Police activity week of 04-20-09 through 4-26-09

04-22-09 11:56 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Theft
200 Block Wabash Ave – Reference next report

04-22-09 11:56 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Narcotics-Possession-Morphine, Heroin
200 Block Wabash Ave. – Reporting party, a care manager from Senior Community Services met with the victim and requested police come out to take a report for a theft from his bank account after the victim complained that a housemate stole approximately $30,000 from him. This officer and Sgt. D. Donegan spoke to the victim who states while he was in the hospital the suspect did use his Wachovia bank card and his PIN for access to the account and she did admit to taking the money. Police requested that the suspect come to police headquarters to talk about the missing money. The suspect went upstairs to get changed and then tried to climb out a second story window to avoid speaking to the police. The suspect ended up falling from the second story window and landed on the first floor roof. The suspect was transported to University of Pennsylvania for back and leg pain. While being treated for her injuries, the paramedics did find seventeen blue wax paper baggies containing a brownish power suspected to be heroin and stamped “Godzilla” In the suspect’s bra. Investigation to continue. This offense is related to previous theft offense.

04-22-09 11:56 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Theft- Under $50-Retail Theft
Unit Block E. Baltimore Ave (Rite Aid) – Police responded to a call of a retail theft at the Rite Aid Store. On arrival the witness was standing in the store lobby with the defendant, who was identified as the actor in the theft. Police advised the defendant why he was being stopped and asked if he had any store merchandise on him that he didn’t pay for. The defendant stated that he did have a watch from the store in his pocket and reached in the right front pocket of his shorts. A silver Vextra watch was found inside the defendant’s right front pocket. The watch value is $9.99. This is the defendant’s second retail theft.

04-22-09 20:54 Hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Narcotics-Possession-Marijuana, Etc.
Unit Block of Dudley Ave. – Dispatched for a possible indecent act in progress. The reporting party stated that there was a black vehicle in his driveway. Responding officers stopped a black car driving out of the dead end street. Pursuant to the stop the defendant’s were arrested for possession of a controlled substance and related charges.

04-22-09 22:59 Hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Criminal Mischief to Automobiles
Unit Block W. Plumstead Ave. – Police responded for a report of a criminal mischief to an auto that had just occurred within the past five minutes. ON arrival this officer spoke with the victim who reported that the rear window of his 1997 tan Honda Accord had been shattered by an empty bottle that he believes was thrown by somebody inside a vehicle. The rear window of the auto was shattered and an empty bottle of MD 20/20 was found on the floor of the right front passenger seat. The bottle was returned to police headquarters to be processed by Sgt. B. Eidell. At the time of this report here are no known witnesses or suspects to this offense.

04-24-09 12:32 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Burglary-Forced Entry-Residence-Day
Unit Block W. Greenwood Ave. – Responded to a call for burglary in progress. Police radio advised the caller reported that he returned home and found a black male wearing a brown coat in his home. The black male fled the home and was last seen running west bound on W. Greenwood Avenue. Officer Kienzle, Sgt. Donegan and this officer responded to the home. Officer Kienzle and Sgt. Donegan searched the surrounding area for the actor while this officer made contact with the victim. The victim reported that he returned to his home and entered from his rear door when he observed a black male in his dining room. The victim reported that the male ran out of the front door of his home and he chased after him. The victim reported that he could identify the male if he saw him again and described him as a black male with a dark face, approximately 5’6″ and reported that he was wearing a brown puffy coat. It appears that forced entry was made through the basement window located on the west side of the home. The window was broken and it appears that the actor broke a picture frame while gaining entry into the basement. The victim reported that missing from his home were a solver Sony power shot digital camera along with it black zipper case , also reported missing were two portable seven inch DVD players. Located in the kitchen were two bags that the victim reported should not have been there. One bag contained a basket that had a silver Sony Playstation games system along with some Sony Playstation games and a small picture album that belonged to the victims. The other bag contained a tan combination safe that had been bolded down in the bedroom closet. The second bag also contained a small black crow bar that did not belong to any of the victims and appears to be the actor’s. The safe was brought back to the police station to be processed. Sgt. Eidell will respond to process areas the actor may have touched for fingerprints. A U.S. Postal Service carrier reported seeing a light skinned black male driving north bound in a burgundy vehicle, stop get out of the vehicle and then open his trunk. This happened around the time police were arriving to the burglary scene. The victim s will supply a list of missing items.

04-25-09 12:52 Hours – Ptl. McDermott – Criminal Mischief to Automobiles
Unit block W. Albemarle Ave. – Received call for criminal mischief to vehicle. On arrival this officer did observe the rear passenger side window broken. The officer did not observe any foreign object in or around the vehicle. Victim states nothing missing from the vehicle. Incident occurred between 1100hours and 1245 hours on today’s date.

04-26-09 13:32 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Theft-$200 & over- From Auto
Unit Block N. Lansdowne Ave (Wawa Store) – Received report of a theft from a vehicle. This officer responded and spoke to the victim, a Wawa store employee. The victim reports that he discovered that the left front driver side window to his vehicle had been broken and that his black Garmin GPS had been stolen out of the vehicle.

04-24-09 19:43 Hours – Ptl. M. McGinnis – Driving Under the Influence
Scottdale & Hilldale Rds. – Report of an accident at Scottdale & Hilldale Rds. This officer while attempting to obtain basic accident information observed the defendant was unsteady on his feet and appeared to be falling asleep while standing up. At this time this officer requested that Officer Craig respond and administer field sobriety tests to the defendant. Officer Craig indicated that the defendant was having difficulty answering very basic questions and could not perform field sobriety tests due to an ankle injury. The defendant did admit to taking prescription medication. The defendant was taken into custody and transported to the hospital where blood was drawn for chemical testing.