Police activity week of 09-12-11 through 09-18-11

09-12-11 07:45 hours – Ptl. K. McDermott – Criminal Mischief to automobiles
100 block Windsor Ave. – Responded for a report of criminal mischief to auto. The victim states the windshield to her vehicle was shattered by a rock. This officer observed the shattered windshield along with a large rock on the hood of the vehicle.

09-12-11 09:38 hours – Ptl. K. McDermott – Theft- $200 & over
Unit block E. Greenwood Ave. – the victim stated that three copper gutters were stolen from her property. All three gutters were in the rear of the property and were not visible from the front of the residence.

09-12-11 13:40 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Theft- $200 & over
100 block N. Union Ave. – The victim came to police headquarters to report that his stainless steel Smith & Wesson .357cal revolver was missing from his home. The victim states he last knew his gun to be home and secure around the May or June time frame of this year. He stated at that time he used the gun for target practice at a range off of Columbus Blvd. in Philadelphia. He states he does not have a permit to carry the weapon so the only time the gun leaves the home is when he uses it to go target shooting. The victim remembers coming home from the range and putting the gun back in its case. Today when he went to get the gun it was missing. The victim lives in the home with his father, mother and two brothers. The victim states his family and friends knew he had the gun and where it was stored.

09-13-11 02:38 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Narcotics, possession -other
Unit block W. Stratford Ave. – at approximately 0214 hours the police received a report of criminal mischief that just occurred on E. Baltimore Ave in the area of Wycombe Ave. The actors were described as two white males and a black male. This officer observed the offender in the area of unit block of W. Strattford Ave. walking west and stopped to talk to him about the criminal mischief. This officer immediately observed the offender to have glassy, bloodshot eyes and a very strong odor of marijuana on his person and he was taken into custody. In a search incident to arrest a package of EX wider rolling papers, commonly used for smoking marijuana were seized from his left front pants pocket. The offender was issued a citation & released; he stated he was going to his friend’s apartment. This officer went to the area where the offender was arrested to search for any contraband that may have been discarded. This officer did locate a clear glassine baggie containing forty fire yellow, oval tablets imprinted with E712 and 10/325 in the grass next to the side walk where the offender was first observed. These tablets are suspected to be Oxycodone. There was another baggie containing a green vegetable like matter suspected to and later field tested positive for marijuana. This officer recovered the suspected drugs and then hid in the area out of view. The offender showed up approximately two minutes later and started pacing back and forth searching the area where this officer just recovered the suspected drugs. The offender spotted a Lansdowne police vehicle turning onto W. Strattford and the offender walked away from the area. The offender was taken into custody a short distance away. The offender was read his Miranda warnings and he did admit that the suspected drugs that were recovered where his and that he had a drug problem.

09-13-11 02:14 hours – Ptl. J. McGowan – Criminal mischief
Baltimore & Highland Aves. – The parking enforcement officer was working night time parking in a marked vehicle when he had spotted three males heading east on Baltimore throwing trash cans in the street. The three saw the vehicle and began to flee the area. One suspect was taken into custody and identified by the PEO. The police then received a call of a disorderly subject at the Wawa store. While talking to the complainant at the Wawa Sgt. McCaughan discovered from investigation that the three males were in the store earlier. The store offered a copy of their surveillance tape to the Sergeant. The sergeant viewed the tape in the store and the three males on the video were believed to be the subjects involved in the incident. It was decided that the suspect in custody was in fact not one of the offenders. This officer explained to the suspect that he was stopped because he had matched the description of the offenders and was positively identified by the witness. The suspect reported that he understood. This officer gave the former suspect a ride to his residence in Darby borough. This officer will ask day shift to see if footage from Wawa is available for viewing.

09-13-11 08:06 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Criminal mischief to auto
Unit block N. Lansdowne Ave. – the victim called police to report vandalism to one of the vehicles on his lot that occurred sometime overnight. The vehicle a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis had two impact marks on it consistent with a blunt object strike such as a bat or a rock. Value of damage $300.00.

