Police activity week of 06-15-15 through 06-21-15

06-15-15 13:35 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Disorderly conduct
Windermere & W. Stratford Aves. – One cited for disorderly conduct, after being observed entering and leaving various private driveways.

06-15-1S 19:33 hours – Ptl. M. McGinnis – Disorderly conduct, public
drunkenness & criminal mschief

100 block Woodland Ave. – Offender taken into custody as a result of a motherdaughter domestic. The offender was under the influence of alcohol and did flatten tires on two of the family vehicles. Offender also resisted arrest.

06-16-15 09:00 hours – Sgt. C. Schiazza – Criminal Mischief
Unit block E. Baltimore Ave. – This officer did retrieve a Lansdowne Borough parking meter which was broken along with the meter pole. There were no coins or change in the meter. After investigation two offenders will be cited for criminal mischief. All meter parts returned to LPD.

06-16-1S 10:34 hours – Sgt. C. Schiazza – Criminal mischief
E. Stewart Ave. – Located graffiti on SEPTA sign. Photographs were taken of the SEPTA sign.

06-16-15 16:48 hours – Sgt. C. Schiazza – Criminal mischief to auto
Scottdale Rd. – Received a report of two black juvenile males throwing rocks at the victim’s vehicle. On arrival the victim reports his windshield was scratched and the roof of the vehicle was dented and scratched. Offending males left area prior to police arrival.

06-16-15 18:24 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Theft- $200 & over -auto accessories
S. Lansdowne Ave. – The victim reports the left rear tire and rim missing from his vehicle. The vehicle was parked in the Lansdowne Train Station.

06-16-15 20:05 hours – Ptl. J. McGowan – Criminal mischief to auto
100 block McKinley Ave. – The victim’s vehicle windshield was damaged. It appears that the actor struck the windshield with an object.

06-19-15 01:17 hours – Sgt. B. Eidell- DUI
Unit block E. Stewart Ave. – One taken into custody for DUI as a result of a vehicle accident.

06-19-15 11:10 hours – Ptl. K. McDermott – Theft- $200 & over
E. Baltimore Ave. – Lansdowne Police PEO reports several meter heads were stolen along E. Baltimore & S. Highland Aves. It should be noted that the poles were still intact, just the meter heads were taken.

06-20-15 14:30 hours – Sgt. C. Schiazza – Burglary-forced entry-residence
100 block Owen Ave. – The victim reports her home is up for sale and vacant. It appears that unknown person. had been staying in the vacant house. Nothing known to be missing at this time.