Police activity week of 09-20-10 through 09-26-10

09-20-10 13:30 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Disorderly conduct
100 block Green Ave. – PWHS – Officers responded to Penn Wood High School for a report of a female being detained in the principal’s office for bringing a knife to school. On location the student was being detained in the office by school security. The school security officer reports that at approximately 1300hours while in the cafeteria of the school she noticed what appeared to be a knife attached to the offender’s belt. Security officers took the offender to the office and the offender admitted to having a knife on her person. The offender wsa taken into custody by police and transported to police headquarters. The offender waist issued a citation for disorderly conduct.

09-21-10 21:10 hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Disorderly conduct
100 block E. Plumstead Ave. – Police responded to a fight. On arrival a previous landlord/tenant incident had escalated into a physical fight. According to statements made by the parties that were present, the situation deteriorated into an argument. According to tenants friend the dispute escalated when the property owner’s daughter began to antagonize the workers and friend who had come to the scene to help move property out of the store. Although the parties were cooperative with police, the property owner should have left the area after being referred to the magistrate in the earlier incident.

The tenant’s friend involved himself in the landlord/tenant dispute in which he has no standing. Both the property owner and the tenant’s friend will be cited for disorderly conduct.

09-22-10 08:09 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Weapons-possession-knife
100 block Green Ave. PWHS- Police a report of three individuals detained at the Penn Wood High School office for possessing weapons on school property. The school security while conducting a random search of students at the front door of the school found three students to be in possession of weapons. All three subjects were handcuffed and returned to police headquarters. All will be charged appropriately.

09-22-10 14:11 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Trespassing of real property
100 block Green Ave. – PWHS – Police responded to Penn Wood High School for a report of 3 black males and a Hispanic male refusing to leave the high school. On police arrival officers spoke to the head of school security. The security officer identified the offender as having been up at the school and refused to leave. The described offender was located. The school wanted charges against the offender. The offender was returned to police headquarters and issued citation for Criminal Trespassing-Defiant Trespasser and then released.

09-22-10 16:30 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Rape by force-other forcible means
200 block Crawford Ave. – Police received a report of a sexual assault that occurred on the 200 block of Crawford Avenue. On police arrival this officer made contact with the victim and her sister. The victim stated she was raped by a subject know to her, a black male juvenile who lives on Wabash Avenue. The victim stated she was home alone after school in her house when the offender knocked at her door. The victim states the offender is her brother’s friend. The offender told her he needed to get something inside. The victim said she let him into the house and he grabbed hold of her. She told him to let go. The offender pushed the victim onto the couch and sexual assaulted her. The victim’s mother was notified. The victim’s mother did transport her to the hospital. All evidence was collected at the scene.

The offender was taken into custody. Investigation to continue.

09-23-10 00:44 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Public drunkenness
W. Baltimore Ave. – This officer while on routine patrol observed the offender walking west on W. Baltimore Avenue. The offender appeared to be unsteady on his feet as he walked and this officer would see that he was smoking something. As this officer passed the offender a strong odor of burnt marijuana was detected in the air and there was no one else around the area. This officer stopped the offender and advised him he was stopped for public drunkenness and this officer believed he was smoking marijuana. The offender stated he was smoking a joint, but didn’t have anything else on his person. The offender was advised he would be receiving a citation of public drunkenness. The offender was escorted to his residence.

09-23-10 12:15 hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Assaults-simple
N. Lansdowne Ave. – Police received a dispatch to responds to Mercy Fitzgerald ER waiting room. Police responded and met the victim. The victim had a visible bump to her right temple about the size of a marble and she was bleeding from the lump. The victim stated she was walking North on Lansdowne Avenue in the area of the Wawa store when she observed that she was being purposely followed by three black female juveniles ” school age.” Actor # 1 described as a light skin female wearing a sun dress, Actor #2 was a short brown skin female and Actor #3 was described as heavy set.

The victim stated that she cut down a side street off of Lansdowne Ave, she does not know the name of the street, and the actors followed her and then began to assault her. The victim stated all three punched her and kicked her. During the assault the victim lost her Metro touch screen cell phone. Valued at $200.00. The victim stated she never saw the women before. The victim was vague on details and kept saying she was not from the area and did not know exactly where the attack took place0 even though police have had previous contacts with the victim in Lansdowne). The victim stated that she may be able to identify the actors if she saw them again, but she was not really interested in pressing charges.

