Police activity week of 10-18-10 through 10-24-10

10-18-10 08:24 hours – Ptl. M. McGinnis – Robbery-Armed-Firearm-Chain Store
100 block E. Baltimore Ave. (CVS) – Police received a call of a robbery that just occurred, black male, tan Hyundai, silver hand gun. On arrival this officer interviewed the employee who indicated that when he arrived at his place of employment, the CVS store, he observed a small tan vehicle, possibly a Hyundai Elantra parked in the lot near the south west corner of the building. He paid no attention to it. The employee parked his car then unlocked and entered the store going directly to the alarm panel to shut off the alarm. Upon turning around a black male in a military type jacket with a hood, five ten to six feet tall confronted him with a silver semi-automatic hand gun. The employee was ordered to the upstairs office and instructed to open the safe then deposit all of the cash and change into a back pack the offender had with him. The offender then ordered the employee to walk him through the store to the rear emergency exit which is located in the south west corner of the store. The offender then fled in an unknown direction and the employee called 911. Detective Sergeant Donegan did respond and was present while this officer was taking this report, the Sergeant then took control of the scene.

10-19-10 14:39 hours – Ptl. M. McGinnis – Theft- $200 & over from buildings
Unit block S. Lansdowne Ave. – The victim reported that the Lansdowne Auction purchased property from an estate from the deceased relative of the suspect. The suspect is an ex-employee of the auction, who was suspected of the theft. Part of the estate was a Winchester 30/30 lever action rifle. On Saturday 10-09-10 the rifle was behind the counter of the auction leaning against a refrigerator. The suspect was in the store saw the rifle and told an employee that the rifle was his and that his deceased relative had taken it from him and never returned it. The suspect was informed that the rifle was purchased as part of the estate and to contact the executor who sold them the property. While in the store the suspect asked if he could have a bottle of water and he was permitted behind the counter to get the water from the refrigerator that the rifle was leaning against. At the end of the business day the rifle was discovered missing. The victim did contact the executor to confirm that the rifle was in fact part of the estate then contacted the suspect who denied taking the rifle and blamed the executor. The victim requested the police try and talk to the suspect. Detective Sergeant Donegan was advised of the facts of this case at the time of this report.

10-20-10 15:27 hours – Ptl. K. McDermott – Burglary-no force-residence-unknown time
100 block Nyack Ave. – Police received a call for the burglary discovered at the listed address. On police arrival this officer was informed by the realtor for the property that the residence had been burglarized at some point between 10-6-10 and today’s date. The realtor stated that he was on location for a final walk through of the residence for a potential sale when he noticed the water heater and the boiler were missing from the basement. The realtor further stated that there was no sign of forced entry and both the front and back doors were locked upon his arrival. The realtor informed this officer that the basement door does not lock along with several of the basement windows.

The property owner suffers from dementia and moved into a nursing home on 6-10-10. This office spoke with the property owner’s legal guardian and advised him of the burglary. The guardian indicated that the property will still be sold in the near future, but it will remain vacant for the time being.

While on location this officer observed that the copper in the basement is still there. There is a strong possibility that the actor/s involved in this burglary will return for the copper.

10-20-10 17:07 hours – Ptl. K. McDermott – Theft- $200 & over from buildings
Unit block S. Lansdowne Ave. – Police received a radio call for a theft that had just occurred inside Family Dental Care. On police arrival the reporting party stated that $342.00 was stolen from the dental office. The reporting party believes a patient, who had just left the office, was responsible for the theft. The reporting party further stated that the patient/suspect had been at the receptionist’s desk scheduling an appointment when she put the day’s earnings in an envelope and placed it on a shelf located next to the desk. When the reporting party returned the envelope was missing and the patient/suspect was observed walking out of the dental office. The reporting party provided the patient/suspects address and description which was relayed to police radio. Officer P. Crozier of the Collingdale Police Department stopped the patient/suspect outside of his address. Officer Crozier stated that as he pulled up to the residence the patient/suspect walked inside his residence momentarily and then reappeared. This officer arrived on location and spoke to the patient/suspect. The patient/suspect did not have any money on his person and denied taking anything from the dental office. This officer advised the patient/suspect why he was stopped and sent him on his way.