09-13-11 08:20 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Criminal mischief to public buildings
Unit block N. Lansdowne Ave. – An anonymous passerby reported large amounts of broken glass in the vicinity of the old Lansdowne movie theater. On arrival this officer observed two large plate glass window on the ticket booth were broken by an unknown blunt object. Estimated damage to be around $100.00 for each window that was broken.

09-13-11 16:00 hours – Ptl. K. McDermott -Theft- $200 & over from buildings
Unit block W. Baltimore Ave. – The victim states that a storage room in the basement of her property was broken into at some point in the past two weeks. She stated several of her belongings along with her husband’s belongings are missing she is not sure if the storage area was locked. The victim stated she allowed a male known to her as Bernie remove several scrap items from the basement and stated that the cook at the Lansdowne diner known to her as Will let Bernie into the building to remove the scrap metal. Spoke to Bernie who reported that the manager of the Lansdowne diner told him that he was allowed to pick up scrap metal from the basement of the diner. Bernie stated he was in the basement of the diner once last week and yesterday to remove the scrap metal. He stated a cook named Will let him into the building on both occasions. Bernie stated that he was only in the hallway of the basement and at no time was he in the storage room.

09-13-11 21:51 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Public Drunkenness
W. Baltimore Ave. & Burmont Rd.- Sgt. Eisenhart called this officer by cell phone and advised that he was watching two suspicious white males waking west on Baltimore Ave in the area of Burmont Rd. Sgt. Eisenhart reported that one of the males was extremely intoxicated and could barely stand up and was staggering all over the roadway. The offender was approached and was viewed to be extremely intoxicated and sat down on the side walk and fell over backwards onto the grass. The offender then tried to stand up and almost fell over and was taken into custody. While being taken into custody, he lost his balance and fell into Sgt. Stephen Brown from Clifton Heights police and then licked Sgt. Brown’s ear. The offender was transported to police headquarters to be charged appropriately.

09-13-11 17:33 hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – All other vandalism
Scottdale Rd (Hoffman park) – Police were dispatched to Hoffman Park for the three white juvenile that broke into the snack bar, time delay about 10 minutes. The group was described as approximately 13 y.o.a, one subject wearing a red shirt, second wearing a white shirt, third wearing a blue shirt and walking towards Baltimore Avenue. Lansdowne officers were tied up and 4445 Officer Chappell responded, checked the area and the actors were gone.

This officer went to the snack bar and observed that the door was screwed shut and two latches with two locks on it were damaged. The president of the Boys & Girls Club was notified of the incident.

09-14-11 07:31 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Robbery-armed-firearm-misc.
S. Wycombe Ave-(Septa tracks platform) – Police dispatched for report of a robbery that had occurred approximately 45 minutes ago at the train station. Spoke to the victim who reported that he was robbed at gunpoint this morning at approximately 0600 hours when he was walking to the Lansdowne Train Station.

According to the victim he had just entered onto the Septa tracks train platform on S. Wycombe Avenue when he was approached by a black male who had been crouched down on the platform who asked him for a cigarette. The victim reported he told the man sure and was about to give him a cigarette when the male pulled a black semi-automatic hand gun out and pointed it at him. The offender demanded money/wallet from the victim and then struck the victim with his left fist in the right side of the victim’s face. The victim reported he gave the offender his brown leather wallet that contained approximately $120.00 in cash, his PA drivers’ lichens and his bank ATM card. The victim reported that the male then fled the scene running south bound on S. Wycombe Ave. The victim described the offender as a black male, approximately 35 years old, over six feet tall, medium build and possibly had a short beard. He stated the offender was wearing a white T-shirt, black sweat pants or sweat shorts and light colored sneakers.

There appeared to be swelling in the area of the victim’s right check, however he refused an ambulance or any type of medical treatment. This case will be referred to the Detective Division.

09-14-11 14:15 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Theft- $50 to $200 all other
100 block Nyack Ave. – the victim came to Lansdowne police department to report that a white male offender know to him endorsed and cashed a check that was mailed to him by a customer. The victim stated that he has all of his customer’s mail their payments to his P.O. Box located in Clifton Heights post office and is unsure how anyone could have gained access to his P.O. Box. The victim added that he had no relationship with and has never employed the offender, but has heard he is a current drug user. Investigation to continue.

