Police activity week of 03-03-14 through 03-09-14

03-04-1423:25 hours – Pt!. C. Craig – Burglary-forced entry- residence- night
200 block w. Plumstead Ave. – Victim reports that his home was burglarized. Entry was made through the kitchen door. Bedroom dresser drawers had been ransacked. The victim will make an itemized list of all missing items.

03-05-1408:19 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Criminal mischief to auto
Unit block Linden Ave. – The victim reports he found what appeared to be white spray paint on the left rear driver side body panels and light assembly.

03-05 14 15:00 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Disorderly conduct 100 block Ardmore Ave. – The offender was observed parked too close to a corner near Ardmore
Avenue Elementary School. PEO Ridell approached the offender and asked her to move her car. The offender moved the car to a spot in front of a private drive. When the PEO asked the offender to move the car a second time, the offender became more confrontational and profane. The PEO took the license plate number from the car. This made the offender even angrier, she continued a profane tirade until she eventually left the area. PEO gave this officer all info on the offender and her vehicle. The offender is known to this department and the appropriate citations will be filed.

03-07-1409:00 hours – 5gt. B. Eidell- Theft- $50 to $200 from buildings
Unit block Nyack Ave. – Received a call to see the man at the property. On arrival the building manager reports that the locked coin boxes were missing from both washer and dryer units. These units are in a common area of the basement. Loss approximately $100.00.

03-07-1422:03 hours – 5gt. K. Kienzle – Burglary-forced entry-residence-night
200 block W. Albemarle Ave. -The victim reports that when she arrived home the doors of the house were unlocked and not fully closed. The victim discovered several items of her jewelry and her daughter’s jewelry were taken. This investigation will continue.

03-08-1400:25 hours – 5gt. K. Kienzle – Burglary-forced entry-residence- unknown time
100 block Glentay Ave. – Police responded to a burglary in progress (later determined it was just discovered). On arrival the rear door of the house was forced open. Numerous electronic items were ignored as the actor went to the upstairs bedroom. Numerous items of jewelry were removed from a box. Approximate loss is $450.00.

03-08-1415:44 hours – Ptl. C. 5chiazza – Theft- under $50- retail theft
Unit block N. Lansdowne Ave. – Police responded for report of theft that had just occurred. Police were advised that three black male teenagers stole chips, soda and other food items from the store. A store employee reports she noticed the males placing food items under their clothing. She stopped the three males and recovered some items. The males left running. Unable to locate offenders.

03-08-1416:05 hours – Sgt. B. Eidell- Burglary-forced entry – residence- unknown time
Unit block W. Essex Ave. – The victim came home to find her residence had been entered. Forced entry was made through the rear door. The victim states nothing appears to be missing from the residence.

03-09-1410:13 hours – ptl. T. Selimis – Burglary-forced entry-residence-unknown time
200 block Green Ave. – Responded to report of a burglary. On arrival made contact with the victim. Point of entry for the actor appeared to be the south side window off of the dining room. Items of jewelry were taken from the residence.