Police activity week of 09-05-11 through 09-11-11

09-05-11 21:38 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Burglary-forced entry-residence-night
100 block Midway Ave. – The victim’s reported that they had left their home at approximately 19:30 hours of today’s date and when they returned at approximately 21:25 hours they walked in the front door of the residence and immediately observed that their Sony 55″ flat screen television set was missing from the living room entertainment center. The actors had also taken a Nintendo Wii gaming system. Also removed from second floor were (2) 32 inch televisions which were carried down to the living, both where the televisions were left behind by the actors. The victim found the basement rear doors open. The victim states that the interior basement door is always locked and he believes that the actors used this door to exit the home. Entry was gained through the rear kitchen window. The victim’s were unsure if this window was locked at the time they left the house. Spoke with neighbors who did not hear of seen anything suspicious.

09-05-11 22:45 hours – Ptl. M. McGinnis – Burglary-forced entry-residence-unknown time.
200 block Crawford Ave. – The victim states she found her rear door open when she returned home. The victim thought this was odd but assumed it was possible that she left it unlocked. Upon entering the home the victim discovered the front window in the middle bedroom/office was opened with the air conditioner removed. This is a one story residence so all windows are ground level. Missing were two Toshiba lap top computers and an emerald ring. Offense referred to the Detectives for investigation.

09-06-11 08:02 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Burglary-attempt-residence-night
200 block Wabash Ave. – Police responded to a burglary. On arrival the victim stated that when he arrived home last night at 9 PM, his front door was open. Thinking that he had left the door open by mistake, he just went to bed. The victim stated that he did not realize until this morning that the screen on his storm door had been cut and two glass panes to the left of the door had been smashed. The victim stated that it appears that nothing had been taken. The neighbor heard loud knocking on the victim’s door around 8 PM, she went to look and saw a white female and a black female. The neighbor stated they were both young, but could not provide a better description. The neighbor stated that the black female saw her and the two women left the area. The neighbor could not see if the two got into a vehicle or walked away.

09-07-11 13:15 hours – Ptl. J. McGowan – Criminal mischief to automobiles
S. Lansdowne Ave. – The victim reports that her antenna from her car was stolen while vehicle was parked on the Lansdowne Train Station parking lot.
09-07-11 17:45 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – All other vandalism
Gladstone Rd. – Chief Kortan received a complaint from a borough resident about graffiti on several signs in the Gladstone Manor area. This officer responded and observed graffiti on several stop signs, no parking signs and on signs and a structure at the Gladstone Train Station. It looks like the actor used a black indelible marker to write on the signs. Pictures were taken of the damage. Investigation is ongoing.

09-08-11 22:06 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Curfew
Unit block Nyack Ave. -Police were dispatched to area of Nyack & S. Wycombe Aves. For an anonymous complaint of a suspicious subject reported to be going behind different buildings. Located the offender, who was returned to police headquarters. The juvenile offenders’ mother was contacted and informed of the incident. The offender was issued a written curfew warning, which was signed by his mother. The offender is currently on probation and the probation officer will be notified of the incident.

09-09-11 02:09 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Public Drunkenness
100 block W. Baltimore Ave. – The complainant called police after a domestic argument ensured between her mother and father turned physical. Police responded and met the male offender outside of the apartment. The offender appeared to be extremely intoxicated with a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and slurred speech. Spoke to the complainant and the mother. The complainant (daughter) stated the offender punched her in the face, no swelling or cuts observed on the daughter. The daughter also said that her father was punching her mother, the mother denied getting hit. The mother & daughter both stated that they were afraid for their safety if the offender was to return to the apartment this evening. The decision was made to arrest the offender for public drunkenness. The offender was transported to police headquarters where he will be housed overnight until he sobers up.

09-09-11 15:42 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Theft – $200 & over from buildings
100 block Green Ave. (PWHS) – Responded to the high school for report of a lost cell phone. The victim states the phone was in his pocket at about 1213 hours when he was in chemistry class. After leaving the class he noticed his cell was missing. He went back to check the classroom and the teacher advised no one had turned in a cell phone. The victim retraced his steps and could not locate the phone. The phone is a HTC EVO shift from Sprint and is valued at about $500.00. The phone is in the victim’s brother’s name. The brother used Sprint’s website to track the phone. There were several locations reported on the phone. Contacted Darby PD relative to the locations. It is believed that the actor/s were passing through Darby with the phone. Copy of this report will be forwarded to Public Safety at the High School.

09-10-11 14:41 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Assault
Windermere & Bryn Mawr Aves. – Police responded to an assault. The complainant described the incident as a “road rage Incident”. The victim stated he was assaulted by a man who got out of a vehicle and punched and kicked him in the face and head. The victim had swelling and bleeding to his face, nose and mouth, and his head was lying on the ground next to t bicycle. While speaking to officers he sat up. The victim was riding his bicycle on Windermere Avenue when a dark colored vehicle drove up behind him. The victim stated the vehicle’s driver beeped the horn at him. The victim stated he exchanged words with the driver and the driver got out of the vehicle and approached him. The driver of the vehicle punched him in the face. The victim kicked the subject, but was then taken to the ground. The victim state that after being taken to the ground he was punched in the face and head and kicked in the back of the head. He described the driver/offender as a large black male.

The witness observed the incident. The witness stated the victim clearly lost the fight but the driver/offender continued to deliver punches and kicks. The witness stated the victim was in a “curled up position”. The witness advised the two that police were called. The driver/offender got back into his vehicle and drove away. The witness described the offender as a heavy set black male wearing a light blue shirt and jeans. He described the vehicle as a black sedan and did obtain the license plate number.

Yeadon police responded to assist and was approached by a black male who admitted to fighting with the victim. A witness did identify the offender as the person beating the victim. The offender was taken into police custody. The victim was transported to The University of Pennsylvania by ambulance due his head injuries.

09-10-11 15:36 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Driving under the influence
Dudley at S. Lansdowne Ave. – This officer responded to a report of an accident. On arrival I located the parties involved in the accident. The offender did strike a vehicle coming out of Dudley Ave. The offender exhibited glassy and bloodshot eyes and an odor of alcoholic beverage on his person. The offender failed three field sobriety tests. The offender was taken into custody for suspected DUI. The offender does have a previous offense for DUI. During the entire process of arrest and interview the offender’s behavior was extremely combative and uncooperative.