09-23-10 17:48 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Burglary-forced entry-residence day
Unit block of Clover Ave. – Police dispatched for a burglary discovered. Met the victim who reported that he left for work at about 0820 hours this date. When the victim returned home, shortly before this report, he noticed his interior back door standing open. This is unusual. On closer examination he noticed that the back door was also ajar. There was heavy damage to the window of the back door. it appears the actor/s pried the frame from around the bottom of the window and were able to pry it open enough to reach in and unlock the dead bold. The front door was fully locked. Missing from the home were game systems and games. Other computer games and systems were left behind. Spoke with neighbors who stated they did not notice anything unusual. The victim did also have a burglary back in March or April. The victim did have a contractor on the premises doing work. Investigation to continue.

09-23-10 23:49 hours Sgt. J. McCaughan – Public Drunkenness
Bryn Mawr Ave. – While on patrol observed the defendant staggering from one side of the street to the other. Officer Selimis stopped the defendant in the area of Bryn Mawr Avenue. The defendant was severely intoxicated and admitted to same. The defendant was placed into police custody. The defendant did admit to an arrest in Clifton Heights for drug possession and a disturbance at his mother’s home. Due to the defendant’s level of intoxication, his previous arrest and self-proclaimed craziness at his mother residence, the defendant was held overnight until he sobered up.

09-23-10 19:34 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Theft- $50 to $200 bicycles
Unit block of S. Lansdowne Ave. – The victim reported that his 21 speed Power X mountain bike, red and silver was stolen from the Lansdowne Library as he was inside between 1745 and 1930 hours. The victim did not see who stole the bike and it was not locked up at the time. 09-25-10 1842hours – The victim in this case reported that he just recovered his bike from the front lawn of a home on the 100 block of Nyack Ave. The victim stated that a black male, approximately 14 years of age, medium complexion, and thin build wearing a black t-shirt with “Aero” printed on it and blue jeans dropped it and went to the front door of the residence looking for a person to get a haircut. When the victim informed him that he had his stolen bicycle, she stated that he said Let me get my friend before you call the police.” The actor was last seen walking east on Nyack Avenue. The victim’s friend knows the actor from the neighborhood. This officer knows the actor from previous calls. Investigation to continue.

09-24-10 02:45 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan- Disorderly conduct
200 block Wabash Ave. – Police received a report from the victim, for a neighbor complaint for a neighbor banging on his door. On police arrival the victim reported that his neighbor came home in a cab and was being loud in the front of the houses. As the victim was looking out the window he heard the neighbor ask the cab driver if he wanted to see her dog. The neighbor went into the house and came out with her dog, a very large Great Dane. The victim stated that he dog jumped up on to the driver window of the cab. The neighbor pulled it down and then the dog jumped onto the victim’s vehicle, a Lexus RX330, SUV. The victim yelled for the neighbor to keep the dog off his vehicle. The neighbor returned the dog to the house and then went and banged on the victim’s door and started screaming at him. The victim called police. On police arrival the neighbor/defendant was asked several times to keep her voice down and allow the victim a chance to speak, but the defendant continued to interrupt and yell at the victim. The defendant appeared to under the influence. Several times this officer advised the defendant to return to her residence as she was on the front porch screaming. The defendant was advised she would be cited for disorderly conduct.

09-24-10 08:55 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Disorderly conduct
100 block Green Ave. (PWHS) – Police responded to PWHS for a report of a juvenile female student being detained in the office. While enroute the dispatcher advised that the female had brought a razor blade to school yesterday. On location this officer spoke with the assistant principal who stated that a student came to the attendance officer yesterday, 9-23-10 and reported that the defendant had been playing with a razor blade during 4th period lunch and was still playing with it. On today’s date, 9-24-10, The defendant, who had the razor blade, was identified. After checking the building she was found between 1st and 2nd periods. The defendant was escorted to the principal’s office. Once inside the office she was questioned about yesterday’s events and upon searching her bag a 1’x 1/2″ razor blade was located along with a lighter. The defendant was taken into custody and transported to headquarters where she was issued a non-traffic citation and released to her mother.

