Police Blotter 05-28-18 to 06-03-18

05/28/2018 23:31- BURGLARY ATTEMPT

Police were dispatched to Jackson Ave., for a report of a burglary in
progress. Officers were advised that the caller was reporting that she heard
people breaking into her garage. Upon Police arrival, the victim’s property was
checked and the window located on the east side of the garage was found open
and a pane of glass was broken out of it. However the garage door was still
locked with a combination padlock lock. The victim opened her garage and the
police checked the garage but nobody was located inside of it and nothing
reported missing.

05/28/2018 23:42 – BURGLARY ATTEMPT

Officers were in the area investigating a burglary attempt on Jackson
Avenue when it was discovered that there was a burglary attempt at a Green
Avenue home as well. Victim observed two (2) teenagers in her back yard.

5/29/2018 04:25 -THEFT FROM AUTO

Police were dispatched N. Maple Ave., for a report of a theft.attempt from
a motor vehicle. Witnesses described that actor as a black male who took off
running towards E. Plumstead Ave. Officers searched the area for the actor
but were unable to locate him.

05/31/2018 12:28 – ASSAULT

Adult male was placed under arrest after he assaulted and threatened
his former girlfriend at his residence.

05/31/2018 12:00- THEFT

The victim came to the Lansdowne Police Department to report her
vehicle was broken into on May 6th, 2018 in Darby Borough and the actors
stole her Santander Bank Mastercard credit card and used it at the Wawa in
Lansdowne that same date to make purchases.

05/26/2018 19:12 -STATUTORY RAPE

Police received a call for an assault that had occurred on N. Wycombe
Ave. involving a 15 year old runaway girl reportedly being the victim. Prior to
police arrival, we received additional information that the 15 year old girl was
in the area of Sycamore Park and had been living with an adult male.
Investigation to continue.