Police activity week of 10-25-10 through 10-31-10

10-25-10 10:44 hours – Ptl. M. Mugler – Disorderly conduct
100 block Green Ave. (PWHS) – Police were dispatched to PWHS for a report of two students in custody as a result of a fight in the classroom
On police arrival this officer spoke to the Assistant Principal. He explained that an altercation between the offenders began in the class room. The teacher stated that one offender told the other offender that he needed to leave the classroom or he was going to punch him in the face. And the two began fighting.

The fight was broken up and the students were then brought to the office. One offender sustained a bloody nose in the fight.

Both offenders were transported back to police headquarters and medics were dispatched to examine the injured offender. Medics discovered that the offender’s nose was broken so they took him to the hospital. Both were cited for disorderly conduct. One offender was released from headquarters the other offender was released to the medics.

10-25-10 10:45 hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – MV theft-auto
Unit block W. Baltimore Ave. – Policed were dispatched for a stolen vehicle discovered. Police made contact with the victim in the rear parking lot of the apartment complex. The victim parked his Pontiac Grand Prix in his parking space last night at approximately 2200 hours. The vehicle was missing this morning at approximately 1045 hours. Investigation to continue.

10-25-10 10:20 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Criminal mischief
Unit block E. Baltimore (Rite Aid) – Police received a report of an attempted burglary discovered at the Rite Aid store. This officer arrived and spoke to the manager who reported that his telephone lines and communication lines have been out of served since the store opened on Saturday morning. Verizon was called to respond and discovered that unknown actor/s did cut the telephone/communication feeder bundle that supplies the phone lines to Rite Aid as well as several other residences and businesses in the area of the store. The store manager called police after hearing that the telephone lines were cut, because he was aware of at least two other Rite Aid stores in the area that also had the communication lines cut over the weekend and he believed that it was done in an attempt to burglarize the business. There was no reported known attempt of forced entry into the store. The Verizon supervisor responded to the scene and examined the cut lines and believed that large pair of bolt/wire cutters was used in severing the line. This officer asked it is could have been done to steal the copper in the lines and he stated that the phone lines, albeit thick in appearance are not worth stealing. The supervisor also reported that it was the same for the other two stores; the lines were only severed, not stolen. None of the other stores have reported discovering any type of attempted forced entry.

Sgt. Kienzle documented a suspicious person call in the rear of the Rite Aid store on Saturday early morning at approximately 0311 hours. Sgt. Kienzle made contact with the suspect who was observed in the area where the phone lines are located. The suspect gave evasive answers and had no valid reason to be where he was. The suspect had what appeared to be burglary tools in his vehicle and has a history of burglary. This officer forwarded a copy of that incident to Upper Darby Police and Springfield Police due to the similarity of incidents. Investigation to continue.

10-26-10 00:01 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Robbery-armed-firearm-highway
W. Essex Ave. – The complainant called the police after she observed a black female banging on her front door and ringing the door bell saying that she had just been robbed.
This officer responded and located the victim outside the one on the unit block of W. Essex Avenue. The victim was dressed in a blue hoodie and carrying a large hand bag over her shoulder. She stated that he had just got robbed at point of gun by two black males.

The victim boarded a bus #109 at Baltimore & Oak. She got off the bus in the area of Wycombe Avenue near the Marshall House Apartments. She was walking home, west bound on Essex Avenue. As she was approaching the intersection with Owen Avenue, she observed two black males walking toward her. The males both walked passed her then approached her from the rear. Actor #1 was in possession of a black pistol, he stuck it in her ribs. Actor #2 said something to the effect of “give it up”. At the time of the robbery the victim said she was talking on her cell phone with her boyfriend. One of the actors grabbed the phone out of her hand. The males both entered a vehicle parked on Owen Avenue just north of the intersection. She believes one of the actors entered the rear of the vehicle and the other one entered the passenger side front, suggesting that there was a third subject involved as the getaway driver. Actor #1 described as a black male, 5’8″, wearing a white hoodie with gray stripes. Actor #2 was described as a black male 5’10” wearing a dark hoodie, possibly navy blue.

Although the victim had a large handbag on her person containing her wallet and other personal belongings, the actors did not take that or try to take anything else. The only property taken was the victim’s burgundy colored T-Mobile cell phone.

