Police activity week of 05-11-09 thru 05-17-09

05-12-09 17:10 Hours – Ptl. M. Mugler – Criminal Mischief to Automobiles
100 Block S. Lansdowne Avenue – Victims legally parked Nissan 240 SX had the driver side window smashed out, while parked in the lot. There was no rock or any other projectile in the car. Nothing in the vehicle was touched or missing, according to the victim. Value of window approximately $200.00.

05-13-09 17:21 Hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Theft-$50 to $200-All Other
200 Block Windermere Ave. – The victim received a flyer in her mail box from “One Stop Shop”. A name on the flyer read John Dubbs. The flier was an advertisement for service of odd jobs such as landscaping, power washing, etc. Yesterday, the victim contracted a white male in his middle to late thirties, clean shaven about 5’10” with short brown hair to trim trees in her back yard. The male wrote up an estimate on a paper that was labeled “Tim’s Lawn and Tree Service”. The bill originally came to $125.00 but the male told her it would be less if she paid him half in cash. The victim gave the male $60.00 cash and he stated he would return today to-do the job. He never returned. The offender was last seen entering a gold possible four door sedan possibly a Saturn or Ford. Victim stated there was a white female passenger in the car with short dark hair. The victim said she could identify the offender if located and was interested in following through with charges.

05-15-09 00:12 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Criminal Mischief, Disorderly Conduct, Curfew Law Violation
100 Block Nyack Ave. – Police were dispatched to 111 Nyack Avenue for a report of a domestic between brother and sister. Police radio advised that the brother had broken the door down and was acting crazy. This officer responded and spoke to the witness who reported that her brother had kicked open the door and had thrown a cell phone through the front window of the home. According to the witness the offender was upset after talking to a person on the telephone. The witness reported that the offender had left prior to police arrival. This officer observed the front window to the home was broken and the door jam to the front door was damaged as well. This officer spoke to the offender’s mother who stated the daughter had called her and informed her of what had happened. The Mother spoke to her son, the offender, on the phone and he threatened her. The Mother/victim reported she wanted the offender charged and both she and the witness would go to court to testify. Searched the area for the offender but was unable to locate him.

05-16-09 00:13 Hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Disorderly Conduct
N. Wycombe @ E. Plumstead Aves. – Ambulance dispatched to the area of E. Plumstead and Wycombe Avenues for the female victim of an assault in progress, possibly related to a domestic disturbance. On arrival, this officer found a male & female standing next to a Ford sedan. Both persons had scratches and blood visible. There was a great deal of glass inside the car. I separated the pair. The female victim stated she brought some of the male offender’s property to his house at his request. The victim told us that when she tried to leave the male offender became angry and began pounding on the driver’s die window of the car. The window did shatter showering the driver’s seat, where the victim was seated, with glass resulting in the cuts, scrapes and bleeding that was seen. Lansdowne Fire co. responded and treated the victim, but she refused transport. The male offender told us the victim came to his residence and called him from outside. The offender denied asking the victim to come over. The male offender told us that he went outside to talk to the victim and that she got mad and tried to leave in the car almost striking him. This reportedly caused the male offender to jump back and his flailing arm/s struck and broke the window. When this officer asked the male offender to further describe how the victim almost hit him, his scenario placed him beside the vehicle and this officer could not understand how the vehicle almost hit him. It appeared that the scrapes and small cuts on the male offender’s arms were caused by the broken auto glass. The male offender did not request any medical attention. After the ambulance departed, his asked why he was not seen by the ambulance. This officer advised him that he did not request any assistance for the minor scrapes on his arms. This officer offered three more times to have the ambulance return, but the male offender repeatedly refused. The male offender was issued a citation for disorderly conduct at the scene and released.

05-16-09 11:14 Hours – Ptl. M. Mugler – Theft-Under $50 – Auto Parts & Accessories
Unit Block of N. Highland Ave. – The police were dispatched to New Life in Christ Baptist Church for the report of a theft from a vehicle.

05-16-09 14:45 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Criminal Mischief- All Other
200 Block Wabash Ave. – While investigating a previous incident it was discovered that the sidewalk on the north side of the 200 block of Wabash was defaced with red graffiti in the shape of a Swastika symbol. This officer attempted to contact the resident but there was no answer at the door. The resident came home a short time later and was advised by a neighbor that the police were at her house so she called to see if the police were there about the Swastika symbol. The victim stated that she saw the Swastika on her sidewalk when she left for work this morning. This investigation is ongoing.

05-16-09 12:30 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Criminal Mischief to Automobiles
100 Block Windsor Ave. – The victim reported that her vehicle was vandalized as it sat in the parking lot of the Giant Store on Baltimore Avenue in Upper Darby Township. There was a large red Swastika spray painted on the rear of the vehicle. The victim was advised that an Upper Darby Officer would have to be called to take a report because it happened in their jurisdiction. Officer W. Sides of the Upper Darby Graffiti Task Force responded to take the report. See previous offense. While leaving the area Officer Sides spotted a red swastika spray painted on the sidewalk on E. Plumstead at Wabash. This vandalism appeared to be the work of the same actor leading this officer to believe that the victim’s vehicle was actually vandalized on Windsor Avenue. This officer returned to the victim’s residence and informed her that Lansdowne police would be handling the incident. The victim was also able to clean the paint off of her vehicle using soap, water and a sponge. Ongoing investigation.

05-16-09 22:55 Hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Assault- Hands, Fists, Feet
200 Block Wabash Ave. – Officer Albertoli, East Lansdowne Officer Berd and This officer responded to the 200 block of Wabash for a domestic disturbance. The offender was placed under arrest for simple assault and related charges.

05-17-09 00:09 Hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Theft-$50 to $200- All Other
200 Block Congress Ave. – Spoke to the victim who reported that when he returned home on this date he discovered that his portable basketball hoop had been stolen from his driveway. This officer checked the surrounding streets but did not observe the victims portable basketball hoop.

05-17-09 17:49 Hours – Ptl. M. Mugler – Criminal Mischief – All Other
100 Block S. Lansdowne Ave. – The police were dispatched for a report of a theft discovered. On this officers arrival I was met by the complainant. He explained that he just saw three or four young black male juveniles outside of his window. The window is in his living room and on the north side of the building. The black males were making faces at him and one “mooned him”. The group ran away.
The complainant explained that he heard running through the hall just prior to this. The complainant also noticed that the fire extinguisher on the wall right outside of his door was missing. As the complainant heard the noise of the outside Doro opening, he heard the sound of glass breaking. This officer checked outside the back door and found the fire extinguisher sitting in the grass. The complainant stated that he would call building maintenance so they could fix the window. Note: less than an hour later the police were dispatched to 100 Block S. Lansdowne Avenue for the report of juveniles throwing eggs at a car, juveniles discovered in laundry of apartment complex, detained and their parents were notified and advised of the behavior of the young males. Parents were very concerned about the behavior of the boys and will handle the situation.