Police activity week of 10-11-10 through 10-17-10

10-11-10 12:30 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Theft- $200 & over from buildings
Unit block S. Lansdowne Ave. -The victim reported that $600.00 had been stolen from him. The victim reported that he had two friends inside his apartment on the evening of 10-10-10 into the early morning of 10-11-10. The victim reported that he fell asleep at approximately 2400 hours on 10-11-10. The victim reported that when he woke up on 10-11-10 at approximately 0300 hours he discovered the $600.00 was missing from his right front pocket of his jogging shorts that he was wearing. The victim reported that his two friends had left the apartment. The victim reported that his two friends were supposed to spend the night in his apartment. The victim identified the first friend and he could only identify his second friend with a nickname. The victim stated that the second male lives in Clifton heights and he had his phone number. The victim called both friends and asked them about the missing money. The friends both denied taking the money and each blamed the other for taking the money.

10-11-10 15:47 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Criminal mischief
200 block N. Highland Ave. – The victim reports she discovered a hole and crack in one of the panes of a bay window in her residence. While on location this officer also noticed a second hole in the center panel of the window. Both holes are consistent with being caused by a BB or pellet. This officer did make contact with the person in the home where the projectile appeared to come from. The contact was asked if anyone in the house owned a BB or pellet gun. The contact responded no. The contact asked a number of juveniles in the house and they all denied any knowledge of a BB or pellet gun. The contact stated now that she is aware of the situation she will monitor the juveniles.

10-12-10 02:54 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Disorderly Conduct
N. Wycombe Ave. – The complainant is a driver for William Penn School District. Today she was driving bus #721. According to the driver a female Cardinal O’Hara student became disorderly on the bus and refused to follow the rules. The driver attempted to correct the female student and states the student began to curse her out and that she felt threatened. As a result of this incident the driver began to lose control of the other students on the bus. A male student began to climb over seats and refused to sit down, creating a hazardous condition.

This officer arrived on location and observed the male student standing in the isle. The driver again told him to sit down. Instead of sitting down the student turned his back on her and began dialing on his cell phone, ignoring her directions. This officer advised him to get off of the bus. The student asked “What did I do?” and wouldn’t get off the bus. After the second more forceful direction to get off the bus, he complied, but stated that he was walking away and did not have to stay here and listen to us. The student was immediately placed in handcuff.

Police did transport both students back to police headquarters where they were issued citations for disorderly conduct. Parents were contacted by police. Mothers of both students did respond to take custody of their children.

10-12-10 20:23 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Theft $200 & over from buildings.
200 block Windermere Ave. – The victim reported that $900 was stolen from his bedroom sometime between 0600-1900 hours 10-12-10. The victim stated that he drives a cab in Philadelphia and that while he was at work today, his estranged wife showed up at his residence and was let in by a roommate. The roommate stated that the estranged wife went directly to the victim’s bedroom. The roommate, whose girlfriend was also with him, witnessed the wife going into the bedroom. Neither the roommate nor his girlfriend saw whether or not the wife had a key to enter the victim’s bedroom. The victim reports the room was locked before he left the apartment.

The victim states the money was in the pocket of a jacket that was hanging in his room, he also noticed a shoulder bag also looked as if it was rummaged through. The victim called his estranged wife and asked her why she came over and if she took the money. The wife denied being at the residence. There was a language barrier and it took several times and different ways of asking a question to get the answers. Investigation to continue.

10-13-10 13:40 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Disorderly conduct
100 block Green Ave. (PWHS) – The victim is a PWHS security officer. The victim sated that the offender was told to leave the school grounds earlier today due to an incident that occurred inside the Opportunities Center (alternative program). The student/offender was later buzzed back inside the school, when the victim questioned the offender about his destination the offender put up his hands and said “Fuck you” then walked into the attendance office and spoke with the assistant principal.

The offender later left the office and was advised by the victim that he must follow school procedure when on school grounds and that any further violations would be handled accordingly. The offender again used obscene language towed the victim/security officer and threatened to physically assault him utilizing his fist and a gun.

The all school personnel agreed that citations being issued to the offender would be appropriate for this incident. This officer will upgrade this incident if deemed necessary.

10-13-10 15:31 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Burglary-forced entry-residence day
Unit block E. Stewart Ave. – Police responded to a burglary. On arrival the victim had found the door open but had not gone through the residence. Lansdowne officers searched the house and found that the actor/s had fled. The house was found to be in disarray with a light on in the basement and the third floor. The victim stated that it appears that the actor/s forced open a first floor window by pushing in a fan. Taken from the first floor are his TV, DVD player and two Toshiba lap top computers. The victim’s unemployment insurance card identifying information related to both himself and his deceased wife. It is possible that some pain medication that belonged to his wife was taken. The victim did not notice anything missing from the second floor, but noted that they left the desk area in disarray. On the third floor the actor/s took a “Chinese Print” jewelry box that contained an unknown quantity of jewelry. The actors then fled out the front door of the house. The victim was advised to cancel his bank and credit cards and seek out the serial numbers for his stolen property. Photos of the scene were attached to the incident.

The victim contacted Lansdowen police after receiving more information. The victim stated that his unemployment card had been tried at two locations without his authorization. He was told that it was tried at 10:07 hours at 5901 Marshall Road in Upper Darby and then tried at 15:30 hours at 2535 Aramingo Avenue, Philadelphia. He was provided this information when he called to report the card stolen.