10-26-10 00:00 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Drug equipment violations, loitering prowling at night
W. Stewart Ave @ Owen Ave. – While on patrol this officer saw an occupied green Chevrolet Impala parked wrong side to the curb on the dead end of West Stewart Avenue near Owen Avenue. The vehicle was within 25 feet of the corner. The vehicle was running and the lights were on. When this officer approached the vehicle, the occupants began moving around inside. They seemed to be leaning forward and toward the center of the car. When I approached the front passenger window, I asked the female passenger what was going on. The male driver began speaking quickly and told me that he was just picking up his girlfriend because her parents did not like him. The male seemed very nervous. The female passenger agreed with the male. When I asked for ID from both occupants, the male told me that he had to throw his away because it snapped in half. The female handed me a PA ID card. The male told me that I could check his ID by computer. When I asked if he had a valid license, the male said “I believe so”. When asked again the male admitted that his license was suspended. This officer then asked for the registration and insurance. The male made a display of checking various documents in the passenger compartment. When the female reached for the glove box, the male reached over and took out documents that were inside. The male seemed to be trying to keep the glove box as closed as possible. This officer could see what appeared to be orange and white cylinders like insulin syringes in a plastic bag. I asked the male why he was trying to hide whatever was in the glove box. The male told me that he wasn’t hiding anything that the syringes were his insulin syringes and that they were available for purchase over the counter at Rite Aid. The male stated the car belonged to his mother. He could not locate registration or insurance.

When back up officers arrived, I had the male and female step out of the car. Sgt. Eisenhart patted down the male and did not find any weapons. The female was wearing clothing that made concealing anything very difficult. This officer checked her purse and did not find any weapons or contraband. This officer then began checking the area of the car in their immediate control so that we could allow them to return to the car without any threat of our safety. In the space between the center console and the driver’s seat, I could see a small zip-lock type bag like the kind usually used to package small amounts of drugs. This officer retrieved the bag and there was a white or off white substance inside the baggie. While checking the wing-span area of the car, I located the registration and insurance card in the center console.

This officer asked the male if his mother knew he was driving the car. The male stated she did not. This officer decided to tow the vehicle until the owner or a licensed driver could retrieve it. The female was allowed to go on her way. The male was advised that charges would follow on a 20 day summons. After explaining how the owner could reclaim the car, the male was also allowed to continue on his way. A tow log was prepared and the vehicle was towed to Addison’s.

10-27-10 23:33 hours – As this officer was clearing with the tow truck, I was dispatched to the area of Runnemede and W. Stratford avenue for a report of a male being loud in the area. The reporting party told the call taker that it sounded lake a male was arguing with someone, but he didn’t hear anyone else.

When this officer arrived on scene I saw two figures on the dead end of Runnemede. I recognized the two as the male and female earlier. The two began walking away, I shined the spotlight on the pair and they stopped. When this officer asked them what they were doing, the male told me he was meeting the female to get a cigarette. This officer did not see any cigarettes. I advised the female to return home and that charges would be filed against and she would be notified by mail. The male was transported to police headquarters where he was picked up by his mother. Additional charges will be added for the male.

10-27-10 00:00 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Theft-$200 & over-bicycles
Unit block E. Windermere Ave. – Police were dispatched for a report of a bike theft. On location, the reporting party states that between 0335 and 0400 hours today date he noticed that his exterior motion lights were on in the rear of his home. He didn’t think anything of it at the time, but when he was leaving for work at 0530 hours he observed part of one of the flaps to his storage tent partially open. When he returned home, he opened the storage tent, he observed the bicycle rack ,used to hold the bikes, lying on the ground and 2 bicycles were missing along with 2 small red 3 gallon gas cans. The reporting party stated that his neighbors have been having work done by some contractors and he believes that they may be involved.

10-28-10 04:10 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Public Drunkenness
Plumstead Ave. – Police received a report of a domestic possibly involving a male and two females. On police arrival, the offender was standing in the street next to a vehicle crying. When asked what was happening she stated that things were fine and she was waiting for her boyfriend and girlfriend to walk back to the car. The offender and involved party were viewed walking north on Congress. The offender was barefoot and appeared disheveled. An alcoholic beverage could be smelled emanating from both the offender’s and the involved parties person, all three exhibited glassy, bloodshot eyes and were unsteady on their feet.

An NCIC check of the offender’s identification revealed an active warrant. The female and male offender’s were transported back to the police station and placed in cells 1 & 2. The female offender will be released when she is sober; she was unable to arrange transportation home.