It should be noted that the reporting party did not observed the patient/suspect take the envelope of money, but that he was the only patient in the area at the time. The reporting further reported that there were patient’s insurance checks inside the envelope as well.

10-20-10 21:21 hours – Ptl. M. Mugler – Burglary-no force-residence-day
200 block N. Maple Ave. – On Wednesday 10-20-10 the Lansdowne Police were dispatched to the woo block of N. Maple Avenue for a report of a burglary discovered. On police arrival this officer was met by the victim. The victim told me that he left the house at 0730 hours today and when he returned home at 2115 hours, he noticed his X-Box 360 Elite had been stolen. The victim indicated that the back door to his residence does not lock so anyone could have walked in at any time during the day. The victim explained that he also had an Air Soft gun taken on 10-14-10 which he reported to the police. The victim suspects an acquaintance of his son who sometimes comes around the house looking for the son. The son is with the victim only part time, he shares custody with his wife.

The victim describes the X-Box as a new model colored black. The white head set and white control chat are part of the system were also taken. The game system is worth $450.00 and the game disc, which was in the in the game, is valued at $60.00. The victim told me that he will also report the theft to Microsoft, as they have a security division. If the game is connected on line to the internet it can be tracked to the IP address where it is being played. This officer advised the victim to let Microsoft know that a police report has been made so that they can contact this department if they see the system being used.

The victim was advised to find a way to secure his sliding glass door in the rear to prevent anyone else from entering.

10-20-10 23:13 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Drive under the influence-drugs
N. Lansdowne and Greenwood Ave. – On Wednesday 10-20-10 at approximately 2310 hours the Lansdowne police received a report of an unconscious subject behind the wheel of a black Ford Explorer on N. Lansdowne Ave. at Greenwood Ave. Police arrived and found a black Ford Explorer on E. Greenwood Ave at the intersection of N. Lansdowne Ave. The vehicle was facing north on E. Greenwood which is an east/west roadway and it was blocking lanes of travel.

This officer did approach the driver side of the vehicle and observed the defendant unconscious behind the wheel, the vehicle was in drive and the defendant’s foot was on the brake. There were strands of copper “Choreboy” visible on the front passenger seat, indicating a possible crack cocaine user. Police positioned the patrol vehicle in front of and in back of the Ford Explorer In case the defendant woke up and took his foot off the brake or hit the gas pedal and then attempted to wake the defendant. Police ganged on the window, the defendant woke up and tried to exit the vehicle, he appeared to be disoriented. As the defendant stepped from the vehicle, a small green zip lock baggie commonly used for packaging crack cocaine fell from the vehicle. The defendant’s eyes were constricted despite the darkness, his speech was slurred and he was unsteady on his feet. The defendant was advised of the call that he was suspected of driving under the influence, was going to be patted down and asked if he had anything on him that police should be aware of. The defendant stated “yes, drugs”, when asked what kind of drugs he stated, “Heroin”, when asked if he had any needles on him, he stated, “yes, in my back pocket”. The defendant did not have any drugs or needles on his person, but Off. McDermott did located an open plastic bag on the front passenger seat of the vehicle containing nine blue wax paper baggies stamped “Bulls Eye” wrapped in plastic suspected to be heroin. There were five additional “Bulls Eye” baggies that appeared to be used already, two small zip lock baggies with yellow side stamped with black bat symbols suspected to be crack baggies with residue inside. There wsa also a ball of “Choreboy” copper brillo inside and a cigarette box containing a hypodermic needle, commonly used for injecting heroin.

The defendant was taken into custody and transported to the police station where a partial hypodermic needle was found in a pocket on the lower right leg of his jeans. The defendant did agree to submit to a blood test, he wsa transported to the hospital where he voluntarily submitted to two vials of his blood being withdrawn which will be sent to the drug lat for chemical analysis. The defendant was also driving under a DUI related suspension at the time of his arrest.