09-14-11 03:45 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Drive under influence-drugs
Unit block Windermere Ave. – After failing to stop for stops signs at intersections this officer stopped a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle exited the vehicle. The driver was informed of the reason the vehicle was stopped and asked for his license, registration and insurance for the vehicle. The driver identified himself. After a check of the information provided by the offender it was discovered the offender gave a false name and date of birth. The offender was very nervous, was slightly unsteady on his feet and his eyes were extremely pinpointed despite being in an unlit area. The offender was taken into custody for false info to police and suspicion of driving under the influence of a controlled substance. After being advised of the reason for arrest the offender did admit that police would find cocaine in his bloodstream if tested. The offender refused to submit to a chemical test of his blood. The pass ender/offender was also advised to exit the vehicle. The passenger/offender also appeared under the influence of a controlled substance. Officer Selimis noticed two small bulges in the area of the passenger/offenders very tight spandex pants. Officer Selimis recovered two small clear glassine Ziploc baggies containing a white rock like substance suspected to be crack cocaine. The passenger/offender was taken into custody. Also located in the vehicle in plain sight were bottles of prescription drugs not belonging to either offender.

The offender’s child, a year old boy was found in his pajamas, sleeping across the back seat of the car without a seatbelt on. The offenders had taken their child with them to buy crack cocaine.
Both offenders will be charged appropriately.

09-14-11 00:53 Sgt. J. McCaughan – Assaults-other assaults
100 block Midway Ave. – Police were dispatched to the 100 block of Midway avenue fro a report of an unknown nature. Police responded and located the victim on the front porch of the residence. She was holding a towel up to her face. The victim had a laceration on her lip and stated the offender punched her in the face during an argument. The victim stated the offender asked her to go outside with him because he wanted to show her something. She stated she felt like something bad was going to happen so she called 911. The victim stated that while she was on the phone with 911 the offender took the phone from her and threw it and then punched her in the face. The offender fled the area prior to police arrival.

09-15-11 17:01 hours Ptl. C. Brown – Disorderly conduct
Unit block S. Lansdowne Ave. – The offender was discovered inside the Lansdowne Public Library. The offender was banned from the library for violating the libraries code of behavior as of 8-1-11 and was sent a certified letter advising him of the reason and consequences of his actions. An involved party was also on location inside the library and was viewed telling the offender to come inside after checking for familiar library staff. The involved party is now banned from the library until 10-11

The involved party was transported to his residence and his mother was advised of this incident. The offender was transported to his residence and no one was at home. The offender was then transported to police headquarters and later picked up by his guardian. A citation will be issued to the offender.

09-15-11 22:00 hours – Sgt. B. Eidell – Public drunkenness
Owen Ave. @ W. Greenwood Ave. – Police received a call for an intoxicated white female walking west on E. Greenwood toward N. Lansdowne. As this officer responded to the area I noticed the offender sitting against a fence in the driveway of a residence on Owen Avenue. The offender was talking on her cell phone and was highly intoxicated. The offender was transported to police headquarters cited for public drunkenness and released to her husband.

09-17-11 01:02 hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – Driving under the influence-alcohol
W. Marshall Rd. area of Windermere Ave. – While this officer was on Marshall Rd stopped at the red light at Windermere Ave waiting for the light to turn green, this officer observed a black Dodge Dakota traveling north on Windermere approaching W. Marshall Rd with his right turn signal on. The Dodge began making a right turn off Windermere onto W. Marshall towards this officer’s vehicle When the driver of the Dodge saw this officer’s vehicle it quickly turned away and proceeded north on Windermere Ave. This officer activated my lights and sirens and pulled the Dodge over on the 300 block of Windermere. This officer approached the vehicle and detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the driver. The offender was observed to have glassy blood shot eyes. The offender was given a PBT test, which he registered above the legal limit. When the offender was taken into custody he stated he had a “bowl” in the truck. Police retrieved one red pouch containing one blue glass smoking pipe containing a black residue (commonly used to smoke marijuana) and one clear glassine bag from the back center console compartment. The offender was returned to the police department, processed and charged with DUI.