10-28-10 18:00 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Assaults-simple
300 block Barker Ave. – The reporting party and her daughter, the victim, responded to police headquarters to report an assault which occurred earlier today. The victim states that at approximately 0700 hours she was at her residence, where she resides with the suspect, when she heard the suspect and her boyfriend arguing. The victim states that the boyfriend was threatening to leave the suspect and the suspect became irate. The victim reports that she was attempting to walk downstairs get her shoes for school when the suspect kicked her down a flight of steps, from the second floor to the first floor of the residence.

The victim states that the suspect then came downstairs and began to punch her in her face and pull her hair repeatedly. The victim reports that she heard the suspect ask the boyfriend for a pair of scissors so that she could cut the victim’s hair off. As the victim was attempting to leave she reports that the suspect grabbed her hair again and pulled her towards the front door opened it and told her to “get the f*#k out of my house” and then pushed her down the front steps of the residence. The victim states that she got up and ran towards the bus stop when the suspect got into her vehicle and began chasing her toward the bus stop. The victim states that this was witnessed by her friend. The victim reports that when she arrived at school, East Lansdowne Basic School, she reported what had happened to her counselor.

At 1549 hours the reporting party received a call from her daughter, the victim, letting her know about what had transpired today. The victim states that the suspect threatened to beat her with a belt when she arrives home this evening at 2100 hours.

I did ask the reporting party, victim’s mother, why the suspect has legal guardianship of her daughter at this time, the reporting party, the mother, explained that she used to reside in Northeast Philadelphia and has some problems. The reporting party states that she was also not satisfied with the school that the victim was attending at the time. The suspect is the reporting party’s son’s aunt and was a family friend who lived in Delaware County. Once the reporting party moved to Delaware County she reports that she has had many problems with the suspect in regards to her daughter.

This officer did observe several cuts and abrasions on the victim’s left elbows and left hip area. These areas were photographed and will be attached to this report.

After speaking to Officer McGinnis and Sgt. Donegan it was decided that the victim should stay with her mother for the evening. The reporting party, the mother, states she is in the process of having the guardianship reversed. This officer did advise her to get an emergency PFA for her daughter against the suspect and also an emergency custody order. This officer did call the suspect and made her aware of what was happening and that she should contact the police department.

At approximately 2030 hours, the suspect returned Officer Craig’s phone call, but he was gone for the night. Sgt. Donegan spoke to the suspect and advised her of the report. The suspect became upset and stated that none of it was true and stated that it was brought about by the reporting (the victim’s mother). The suspect stated that she has a protection from abuse order against the mother, which protects her and the victim. The suspect stated that the mother is not to be around the victim until 2013. She stated she would bring the paperwork to the police station.

The suspect arrived at the police stilton at approximately 2130 hours with her husband/boyfriend. The suspect provided some paperwork to me, but I was unable to locate the PFA. She stated she must have left it at home. I advised that the victim had visible injuries to her and the boyfriend mentioned that the victim should have a cut on her left elbow from when she fell at school a couple days ago. The boyfriend states the victim went to the school nurse that day. This officer was able to locate the PFA, the order wsa valid until 1-21-13.

Once learning that an active PFA was in effect, I attempted to contact the mother, but she did not answer her phone and it appeared to be off because it went directly to voice mail. This officer also had police radio notify the on call CYS worker.

At approximately 2245 hours CYS called this officer and he was advised of the situation. The Case worker stated that the child is to be released to the guardian, the suspect, and that he would prepare a report and forward it to his office for follow-up.

Sgt. Kienzle and Off. C. Schiazza responded to the mother’s residence and returned the victim to headquarters. This officer briefly spoke with the victim and she stated that the aunt punched her in the face this morning, pulled her hair and pushed her down the exterior steps of the residence. I asked the victim if her injuries to her elbow were from today and she said, yes. I asked her if she fell at school earlier this week and she stated that she did. She stated she hurt her wrist during that fall. I explained to her that she was going home with her Aunt and the boyfriend for the night. Investigation to continue.

10-30-10 02:19 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Assault, liquor law violation, criminal mischief
Unit block Schappet Ter. – Dispatched for a possible burglary in progress, two males were reported to be breaking into the residence on the unit block of Schappet Terrace. Enroute we started receiving report of multiple calls for the same location with at least one caller reporting a gun involved. Callers also reported a large group on the street with people running in multiples directions. First arriving officers found numerous people on the street. As this officer started up Schappet Terrace, I encountered a group of 4 people coming south toward Nyack Avenue. I ordered all 4 to stop. The group began hiding behind a van. Each time I tried to look around the van they moved to the other side. This officer eventually had to order all four to the ground. After repeatedly ordering the group to the ground 3 complied. The final member complied after being ordered to the ground several more times. This officer asked an arriving officer to watch these four. Within seconds I encountered another group of four people coming down the street. A male in this group was holding a bleeding wound on his head. I ordered this group to be seated on a set of nearby steps. This group complied much more quickly. Another arriving officer took control of this group.