10-22-10 20:04 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Disorderly conduct
Hansell Rd. – Police responded to a disorderly group of juveniles who were throwing rocks at the complainant’s vehicle. On arrival the complainant’s husband had chased down one of the juveniles. The other three had run off.

The complainant was driving on Essex Avenue when a rock was thrown at her vehicle, striking it on the passenger’s side front door. The impact caused a minor scratch to the paint. The complainant’s husband had chased a male who was in the group to the corner of Woodland and Hansell. The subject admitted to being a part of the group. The complainant saw who threw the rock and it was not the subject in custody. The subject identified the others in the group; the juvenile that threw the rock is from Yeadon. The subject stated the Yeadon youth threw the rock at the vehicle, and the subject stated he had no idea why. This officer will make contact width the parents of the juveniles involved and issue citation to the appropriate parties.

10-22-10 21:05 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Burglary-nor force-residence day
200 block N. Maple Ave. – Police responded to a suspicious condition, lights on inside the residence. On arrival a burglary had occurred. Police cleared the house and found no one inside.

The victim stated that he left for work at approximately 0930 am. He stated that when he arrived home at approximately 9pm he noticed that the basement light was on. He opened the sliding glass rear door of the residence (which is not capable of locking) and found that the Ruger .357 magnum he keeps next to the door was missing. The victim walked through the residence with police. The victim observed that a Hewlett Packard lap top computer was missing from the kitchen. From the living room area an Xbox game system was missing.

The actor/s went to the second floor and empted a water jug that was filled with cash and change. They took only some of the change and bills and left the rest. Also taken was a look box containing savings bonds and birth certificates. The actor/s went to the attic and took six more firearms (one handgun, two rifles and three shotguns) from the unlocked gun safe. The victim could provide only a few of the man factures of the weapons and none of the serial numbers. Investigation to continue.

10-23-10 21:25 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Assault-firearm
200 block N. Wycombe Ave. – This officer responded to the 200 block of E. Greenwood Avenue for a shooting victim. On my arrival, Upper Darby Police units were on location. The victim stated that he was unsure of exactly where he was shot, why he was shot and who shot him, but believes he was in the hallway of his apartment complex (200 block N. Wycombe Avenue) where he lives. The victim’s father told police that the victims was banging loudly at the front door of the father’s residence when he opened the door the victim was bleeding and told him that he was shot while inside his apartment complex. The victim was not wearing a shirt at this time.

The victim recalled being in the hallway on the 1st or 2nd flr looking for his brother, who left earlier to watch the Phillies game. The victim heard two shots and realized that he had been shot in the chest by unknown actors. The victim’s parents advised the victim believes in the apartment complex with his brother, whose whereabouts were unknown at this time. The parents added that the brother maybe with his girlfriend at a nearby bar. The victim’s parents stated that the victim suffers from OCD, Bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia, they are unsure if he was currently taking his medication.

The victim was transported to HUP. The victim was interviewed briefly before he went into to surgery and stated he did not know the people who shot him but they may live on the 1st floor of the apartment complex. The victim was unable to provide a description of the actors and does not believe he could identify them. The victim added after being shot he went back inside his apartment for a short time then walked to his parents house for help. The victim was very confused and unsure of the events leading up to and after his shooting. Investigation to continue.

10-24-10 22:09 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Drive under influence-drugs
N. Lansdowne Ave. – This officer observed a red Dodge Ram 1500 travelling at a high rate of speed east on Marshall Road. This officer observed the vehicle fail to stop at stop signs and make a right turn on Lansdowne Avenue and was viewed crossing over the double solid yellow lines into the northbound lane twice while continuing to travel at a high rate of speed. This officer activated the emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop. The vehicle had dark window tine on the left and right side front windows. The tint was measured with a window tint meter and found to have 2% light transmission. The vehicle had tools, aluminum ladders and work materials unsecured in the back. Upon approaching the vehicle, the offender exhibited glassy and bloodshot eyes. The offender appeared fidgety and had rapid speech. The offender stated that he did not have a driver’s license because it is currently suspended for DUI.

The offender failed two field sobriety tests. The offender was taken into custody, was processed and housed at police headquarters for court in the morning.