Police activity week of 01-02-12 through 01-08-12

01-02-12 00:17 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Criminal mischief to auto
200 block W. Marshall Rd. – Police dispatched for report of a domestic situation not in progress. The victim reported that the windshield of the vehicle was damaged. This officer observed the vehicle had a cracked windshield and the car roof was dented and scratched. The girlfriend of the victim suspects her ex-boyfriend. Made contact with the ex-boyfriend who denies damaging the vehicle.

01-02-12 10:40 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Harassment
Unit block Drexel Ave. – Dispatched to see the man for threats by phone-not in progress. Reported to be an ongoing problem that Officer Craig was familiar with. On arrival spoke with the parents and their daughter. This is actually two separate complaints of harassment by phone. The nature of today’s complaints involve calls from a cell phone. This officer listened to the voicemails, the messages were very garbled and in a very low whisper, I could clearly hear the word “kill”. The mother suspects her brother. This officer advised the family that I would document the incident and the detectives would also review the matter.

01-03-12 14:00 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – All other-contempt of court
Unit block Sayers Ave. – the victim contacted this department in reference to her ex-boyfriend. The victim states the offender has been contacting her by phone and by notes in violation of a final PFA order. This order prevents the offender from having any contact with the victim. A warrant of arrest has been prepared for the offender.

01-03 12 21:28 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Drive under the influence- drugs
300 block N. Maple Ave. – As a result of a vehicle accident the offender was taken into custody. The offender was observed to be under the influence, had had difficulty maintaining his balance, his reactions were very delayed, his speech was slurred and he eyes were glassy. The offender refused to perform sobriety field tests. Several prescription bottles were found in the offender’s pockets and vehicle. The offender was taken into custody and will be charged appropriately.

01-04-12 15:33 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Burglary-no force-residence-day
200 block Windermere Ave. – Responded for report of a suspicious condition. The reporting party states that they heard noises coming from the property which should be abandoned. A white male was observed removing copper piping from the ceiling of the basement. Upon questioning the offender he did admit to taking the piping. The offender was taken into custody.

01-05-12 14:48 hours – Ptl. J. McGowan – Narcotics-possession-marijuana
E. Essex Ave. – This officer made a vehicle stop during a traffic detail. The vehicle was observed going at a high rate of speed and failed for a clearly posted stop sign. Approaching the vehicle this officer could smell a strong odor of fresh marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Both offenders, when asked, admitted to having marijuana. The marijuana was seized and both offenders taken into custody.

01-05-12 16:45 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Disorderly conduct
Unit block W. Baltimore Ave. – Responded to the unit block of W. Baltimore for a highly intoxicated male who walked into an apartment where he did not reside. The offender was located yelling and screaming profanities. The offender was placed into custody and transported to police headquarters where he was housed in a cell to await sobriety. The offender will be issued a citation for disorderly conduct.

01-06-12 14:55 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Burglary- forced entry- residence-day
200 block N. Wycombe Ave. -The victim stated she left and secured her apartment this morning and when she returned she discovered that unknown actors removed items from the residence. The victim was advised to contact her landlord about this issue and any further security questions.

01-07-12 23:03 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Public drunkenness
Burmont Rd & Eldon Ave. – Police were called for a subject down. On arrival the offender was sitting on the side walk. The offender stated he is not supposed to be drinking while taking his medications. The offender was taken into custody cited for public drunkenness and transported to his residence.

01-08-12 09:01 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Burglary-forced entry-nonresidence-night
Unit block N. Lansdowne Ave. – Police responded to a report of a burglary at the Garden Church. An officer in the church was forced open and items were taken. The church was advised to make a list of all missing items for the police report.