Police activity week of 05-13-13 through 05-19-13

05-13-13 01:34 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Disorderly conduct
200 block Wabash Ave. – Dispatched for a report of about 7-8 males and females running around and being loud, there was at least two calls for the group. This officer observed males and females throughout the area. I attempted to make contact with several parties but they refused to stop or cooperate. This officer did locate one person who stopped and was cooperative. He advised that he and a number of friends were playing “tag” or “manhunt”. This officer did locate the center of the activity. Did make contact with the group and again encountered resistance. After multiple warnings and two citations being issued, the gourd finally went indoors. Prior to the group moving inside, police asked them to have the homeowner come out and speak to us. No one ever responded.

05-13-131 10:44 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Disorderly conduct
100 block E. Plumstead Ave. – Two taken into custody as a result of a confrontation in the store. The offender’s did try to buy tobacco in the store and were refused due to lack of identification. Both charged with disorderly conduct and purchase of tobacco by/for a minor.

05-13-13 20:15 hours – Sgt. B. Eidell – Theft- $200 & over from auto
Unit block W. Baltimore Ave. – The victim and her daughter came to headquarters to report the victim’s handbag taken from her vehicle. The victim states they parked the vehicle with the handbag on the seat. The passenger door was unlocked and the side window was partially down. Upon returning to the vehicle they noticed the handbag was gone. Approximately loose of bag and contents $370.00. This officer did check the trash cans and alleys around the parking lot, the train station and along the RR tracks with negative results.

05-13-13 21:51 hours – Ptl. T. Selimis- theft- under $50
200 block W. Albemarle Ave. – Police were dispatched for the theft of driveway markers discovered. On arrival the victim and her son stated that two of the driveway markers were stolen. The vim stated the same thing happened approximately two to three weeks ago but did not report it then. The makers line her driveway and are valued at two dollars apiece for a total of four taken. The victim is unsure but feels her neighbor is a suspect.

05-14-13 08:59 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Burglary- no force-non-residence-night
Unit block S. Union Ave. – The victim reports that when she arrived to work this morning she found the front door to her business was unlocked. The victim upon entering her office located a PA ID card of an unknown person. Missing from the business were two blue tooth computer keyboards and one HP laser jet printer.

05-15-13 02:01 hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – Theft- $200 & over
200 block Cooper Ave. – Police were dispatched for a domestic dispute not in progress and a stolen firearm. Made contact with the victim, an off duty Philadelphia Police Officer, who stated her 17 year old son stole her firearm. Philadelphia Police were notified. At 08:05 hours Captain Kimery PPD advised that the victim’s son was in custody and being held at South Wet Detectives.

05-15-13 14:00 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Theft- under $50
100 block Green Ave. (PWHS) – The Asst. Principal contacted this department about a theft that occurred at PWHS on 4/17/13. The Asst. Principal stated that they just now were able to access the camera records due to the fire that occurred on 4/18/13. A student had left her bag on a chair in the gym hallway and another student told her that she found the bag with its contents strewn across the chair. The victim reported that $5.00 was missing from her bag. The suspect was viewed on the tape picking up the bag and removing a wallet from the bag. The student who informed the victim that she found her bag strewn on the chair was observed on the tape going through the wallet. The offenders will be charged appropriately.

05-16-13 15:35 hours – Ptl. J. McGowan – Burglary-forced entry-residence- day
100 block E. Plumstead Ave. – Police were dispatched for a report of three black juvenile males that were opening windows a house known to be vacant. The reporting party stated that there were now four black male juveniles standing in the driveway. On arrival observed three black male juveniles and advised them to stop and informed them of the call. Rear door of the property was located open. The fourth juvenile male walked up to Sgt. McCaughan. All four juvenile were taken into custody. The witness observed the four juveniles open windows to the property and definitely saw them inside the garage. All four juveniles were processed and juvenile petitions will be filed for burglary, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. All parents were contacted and juveniles were released to parents.

05-16-13 17:43 hours – Ptl. M. McGinnis – Theft- under $50 retail theft
Unit block N. Lansdowne Ave. – The duty manager of the store reported that a black female, with a scarf on her head, tried to buy cigars from two separate cashiers, but didn’t have identification so she wsa refused. The female demanded to see the manager. The duty manger also turned the female down because she didn’t have ID. The female then went outside and came back in indicating she had ID. The duty manager rang up the sale and the female took the items from the counter and left the store without paying or showing ID.

05-16-13 20:21 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Trespassing of real property
Unit block W. Stratford Ave. – Dispatched for a report of suspicious person. Offender was located inside the garage. The male offender was cooperative and taken into custody for trespass and disorderly conduct. Nothing known missing from the garage.

05-16-13 23:13 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Public drunkenness
100 block W. Baltimore Ave. – Dispatched for a male female domestic. On arrival located the offender, who was visibly intoxicated, and the driver of the vehicle. No physical confrontation between the two, just a verbal argument. The offender was taken into custody and will be cited for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

05-17-13 17:21 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Criminal mischief
Unit block s. Lansdowne Ave. – On arrival the reporting party stated that a seven year old male had been “acting inappropriately” inside the library. The RP told the boy he would have to leave, but could return with a parent. The RP stated that as the male exited the library he kicked the front door causing the glass to crack. Estimated damage to the door is between $400 & $800. The identity of the male was established and this officer will follow up on this incident.

05-17-13 18:07 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Liquor Law-underage-purchase-consumption, possession
Owen & Plumstead Aves. – After clearing the brush fire in Marlyn Park, a Lansdowne firefighter observed a subject who matched the description of a juvenile who was seen in the area of the fire. The subject was identified; this juvenile appeared to be highly intoxicated. He stated he was in the park but does not know who lit the brush fire. The juvenile was given a portable breath test and registered a .11. He was transported to LPD. The offender’s parents were notified and arrived to pick him up approximately 20 minutes later. The parents were advised that the offender would receive citations in the mail.

05-17-13 19:07 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – All other ordinance violations
Willowbrook Ave. – Police responded to a subject shooting a bow and arrow. On arrival the offender was observed shooting a bow and arrow into a Styrofoam archery target. Contact was made with the offender and he stated he was not aware of an ordinance prohibiting archery practice in borough parks. The offender was advised to return his bow and arrow to his home or they would be seized. The offender was advised he would receive a citation in the mail.

05-17-13 19:30 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Disorderly conduct
200 block w. Albemarle Ave. – Police responded for a report of a neighbor dispute not in progress. On arrival the reporting party advised her neighbors son threw/poured iced tea on her vehicle, which is parked in the common driveway. Spoke with the offender who did admit to pouring ice tea on the neighbor’s vehicle. I advised the offender that he would be receiving a citation in the mail and to refrain from having any contact with the neighbor.

05-19-13 16:33 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Theft- $50 to $200 auto parts
Unit block E. Albemarle Ave.- Police responded to a stolen license plate discovered. On arrival the victim stated that this afternoon he had been contacted by the Marple police and told his vehicle was used in a retail theft at the Walmart in Marple. The vim walked out to his driveway and the license plate was missing from his vehicle. Spoke with Marple police, the suspect in their case is a white male approximately in his 40”s. Our victim is in his mid 60”s. The victim is not considered a suspect in the theft. The stolen license plate was entered into NCIC as stolen.