09-17-11 03:00 hours – Ptl. J. McGowan – Driving under the influence-alcohol
W. Baltimore Ave @ Ardmore Ave. – While on patrol in a marked patrol vehicle this officer observed a Sliver colored Honda Civic traveling south on Wycombe in fro of this officer. This officer did stop at the red signal allowing the front section of the vehicle to enter the intersection. The vehicle made a right turn onto Baltimore from N. Wycombe and began to travel west bound. During this period of time this officer observed the vehicle cross the double solid yellow lines two times. More than half of the vehicle crossed the double solid lines. The vehicle approached a steady red signal at the intersection of Baltimore and Lansdowne Aves. The vehicle stopped and began to slowly move forward again brining the front end of the vehicle into the intersection after observing the vehicle this officer did activate his emergency lights and siren and pulled the vehicle over. After pulling over the vehicle this officer spoke to the offender and this officer could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the vehicle. The offender we unsteady on her feet once exiting the vehicle. Officer Selimis did administer three field sobriety tests. The offender failed all three tests. The offender was placed into police custody transported to the police station and processed and will be charged with DUI.

09-17-11 17:11 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Drive under influence-drugs impaired
Burmont Rd & Shadeland Ave. – While on patrol this officer was waved down by a motorist who informed me that an accident had occurred at Burmont Rd and Shadeland Ave. The motorist informed me that the striking vehicle had left the scene of the accident and was on Eldon Ave., just east of Burmont Rd. The striking vehicle and the driver was apprehended returned to police headquarters and given two field sobriety tests by Sgt. McCaughan, both of which he failed . The offender was processed and will be charged with DUI and related offenses.

09-17-11 20:50 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Burglary-forced entry-residence-day
Unit block S. Lansdowne Ave. – The victims reports a burglary at their apartment. Police responded and met the victim’s. The victim’s stated they left their apartment at about 16:00 hours. They turned off the lights and locked the door. They returned home about 20:45 hours. They noticed that the apartment door was ajar and there were lights on in the apartment. As they got closer, they noticed substantial damage to the door frame and one of their wastebaskets was holding the door open. They called police.
Several items were taken from the apartment. Investigation to continue.

09-17-11 22:11 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Liquor law violation
200 block W. Albemarle Ave. – Police received a call for illegal drug activity behind a residence on the 200 block of W. Marshall Rd. The complainant stated that he saw a white male with red hair and two females behind the residence; the white male was rolling what appeared to be marijuana blunt. The complainant also heard glass clinking which he believed was alcoholic containers.

On police arrival the subjects were gone. While standing behind the residence, police saw several people inside of the residence on the 200 block of W. Albemarle. There was what a keg cup of a malt beverage in plain view on the counter. A minor, known to police, was observed inside of the residence with what appeared to be a keg cup of malt beverage in his hand. A few minutes later, four juveniles walked out of the residence and cut through a property on the 200 Block of W. Marshall and across W. Marshall Rd onto Riverview Ave.

Police stopped the juveniles. The offender had glassy eyes and appeared under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. She was found to be in possession of a liter bottle of Jacquin’s Vodka Royal. All subjects were detained and returned to police headquarters. All parents were contacted to pick up their children. The offender was issued a citation for underage drinking and released to her mother.

09-18-11 02:18 hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – Assaults- other
Unit block W. Plumstead Ave. – The police were dispatched for a physical domestic. On arrival made contact with the couple. The female victim stated she and the male offender got into an argument after returning from the bar. When they arrived home she stated he continued to yell at her. The victim went inside the house and locked the door be hid her. The victor stated as she was standing on the indie of the front door the offender punched through a small window on the door striking her in her lip. The victim was observed with a bloody fat lip. The front door window was observed shattered and blood on the front steps. The offender was placed into custody and transported to police headquarters. He was processed and housed at headquarters pending arraignment.

09-18-11 00:18 hours – Ptl. J. McGowan – Liquor law violation
Unit block N. Lansdowne Ave. – Officer Selimis and this officer stopped three white males in from of the doll oar store. Both subjects were holding a Budweiser can. While in police custody one offender admitted to several criminal mischief offenses. He stated he wanted to make restitution. This officer left a message for the victim in the cases. The offender was cited for criminal mischief and transported home.

The second offender was issued a citation for liquor law violation and transported home.