Police activity week of 02-13-12 through 02-19-12

02-13-12 14:22 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Disorderly conduct
E. Baltimore & Lansdowne Aves. – Police received a report of a disorderly student on a William Penn School Bus. The bus driver pulled over at Baltimore & Lansdowne Aves. The bus driver stated she was having a problem with a student and wanted her off the bus. The student was unruly and cursing at the driver. The student was taken into custody cited for disorderly conduct and released to her mother.

02-14-12 11:51 hours – Ptl. K. McDermott – Disorderly conduct
100 block Green Ave. (PWHS) – Responded to the high school for a report of a disorderly student in custody in the main office. School security reports the offender threatened school security staff during a verbal argument. Security stated they had not had many problems with the offender in the past but believe he is having some family issues. The offender was returned to headquarters and issued a citation for disorderly conduct.

02-15-12 08:47 hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – Narcotics-possession-marijuana
100 block Glentay Ave. – Police dispatched for suspicious vehicle occupied by two males doing drugs. This officer observed the vehicle and approached same. As the passenger lowered the window a strong odor of burnt marijuana was detected. Both offenders charged appropriately. Marijuana was found on one of the offenders.

02-15-12 09:01 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Disorderly conduct
100 block Green Ave. – (PWHS) – Responded to PWHS for an offender in custody. The offender went after the victim and struck her with a belt. The school will review the surveillance system to see if the incident was caught on camera. If it is determined that the victim instigated the fight she will also be issued a citation for disorderly conduct. The offender was returned to headquarters issued a citation for disorderly conduct and released to her grandfather.

02-19-12 09:20 hours – Ptl. K. McDermott – Burglary-no force-residence-day
100 block E. Plumstead Ave. – Victim reports while in his basement he heard someone upstairs in the residence. The victim went upstairs and noticed the front door ajar; he states he always locks this door. He also noticed a subject walking north towards Marshall Road and believed the subject looked suspicious. It is noted the back door to the residence was unlocked. Nothing reported missing from the residence.

02-18-12 15:30 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Theft- under $50 auto parts & accessories
100 block Nyack Ave. – Registration plate taken from trailer. Stolen item entered into NCIC.

02-19-12 01:55 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Theft – under $50 from auto
100 block Powelton Ave. -The victim reported unknown person entered her vehicle and removed her wallet containing identification cards, cash and credit cards. No forced entry into the vehicle.

02-19-12 03:34 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Disorderly conduct
200 block Berkley Ave. – Dispatched for noise complaint. On arrival heard females yelling or shouting and doors slamming. Contact was made with the offender. The offender explained it was a celebration of an Ecuadorian holiday. There did not appear to be any other problems at the residence. The offender was cited after receiving a second call for noise.