Police activity week of 07-29-13 through 08-04-13

07-29-13 23:16 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Curfew law- warning
100 block Green Ave. (PWHS) – While on patrol observed two males walking east on E. Essex Ave. in front of the gym area of the school. The males appeared to under the age of 18. Upon speaking with the two, one was 17 and the other 18. They did have a marijuana bong in their possession. The paraphernalia was confiscated and they were issued a warning. The juvenile was returned to his mother and she was advised of the incident and the juvenile was issued a curfew warning.

07-30-13 11:30 hours – Ptl. K. McDermott – Burglary – no force – non residence – unknown time
200 block N. Lansdowne Ave. – The victim reported that tools were taken from his garage at some point between 13:00 hours on 7-16-13 and 13:00 hours on 7-19-13. The victim had a three car garage with two doors controlled electronically and the other manual. The manual door was not locked.

07-30-13 18:11 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Drug equipment violations- Drive under influence
200 block w. Plumstead Ave. – LPD received a phone call from the witness, an off duty police officer, about drug activity in a vehicle at the entrance to Belmont Park. Located a gold Ford Explorer occupied by a black male and a black female. This officer approached the vehicle and knocked on the river window. The offender, the driver, rolled down the window and a strong odor of burnt marijuana and a cloud of smoke came rolling out of the window. The passenger was a juvenile female. In plain view inside of the vehicle on the passenger floor board was a clear glassine sandwich baggie with a green vegetable like matter residue suspected to be marijuana. Both offenders were taken into custody and will be charged appropriately.

07-30-13 23:44 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Burglary- no force – residence- night
100 block E. Marshall Rd. – The victim reports a burglary at his home. One suspect was located and taken into custody. Investigation to continue.

07-31-13 09:31 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Theft- $50 to $200
Unit block E. Marshall Rd. – The victim reports that a red lawn mower was stolen out of her shed. The shed was unlocked.

07-31-13 12:32 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Theft $50 to $200 – bicycles
Unit block S. Lansdowne Ave. – The victim reports that shortly after noon today he left his bike unlocked behind the library and went inside the library. When he came out of the library approximately five to ten minutes later he discovered that the bike was missing. The bike a red Mongoose Mode 190 trick bike.

07-31-13 19:17 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Drive under the influence
E. Baltimore & Wycombe Aves. – Dispatched for a report of a two car motor vehicle accident with possible injuries. The offender was identified as the driver of the brown Honda CRV that was involved in the accident. While speaking with the offender this officer detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her person, she was unsteady on her feet, her speech was heavily slurred and her eyes appeared to be red and glassy. The offender was administered a P.B.T. As a result of the readings on the test the offender was taken into custody for DUI.

08-02-13 07:08 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Burglary – no force – residence -day
Unit block Windermere Ave. – Dispatched for a report of a burglary discovered. On arrival spoke to the victims. The one victim reports she and her son went to the gym at around 05:50 hours and locked the door behind them, everyone else in the house was sleeping when they left. When they returned at 07:00 hours the son discovered his bedroom had been ransacked. There was a bedroom window open and a ladder propped up against the house under his window. It did seem however impossible for anyone to reach the window, let alone climb in the window because the ladder wasn’t tall enough to reach the window, even if someone was standing on the top rung. A black Hewlett Packard laptop computer and a flip digital camera along with a pair of shoes were found sitting next to the ladder. It is believed that someone in the house or a friend of someone in the house is responsible for this offense.
Investigation to continue.

08-02-13 17:55 hours – Sgt. D. Donegan – Sex offenses
300 block Barker Ave. – On this date the reporting party and the victim came to LPD headquarters and reported an attempted sexual assault that occurred on Friday, July 19, 2013. The incident involved the reporting party’s cousin’s husband. The juvenile victim provided a written statement. Investigation to continue.

08-03-13 07:59 hours – Ptl. P. Young – Theft- $200 & over from building
Unit block S. Lansdowne Ave. – This officer responded for a criminal mischief, a broken window in the front of the Sycamore restaurant. Found the front left window of the store front broken out with an apparent charging cord, white in color, handing out of it and broken glass on the ground both inside and on the outside. Appears a large rock was used to break the window. The owner of the building arrived and reports an iBook Apple laptop was missing from the building.

08-03-13 17:48 hours – Ptl. J. McGowan – Drive under influence
Unit block W. Baltimore Ave. – Dispatched for a vehicle accident. While speaking with the driver of one of the vehicles involved this officer could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his person. Two field sobriety tests were conducted and the offender failed both tests. The offender was taken into custdy and will be charged with DUI.

08-03-12 18:47 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Theft- under $50
200 block N. Wycombe Ave. – The victim called to report that he received a fraudulent pizza delivery order from four large pizzas to his business. When the delivery driver showed up at the address given the residents were an older couple and advised the driver that they did not place the order.

08-04-13 13:13 hours – Ptl. M. McGinnis – Theft- $200 & over auto accessories
100 block E. Baltimore Ave. – This officer observed what appeared to be a scrapper truck traveling south on the private driveway off of Baltimore Ave. This officer observed the truck pulling into the driveway on the unit block of S. Union Avenue. Did catch up to the suspect vehicle on the property and observed property known to belong at an auto body and collision service in the bed of the scrapper truck. The auto body shop was contacted and they stated no one had permission to remove any items from his place of business. The offender was taken into custody and it was also discovered there was an active warrant on the offender.