Police activity week of 01/16/2017 to 01/22/2017

01/16/2017 13:25 – S29 SGT KEVIN KIENZLE Motor Vehicle Theft
200 Blk. North Wycombe Ave

Vehicle stolen from driveway of home. The vehicle was unlocked and was running at the time.

01/16/2017 08:23 – 114 PTL CRESCENT PARKER Vandalism
Unit blk Windermere Ave.

Damaged were two antique granite lantern’s and a pond pump.

01/16/2017 09:03 – 114 PTL CRESCENT PARKER Theft from auto
Unit blk South Union Ave.

6ft ladder taken from truck.

01/17/2017 09:51- S29 SGT KEVIN KIENZLE Vandalism
Scottdale Rd.

Graffiti had been painted on the walls of the basketball court at Hoffman Park with white spray paint

01/18/2017 12:00 – 117 PTL CHRISTOPHER CRAIG Assault
Pennwood High School

Security reported an assault. A juvenile petition will be filed against the one offender and the other offenders will be issued non traffic citations for disorderly conduct.

01/18/2017 13:15 – 110 PTL MARK MCGINNIS Disorderly Conduct
Pennwood High School

Student became upset and indicated that he should burn the school down. Student charged with disorderly conduct.

01/20/2017 07:15- 119 PTL KEVIN P MCDERMOTT Burglary
Nyack Ave.

The reporting party stated that an orange 40 foot ladder was stolen from a garage on Nyack Avenue