10-15-10 08:50 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Theft $50 to $200 from buildings
100 block E. Baltimore Ave. – The victim works for Emas Pet Hospital. She called police after noticing an expensive Halloween decoration missing from the front yard of the hospital. The victim states that the hospital is missing a large black inflatable globe with a zombie inside and bats flying around. The cost of the decoration is around $150.00. The theft occurred sometime between 10-14-10 at closing and 10-15-10 at 0850 hours. The victim farther states that last Tuesday a large inflatable purple spider valued around $60.00 was also taken from the yard. This theft occurred during the daylight hours. They did not call police.

The victim states that the rest of the decorations on the property are old and does not suspect that anyone would want them.

10-15-10 12:00 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Burglary-forced entry-residence-night
Unit block Nyack Ave. – The victim called police in reference to his apartment being burglarized sometime overnight. The victim states that he is the only one that lives in the apartment and he just moved in about two weeks ago. He states that he left for work last evening 10-14-10 at 21oo hours. When he returned at 0645 hours he discovered the front door to his apartment was damaged and left open.

It appears that an unknown actor used a tool to jimmy the door and gain access to the apartment. Missing from his bedroom is approximately $1000.00 worth of jewelry and $350.00 cash. The contents of his bedroom closet were strewn about the bed. The victim was advised to make an itemized list of missing items and turn it into the police department.

10-15-10 14:44 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Assaults-simple
Berkley Ave. – The victim is a student at Cardinal O’Hara high school. The victim and his friend got off the bus in front of Ardmore Avenue School and were standing together near Berkley and Ardmore Avenues. They were with another friend. The victim states that two black males and one white male teenager approached the group and all three began to beat him. He states he was pushed to the ground and punched and kicked by these individuals. The victim states that he does not have a beef with anyone in the neighborhood and has not seen these boys before.

The only description he could provide was that all three appeared to be of high school age. After the assault the victim ran away.

While enroute to this call a passerby flagged me down and wanted to complain about a group of teenagers in the area yelling and cursing and banging on cars. The complainant stated that the group began to curse at her after she told them to get away from her car. It is unknown if this is the same group involved. As a result of the assault the victim sustained a cut lip. He also complained of pain in his left arm and lower back. The victim’s mother was unsure if they going to go to the hospital or not.

The victim’s mother called this officer and advised that one of his son’s friends recognized the white male actor in the incident. This officer did call the friend who stated he recognized the actor because he knows the actors sister. Investigation to continue.

10-15-10 17:31 hours – Ptl. K. McDermott & Ptl. L. Albertoli – Disorderly conduct
E. LaCrosse Ave at N. Union Ave. – This officer and Officer Albertoli conducted a motor vehicle stop on a vehicle after observing the vehicle travel north bound on N. Union Avenue with a rear passenger side flat tire. The vehicle was stopped on E. LaCrosse at N. Union Avenue. As the vehicle came to a stop, both occupants immediately exited the vehicle and had to be ordered back into the vehicle by this officer and Officer Albertoli. At this time the driver accused both officers ob being “a bunch of racist cops.” As officer Albertoli was gathering the driver/vehicle information this officer attempted to identify the passenger/offender’s information. The offender refused to give this officer any information stating “I wanna speak wit my lawyer.” This officer was about to identify the offender through a family member who was involved in a motor vehicle accident on N. Union at E. LaCrosse.

It should be noted that both of the occupants were hostile and uncooperative throughout the vehicle stop. The driver was filed several PMVC citations by Officer Albertoli and the offender was cited for disorderly conduct.

10-16-10 14:06 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Theft -$200 & over
100 block Green Ave. – PWHS – Officer Albertoli and this officer responded to the rear of PWHS Administration for a report of a theft that just occurred. Police radio informed us that according to the witness two actors picked up a white piece of metal from the soccer goal post beside the baseball field. Police radio informed us that according to the witness the actors placed the white piece of metal into a U-Haul truck that had green spiders on it. Police spoke to the witness who reported that after the actors picked up the piece of metal they checked the dumpster located behind the administration building and were last seen driving west in the driveway towards Clover and Green Avenues. The witness described the two actors as both being black. One of the actors had dread locks. An employee of the maintenance department was on location and reported that he did not believe that the actor was authorized to remove the white piece of metal. Police checked the area with negative results.

10-17-10 01:57 hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – Drive under influence-alcohol
Unit block E. Baltimore Ave. – This officer observed a blue Chevrolet Silverado make a right turn on S. Lansdowne Avenue onto E. Baltimore Avenue against a stead red signal despite the clearly posted “no turn on Red ” sign.

This officer stopped the vehicle in front of Lansdowne police headquarters. This officer approached the vehicle and asked the driver, the defendant, for his driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration. The defendant was having trouble finding his registration and insurance cards. He appeared to be having a difficult time comprehending this officer’s request and had to be asked three times for his vehicle information. While speaking with the defendant this officer did detect a strong odor of an alcoholic beveralge coming from his person, observed him to have glassy, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. An open container of Smirnoff Ice malt beverage was observed in the center console area. The defendant failed field sobriety tests. The defendant was taken into custody, processed for DUI and released to his sister.