Police Blotter 06-24-19 to 06-30-19

06/25/2019 16:19 – THEFT/SCAM

Police were dispatched to see the woman about a scam/ heft. The victim indicated that she attempted to buy an iPhone X from the Offer Up APP. Initially she sent $300 on the CASH APP. When it went through she got a scam alert from them. She then called customer service and was convinced to send two GOOGLE PAY cards so the deal would be completed and her original $300 would be refunded. The victim has not heard back or received anything, she attempted to call the numbers back but they are no longer in service.

06/25/2019 10:30 – THEFT

Lansdowne Police took a report from the victim who reported that she lost her phone. The victim reported that she was contacted by a person who stated that they found the phone and offered to return it if she paid him for it. The victim was advised to come to the Lansdowne Police Station and requested the help of the police in recovering her phone. Phone was recovered and arrest made.

06/26/2019 18:25 – DISORDERLY CONDUCT

Officer observed a vehicle traveling west bound on W. Baltimore Ave with expired inspection stickers. A traffic stop was made at Mansfield Rd and W. Baltimore Ave. While approaching the vehicle, officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Four adults were cited for small amount of marijuana.

06/25/2019 12:23 – CONTEMPT OF COURT

Police were dispatched toW. Marshall Rd for threats not-in-progress. Upon arrival, the complainant stated that he and his wife were sitting on the front porch, when a vehicle pulled in front of the residence. The victim then stated that the front left window was lowered about half way and he recognized the driver of the vehicle as his ex-girlfriend. He stated that she yelled, “I am going to kill you and your wife” before giving them the middle finger and driving off eastbound on W Marshall Road. Warrant was issued for a PFA Violation.

06/26/2019 22:07 – DISORDERLY CONDUCT

While on scene investigating a 911 call for a domestic disturbance, a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia were found in plain view and subsequently seized. The offender will be cited appropriately.

06/26/2019 15:56 – THEFT

Police were dispatched to Blackburn Ave for a report of a theft. Upon arrival, officer made contact with the victim who told writer that his kids were cleaning their house out and left property outside in the rear alley. The victim reported that they then discovered that it was missing after they had been inside of the residence to eat lunch for approximately an hour.

06/28/2019 04:14 – DISORDERLY CONDUCT

Police were dispatched to E. Stratford Ave for a domestic out front. An adult female was cited for disorderly conduct.

06/28/2019 13:23 – THEFT

Police dispatched for a theft just occurred. Occupant of a dark colored pick-up truck just took 2 green borough issued recycle bins and a maroon borough issued trash can.

06/28/2019 13:52 – CRIMINAL MISCHIEF

Lansdowne Police were dispatched for the report of vandalism discovered. Upon arrival this officer spoke with homeowner who stated that her neighbor told her that yesterday a group of kids threw a rock at the front of her home. Officers observed broken piece of siding on the front of her house.

06/29/2019 10:35 – THEFT FROM VEHICLE

Police were dispatched for the report of a theft from motor vehicle. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the vehicle owner who stated he parked his vehicle in his driveway around 8pm last night. At approximately 8am this morning, he noticed the driver side door was ajar and the vehicle had been rummaged through.