Police activity week of 04-18-16 through 04-24-16

04-18-16 15:07 hours- Ptl. L. Albertoli- Harassment
100 block Green Ave. PWHS- Responded to PWHS for a fight. Two students will be cited for harassment and disorderly conduct.

04-19-16 11:00 hours- Ptl. L. Albertoli- Theft- $200 & over
Unit block N. Lansdowne Ave.- The victim reported that she thought an exterminator may have taken money from under her mattress.

04-21-16 15:41 hours- Ptl. J. Downs- Narcotics-possession
Scottdale Rd.- Dispatched for an unconscious male. Located the offender on a rock by the creek. The offender had overdosed on heroin. Narcan was administered to the offender. He awakened and was transported to the hospital.

04-21-16 16:30 hours- Ptl. C. Parker- Theft- under $50
Unit block N. Maple Ave.- The victim reports several pieces of cooper and several bricks were stolen from his locked shed.

04-21-16 21:02 hours- Sgt. B. Eidell – Narcotics- possession
Bartram Ave.- Received an anonymous complaint of a suspicious person inside the park. Located four adults on the property. All four will be charged in this incident.

04-22-16 19:25 hours- Ptl. C. Craig- Public drunkenness
200 block Scottdale Rd.- Offender located sleeping in the driveway of an apartment complex. Offender was cited for public drunkenness.

04-24-16 01:30 hours- Sgt. J. Eisenhart- Burglary-no force-residence-night
100 block E. Plumstead Ave.- The victim reports his apartment had been burglarized. Missing are two flat screen TV’s.

04-24-16 20:00 hours- Ptl. M. McGinnis- Burglary-no force-residence-day
Unit block N. Lansdowne Ave.- The victim reports her daughter did not lock door upon leaving the apartment in the morning. When the victim woke up she noticed her wallet was missing from her purse.