09-24-10 15:01 hours – Sgt. B. Eidell – Criminal mischief to automobiles
N. Lansdowne Ave. -The victim is a driver for Papa John’s Pizza and delivering pizza using his personal vehicle to make deliveries. The victim was traveling north on N. Lansdowne Ave when an unknown object struck and cracked his car windshield in the upper left corner. At the time the win shield was struck an Upper Darby School Bus, Bus #1 , was passing the victim’s vehicle traveling south on N. Lansdowne Avenue. The victim did not see anyone throw anything out of the bus, but he is sure whatever hit his windshield had to have come from the bus. On police arrival this officer spoke to the school bus driver and asked him if he had observed anyone throw anything from the bus. He stated that he had not but felt that it most likely had come from the back of the bus. This officer then asked the occupants of the bus, which was completely full of students, if anyone on the bus saw who threw the object. No one admitted to seeing anything and within a short time the students began to get belligerent and complained about this officer making them late for work and other duties. Since I had no way of proving who might have thrown something from the bus I did not bother to try obtaining names. I advised the victim that he should report it to his insurance company.

09-25-10 00:39 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Liquor law underage
200 block Cooper Ave. – Police dispatched along with medics for a report of an intentional alcohol overdose. Sgt. K. Kienzle and this officer responded along with the Mercy Fitzgerald Medics. The complainant reported that his 19 year old son came home and had been drinking. The offender came outside of the house and appeared to be intoxicated and under the influence of alcohol. The complainant also reported that they had a hard time waking the offender up. The offender had slurred speech, glassy watery eyes and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his person.

The offender was uncooperative with both the police and the medics. The offender was transported to policed headquarters where he continued to be combative. The offender was cited for underage drinking and disorderly conduct, and after he sobered up a bit was released to his father and brother.

09-25-10 15:15 hours – Sgt. B. Eidell – theft- $200 & over from auto
Unit block S. Union Ave. – The victim stopped at police headquarters to report a theft that occurred the previous night. The victim stated he had parked his work truck in his driveway on Friday 9-24-10. The victim is a contractor and keeps numerous tools in the bed of his truck. One of these tools, a gas/oil mix Husqvarna concrete demo, saw with a 12 ” diamond blade was stored inside a metal tool box that also sits in the truck bed. This tool box is normally double locked but the victim left it unlocked on Friday evening. The victim states he heard the sound of a metal door slamming in his driveway. The victim observed a thin male walking away from the truck. The unknown offender was carrying the victims saw. Total value of the saw $1,000. The vim ran outside but the offender was gone. I asked the victim why he did not call police immediately, he stated he did not think we would be able to find the male so he did not bother calling. This officer advised the victim to always call the police as soon as possible. The victim stated he does not have homeowners insurance since he is only staying at the residence on S. Union Avenue until he can find somewhere nicer to live.

09-26-10 0617 hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Criminal mischief
Unit block Florence Ave. – The victim stead she discovered someone had placed a black substance, possibly paint, and wrote on the rear wall of her home on a concrete slab and on the ground. The victim reports the writing was not there last night at approximately 1800 hours. The victim reported that she is going to try and wash the substance off the wall.

09-26-10 10:56 hours – Sgt. B. Eidell – Theft-$50 to $200 from auto
100 block N. Wycombe Ave. – the victim called to report a theft from his vehicle which was parked in his front driveway since 0230 hours this morning. The victim believes he left his car doors unlocked. Missing from the vehicle is approximately ten dollars in change from the center console. The console was also damaged. The estimated loss is estimated to be between $50.00 and $100.00. The victim was advised to keep his vehicle and home locked at all times. The victim was also advised to consider installing a motion light in the front and rear of the property since this area is very dark at night and N. Wycombe Avenue is a well traveled street.

09-26-10 1035 hours -Ptl. C. Craig – Burglary-forced entry-residence day
100 block Berkley Ave. – On location the victim reports she left her residence yesterday 9-25-10 at approximately 1100 hours and when she returned home at approximately 1300 hours she noticed that her front door had been open. After checking the interior of her apartment she realized that she was missing several items. I did request the victim email a list of all items that are missing. Did speak with other residences of the building, no one stated that they saw or heard anything out of the ordinary during the day.

09-26-10 1955 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – theft- under $50 from buildings
100 block Nyack Ave. – The victim reports his wallet taken from his residence. The victim found out a friend of his sons who lives next door had been in the house that day. The victim suspects the son’s friend. The victim reported that there was no money in the wallet; however his PA driver’s license was in there along with a MasterCard TD bank debit card, his social security card and a copy of his birth certificate and Keystone Mercy health insurance cards for himself and his sons. The credit card had been canceled, but the victim was concerned about his identify being stolen. The victim was provided with an identity theft booklet. This officer made contact with the suspect who denied taking the wallet.