This officer then went to the residence on Schappet Terrace. The front door was closed but the small window in the door was broken. This officer could not see anyone in the living room. The door was not closed fully enough for the lock to engage. This officer was able to push open the door. With the assistance of arriving officer, we cleared the house. We found five people hiding in the basement. Four of the five people quickly complied with orders to lie face down on the ground. The fifth person, a male who was later identified ignored repeated orders to lie face down on the ground. The person eventually assumed a sort of partial push up position. The actor ignored several more orders and this officer eventually had to force him to the ground. The actor kept getting partway up and ignored orders to lie back down. Another officer had to direct the actor to the floor a second time. After checking the group for weapons the four cooperative parties were moved to the first floor. The actor, who is 20 years old, was arrested for underage drinking. The actor was moved to the police vehicle. Other officers cleared the upstairs portion of the house. The actor had blood on his hands and some redness on his face. The actor refused EMS attention several times and told the medic that he was not injured.

The arrested actor had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on or about his person. The actor’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot. He seemed to be operating with a time delay and kept asking the same question and making the same comment over and over. There were numerous open bottles and cups of malt beverages in the basement. There was a heavy odor of an alcoholic beverage in the basement. There were several coolers in the basement along with a keg of natural Light beer that had been tapped. There was water, at least half an inch deep in parts of the basement.

This officer returned the actor to police headquarters and he was given a PBT with a result of 0.16. While at police headquarters the actor continued to ask what he was charged with so often that he was interfering with processing. This officer asked the after if there was someone who could come to pick him up and he told me that his mother would. A short time later the actor decided that he did not want his mother to find out about his arrest and told me that he wanted to wait to see the judge. The actor then decided that he wanted his father to pick him up. The actor then decided to have his mother pick him up. A short time later he decided to wait for the judge. When we placed the actor in the cell, he asked why he wasn’t allowed to call his father. The actor was held at police headquarters until he was sober enough to release, at that time he was released with citations. Several others will be charged in this offence. The investigation into the assaults, criminal mischief and related offenses is continuing.

10-30-10 02:03 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Trespassing ,simple assault, etc.
100 block Midway Ave. – Sgt. Eisenhart, Off. Albertoli and this officer responded to the 100 block of Midway Avenue for a report of a domestic disturbance in which the actor was reported to have broken a window. Upon arrival we learned that the actor broke the window on the front door of the residence, forced her way into the residence and assaulted the victim. The defendant was taken into custody behind the residence. The defendant was charged with Criminal Trespass, simple assault, criminal mischief, harassment and disorderly conduct.

10-30-10 07:35 hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – Narcotics-possession-marijuana
200 block N. Wycombe Ave. – Police and emergency medical services were dispatched to E. Plumstead Avenue and Marshall Road for a subject down at the SEPTA bus stop. The subject was described as a white female dressing in all black clothing. Upon arrival police were flagged down by a passerby pointing in the direction of the 200 block of N. Wycombe Avenue. This officer approached and observed a white male lying on his side on the front lawn of a residence with the temperature being 41 degrees. In his right hand the male was griping a cell phone and vomit was observed on his back pack.

This officer yelled “hello” to the male to try and wake him, but he did not respond. As this officer was attempting to wake the male a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected on his breath and person. This officer had to yell and shake the male numerous times before he finally woke up. When the male finally woke, he opened his eyes and stated, “What’s, what’s going on”. The male was asked if he was okay and he stated, “I’m fine, what do you want”, the male was observed with glassy blood shot eyes, slurred speech, incoherent, disoriented and highly intoxicated. He was taken into custody for public drunkenness.

In a search incident to arrest, this officer discovered one multi colored glass smoking pipe containing black residue, commonly used to smoke marijuana and one clear zip lock bag containing green leafy vegetable matter, suspected to be marijuana, found in the left side cargo pants pocket. Found in the male’s black back pack was one large skull shaped pipe containing a black residue, commonly used to smoke marijuana.

The male was transported to police headquarters where he was processed and housed.

10-30-10 00:00 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Unauthorized use of MV
200 block N. Wycombe Ave. – The complainant called to report the unauthorized use of his motor vehicle by his son’s friend.

