Police activity week of 06-20-16 through 06-26-16

06-20-16 06:10 hours- Ptl. C. Craig- Theft- $200 & over from auto
100 block Ardmore Ave.- The wife of the victim reports her husband’s vehicle was entered and several items were taken.

06-20-16 18:30 hours- Ptl. M. Ammon- Criminal mischief to auto
100 block W. Marshall Rd.- The victim reports that this is the third time this year that someone has taken or broken the passenger side mirror on her car.

06-20-16 19:35 hours- Ptl. C. Parker- Disorderly conduct, public drunkenness
200 block Glentay Ave.- Received a report of a domestic dispute involving an intoxicated female. Upon arrival, a witness stated the offender was extremely intoxicated and was in the back yard of the residence. The witness added the offender was using obscene language in front of several juveniles and throwing food items around the side and rear yard. The offender was taken into custody. The offender did refuse to exit the police vehicle upon arrival at LPD.

06-21-16 09:37 hours- Sgt. B. Eidell- Theft- under $50 from auto
200 block W. Marshall Rd.- The victim reports her vehicle was entered overnight and a small amount of change was missing. She states she may have left the vehicle unlocked.

06-21-16 10:20 hours- Sgt. B. Eidell- Theft- under $50 from auto
Unit block W. Plumstead Ave.- The victim reports two of the family vehicles were entered overnight. Several items were missing from the vehicles.

06-21-16 11:00 hours- Ptl. David Schiazza- Criminal mischief to auto
Madison Ave.- The victim reports that he just discovered that someone had punctured two tires on his vehicle while it was parked in the Municipal parking lot B. The victim suspects his brother could be the person responsible for the damage to the vehicle.

06-21-16 19:37 hours- Ptl. C. Parker- Criminal mischief
100 block N. Lansdowne Ave. -The victim reports that an unknown actor(s) pried open her apartment mailbox, located inside the secured front door of the building. She is unsure if anything is missing but will contact the post office to check.

06-22-16 20:24 hours- Ptl. M. McGinnis- Theft- $200 & over
200 block Scottdale Rd.- The reporting party found empty packages in his driveway with addresses in Gladstone Towers. Two victims had ordered items that are now known to have been taken.

06-26-16 04:51 hours- Sgt. K. Kienzle- Criminal mischief
Unit block E. Stratford Ave.- The victim reports unknown actor{s) damaged his vehicle. It appears the right side passenger window was broken and the vehicle entered.

06-26-16 00:57 hours- Sgt. K. Kienzle- DUI
Unit block E. Greenwood Ave.- As a result of an accident, one was taken into custody for DUI.

06-26-16 09:04 hours- Ptl. M. Ammon- Theft- under $50 from auto
100 block E. Stewart Ave.- Caller reports her boyfriends’ vehicle was entered. Missing from the car is an Apple I POD, and some personal paperwork.

06-26-16 17:22 hours- Ptl. M. Ammon- Narcotics-possession
200 block W. Baltimore Ave.- As a result of an assault call, one was taken into custody. The subject was extremely intoxicated and in possession of a white powdery substance that later field tested positive for opiates.