Block Party Guidelines

In order to get a permit for a Block party you must first get a signed petition from all the neighbors on the block you wish to close. This petition should list the nature of the event, who the contact person is and should be done several weeks before your requested day of the event so that the Borough has time to complete what has to be done on our end.

Keep in mind that some roadways cannot be closed because of high traffic, SEPTA bus routes, or any road that is controlled by the State.

Additionally, the Borough does not permit consumption of alcohol on the public street, even at a block party. Such beverages must be consumed on private property during the event.

If the permit is granted, barricades will be dropped off prior to the event and it is the responsibility of the organizers to place the barricades in position at the start and take them down at the end of your event. Organizers are also responsible for removing vehicles from the street that is to be closed. (another reason for signatures from everyone living on the block)

There is no fee for obtaining a Block Party Permit.

If you have additional questions, you can call my office at 610-623-0700.


Daniel J Kortan
Chief of Police