10-30-10 08-22 hours – Ptl. M. Mugler – Criminal mischief
Unit block Bartram Ave. – Police were dispatched to the unit block of Bartram Avenue for the report of criminal mischief discovered. Upon arrival, this officer was met by the victim. The victim showed me her front porch window which was shot out. There was a partial window pane remaining with holes in it as well. Upon inspection of the room there was a picture knocked off of the wall. Several pellets had gone through a wooden door that was leaning against the window. The pellets then embedded in the brick wall inside the porch. The living room of the house is on the other side of this brick wall. There was also a pattern of shotgun pellet marks next to the upstairs window of the house. The window is on the second floor bedroom. The window is directly over the front porch and faces Bartram. The victim explained that she heard a loud boom around 0400 hours but thought that a transformer had blown up so she never came outside. Pictures were obtained of the damage and the shotgun shells and attached to this incident. The shells were placed in a bag and will be turned over to detectives for possible fingerprints. Investigation to continue.

10-30-10 12:14 hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – Theft- $200 & over
200 block Jackson Ave. – Police were dispatched to the 200 block of Jackson Avenue for the theft discovered. This officer called and spoke with the victim. The victim states she discovered four patio chairs and brown pillows and two round tables stolen from her garage on 10-29-10 at approximately 1615 hours. The victim stated she left her garage and home open because she had construction workers doing work on her house. The victim stated she left her residence at 0830 hours to go to work. At approximately 1500 hours she received a call from the construction company stating that they were not able to work on her house that day. Approximate loss $230.00.

10-30-10 18:03 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Burglary-forced entry-residence-day
100 block E. Marshall Rd. – The victim left her residence at 1100 hours and her neighbor discovered the door of the victims residence open at 1750 hours. The door frame was ripped out of the wall when forced, appeared to be a pry bar of sorts. The actor/s went through several drawers and removed two jewelry boxes with jewelry, car title and credit cards. A check book bad was taken to try and lift fingerprints. The victim will provided a list of missing items to police.

10-30-10 23:40 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Curfew law violation (warning)
W. Plumstead Ave. – At 2340 hours, while on patrol in the area of W. Plumstead and Eldon Avenues, this officer located three individuals who appeared to be under the age of 18, which would potentially make them out past curfew hours. Police identified the three subjects. They stated that they were waking to a friend’s house. While speaking to them a 15 year old male came walking by. Two juveniles were returned to headquarters for curfew violations. Two males were identified and released since they were in violation of curfew. Both were released to a parent. Both subjects were issued warning for curfew violations.

10-31-10 00:08 – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Liquor Law-underage-purchase, consumption, possession
100 block W. Plumstead Ave. – Officer Albertoli and this officer responded to the 100 block of W. Plumstead Avenue for report of a disorderly group of juveniles reported to be kicking pumpkins and walking on people’s property. According to the complainant the actors, were reported to be walking towards Ardmore Avenue. Upon arrival I located then stopped the males who were walking south on Ardmore Avenue. Upon seeing the patrol vehicle another black male subject ran west through the backyards between W. Plumstead and Drexel Avenue. All three subjects appeared to under the age of 18 years and in violation of the Lansdowne Borough Curfew Ordinance. This officer asked all three subjects if they were over 18 years of age. Two informed me that they were over 18. The third subject admitted to me that he was 15 years old. Upon speaking with the subjects I could detect an odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from them. Since all three of the subjects appeared to under the age of 18 yes I detained and placed all three subjects into the back of my patrol vehicle. ELPD Officer Hall arrived on location and we administered ELPD’s PBT to all three subjects. One subject registered a .000% BAC, second subject registered a .142% BAC and the third subject registered a .000%. Radio informed this officer that the complainant was not able to identify the actor/s that he observed kicking the pumpkins. The 1st male provided me with his PA ID card that indicated that he was 19 years old, so he was released. Subject 2 admitted he was 17 years. The remaining two subjects were informed that they were both in violation of the Lansdowne Borough Curfew Ordinance then transported to the police station. The mother of the 15 year old was contacted then responded to the police station to pick up her son. The mother signed the parents Acknowledgement of Curfew Violation form and was provided with a copy of the Curfews Ordinance.

Since there was a question as to the first name of the remaining offender, I advised the mother of the subject to provide this officer with the subject’s birth certificate. The mother signed the parents Acknowledgement of Curfew Violation form and was provided with a copy of the Curfew Ordinance. When the subject’s mother provides this officer with the juvenile’s birth certificate he will be sent citation for Underage drinking, Public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.