The Lansdowne Police Department was established shortly after the Borough was incorporated on June 7, 1893. Although the origin of the records is difficult to trace, we have determined that the first Lansdowne Police Officer was William Rementer, who was appointed on November 1, 1893. Officer Rementer went on to become the first Police Chief of Lansdowne and served in that capacity from May 1, 1903 until March 10, 1905.

Since the formation of the police department, there have been 122 officers pass through our ranks and we have served under the command of 10 different police chiefs. Over the years there have been members who held the ranks of Assistant Chief of Police, Captain and Lieutenant but currently the department rank structure only contains Patrolman, Sergeant, Detective and Chief.

The sworn police officers are all hired under Civil Service guidelines and must pass a Civil Service examination before being hired or receiving any promotion through the ranks. Pennsylvania requires all police officers to undergo certain training on an annual basis to maintain firearms skills, first responder skills and to stay current with changes in the law. Most Lansdowne Police Officers are full-time officers. The Borough has only begun hiring part-time officers in the past few years and we currently only employ three part-time police officers out of our 18 member department. Police protection is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and a full breakdown of our department can be found in the Organizational Chart.