Police activity week of 08-19-13 through 08-25-13

08-19-13 22:32 hours – Ptl. J. McGowan – Assaults
Unit block Florence Ave. – Police dispatched for report of domestic. On arrival was met out front by the victim. This officer did observe an injury to the right hand index finger of the victim. The victim reports that her and her boyfriend were arguing and the offender did drag her down the stairs and then slammed her head into the concrete and struck her with a closed fist. The offender fled the scene. The victim was transported to the hospital for further evaluation. The offender was taken into custody and will be charged appropriately.

08-20-13 00:05 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Assaults
200 block w. Albemarle Ave. – This officer was dispatched for a report of a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival this officer, along with responding police agencies, spoke with the victim. The victim reports she had been assaulted by the offender. The victim reports the offender had left the residence prior to police arrival. When the offender returned to the residence he was taken into custody. The victim did provide a written statement and she request that the offender be charged.

08-19-13 21:39 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Assaults
S. Wycombe Ave. – The victim came to LPD to report being assaulted. He reports that he was assaulted while he was talking on his cell phone and walking down the street. The victim stated a group of males approached him from behind and one of the males hit him in the back of the left side of his head. The males left the scene. The victim and his son drove around looking for the actors. The victim then reported the assault, 20 minutes after the incident. Police did check the area for the actor but could not locate them.

08-20-13 15:15 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Theft- $200 & over from auto
200 block Hansell Rd. – Police dispatched for a report of a theft from a vehicle. It was reported that a cell phone was taken out of a vehicle and that the window was broken on the vehicle. Victim’s Iphone was taken from the vehicle. Police searched the area for the actor but were unable to locate him.

08-20-13 22:25 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Burglary – forced entry – residence – unknown time
Unit block W. Marshall Rd. – Responded for a report of a burglary discovered. On location, I was met outside by the victim. The victim reports that someone had broken into her home. The point of entry was the kitchen door, located in the rear of the property just off the rear deck. It appears the interior back door was pried or kick in. Taken from the home were the following: 52″ Samsung flat screen television, Apple iPad 2, a laptop computer along with an external hard drive. All items were removed from the living room area.

08-22-13 15:10 – Ptl. P. Young – Theft – $200 & over – auto
Unit block N. Lansdowne Ave. – This officer took a lobby report of a theft from a vehicle. The victim reported that her 1996 Chevy Blazer was parked in front of the auto repair shop on N. Lansdowne Avenue from 8-15-13 at 11:00 hours until today’s date at 17:00. When the victim went to pick up the vehicle, she opened the door and found that the door lock on the driver side door was broken and her Sony combination CS/DVD/MP3/Radio/GPs system was removed from the dash. Value of the system is approximately $600.00. The victim did state that the mechanics are on vacation until Monday. This officer will attempt to contact them in reference to this report.

08-22-13 19:45 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Harassment by communication
Unit block W. Greenwood Ave. – The victims have been receiving several harassing calls from the offender. This has been an ongoing issue. The victim’s were advised of the protection From Abuse Order and how to obtain one. The offender will be charged for misdemeanor harassment.

08-22-13 18:15 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Theft- $200 & over
100 block Windermere Ave. – Large riding mower stolen from the driveway of residence.

08-24-13 17:46 hours – Ptl. J. McGowan – All other vandalism
200 block N. Lansdowne Ave. -The victim showed this officer that the sign for his business in front of his home had been split in half. The victim stated the sign is valued at $3,000.00

08-25-13 03:34 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Burglary-no force- nonresidence- night
100 block E. Plumstead Ave. – Dispatched for report of a security alarm, front door activation of a local business. On arrival, with assist of other departments, the building and area was checked, no actors on location. Entry point may be sliding window on eastern side of building. No forced entry into the building. After officers check building another call was received for suspicious subject in rear of neighboring business. Located several items, we believe to be from the burglarized business, behind the neighboring business. The owner was contacted and will advised police of missing items.