will be sent to PSP lab for analysis.

11-03-12 00:19 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Disorderly conduct
200 block N. Wycombe Ave. – Report of domestic involving females that was physical. On scene it was determined that there was a party at the residence and an altercation between ensued. The suspect did leave the scene. Did make contact with the offender and advised her she would be receiving two citations in the mail.

11-03-12 15:01 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Criminal mischief to auto
200 block W. Plumstead Ave. – Victim reports that someone smashed out the front passenger door window of his vehicle. A medium sized rock was found on the front passenger side floorboard. Also there was a dent and chip below the window. 11-04-12 10:07 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza- While this officer as on a domestic disturbance call on the unit block of Violet Ln. while on the call I was informed that the 11 year old foster son of the reporting party did throw a rock at a vehicle parked near Belmont Park. Investigation to continue as there may be others involved in the rock throwing.

11-03-12 00:19 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Theft- $200 & over
200 block N. Wycombe Ave. – The victim noticed her phone missing after she had been involved with al altercation. The person suspected of the theft denies taking the phone.

11-04-12 21:33 hours – Ptl. J. McGowan – Burglary-forced entry- residence – night
Police dispatched for a burglar alarm activation. On scene found that the door appeared to have been forced open with a tool and found that a first floor widow was opened. After speaking to the home owners it was determined the damage to the front door was pre-existing and done by the homeowner. The window was shut but not locked. Entry made through this first floor window. Items missing include jewelry and electronics equipment.