Police activity week of 05-23-16 through 05-29-16

05-24-16 07:52 hours- Ptl. D. Schiazza- Criminal mischief- auto
Unit block Nyack Ave.- The victim reports his vehicle had been damaged overnight while it was parked in the rear parking lot.

05-25-16 14:15 hours- Ptl. J. Downs- Theft- $200 & over
Unit block Eldon Ave.- The victim reports that within the last three months, she had a number of items stolen from her residence.

05-25-16 17:50 hours- Ptl. K. McDermott- Theft- $50 to $200
Unit block S. Lansdowne Ave.- The victim reports the theft of her wallet that occurred inside the Lansdowne Library.

05-27-16 07:00 hours- Ptl. M. Ammon- M.V. Theft
Unit block Owen Ave.- The victim’s report their 2011 Kia Soul stolen from the driveway in the rear of their home.

05-27-16 12:03 hours- Sgt. B. Eidell -Theft- $200 & over
100 block Bryn Mawr Ave.- The victim reports the theft of several items from his unlocked shed.

05-28-16 00:22 hours- Ptl. J. McGowan- Disorderly conduct
Scottdale Rd & W. Baltimore Ave.- Several cited for having a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

05-28-16 21:46 hours- Ptl. J. McGowan- Theft- $200 & over
200 block Scottdale Rd.- The victim advised the offender had taken a TV from the rear of the open U-haul truck and ran towards Scottdale Road. Offender was apprehended by Officer Burke of CHPD. The offender was taken into custody.