Police activity week of 04-13-09 through 04-19-09

04-14-09 11:49 Hours – Ptl. M. Mugler – Theft-$50 to $200-All Other
Unit Block W. Marshall Rd. (Mar-Win Market) – Lansdowne Police were dispatched to W. Marshall Rd, the Mar-Win Market, for a theft that just occurred, the actor just left in an older Ford Escort. On police arrival they spoke to the complainant, she explained that she saw a male walk into the store and grab a small hand held basket. The actor was a white male with a dark complexion and tattoos on his neck. The actor was a thin build and average height. The actor was dirty looking and may have had some light facial hair. The actor went down the aisle and put six cans of “good Start” power, (baby formula) into his basket, walked past the registers and looked back. The actor stated “I have to show this to someone” and then ran out of the store. The actor got into an older green Ford Escort parked in the Windermere Avenue lot. The car sped out of the lot striking a cart and then made a right traveling north on Windermere Avenue. Total value of stolen formula was $74.94. Store personnel will check the video recorders and contact this department if there is a clean image of the actor.

04-15-09 15:20 Hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Burglary-Attempt-Residence Day
200 Block N. Wycombe Ave (Marshall House Apartments) – On police arrival spoke with the victim who stated that when she arrived home from work today at approximately 15:00 hours, she observed her doorknob hanging out of the door and the door and the brass door plate partially unscrewed. The victim states that entry was not made and that there is nothing missing from her apartment. Sgt. Eidell did respond to the scene and did process the door for fingerprints.

04-16-09 23:30 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Curfew Law (Juvenile) – Male
S. Maple Ave. – Police dispatched to the area of Nyack Ave. and S. Maple Ave for a report of a suspicious white vehicle possibly involved in drug activity. The anonymous complainant reported that the vehicle is observed here every night possibly delivering drugs. This officer responded to the area and observed that the vehicle was parked and occupied on S. Maple Ave. This officer made contact with two actors. Both actors reporting that the driver was dropping school work off to the passenger. The driver picked up a folder that was in the front seat of the vehicle and told the police that this was what she was dropping off to the passenger. Officer Kienzle noticed that the papers appeared to be advertisements from a newspaper. While police were gathering information the mother of the male passenger come up to the traffic stop and told the police she did not know that her son, who is 17 years old, was out of the house and did not know he was with the driver. The juvenile’s mother, the passenger, reported that the driver used to be her son’s teacher but she had heard rumors that the two of them had been hanging out with each other outside of school. According to the mother she took her son out of school because of this and also because they were moving to Philadelphia. I advised the juvenile’s mother that this officer was going to transport her son to the police station for curfew violation. Police advised the driver that she was free to leave and asked if she would let the police search her vehicle. The driver refused and she left the area. This officer did advise the driver that I would be contacting the William Penn School District advising them that she was out with her former student, who is a juvenile, and who was out past curfew in her vehicle. The juvenile offender was issued a warning for curfew violation and returned home to his mother with a copy of the Borough Ordinance for Curfew and signed a parents acknowledgement of curfew violation.

04-19-09 15:33 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Burglary – Forced Entry – Residence Day
Unit Block Windermere Ave. – Police received a report of a burglary in progress. The reporting party was an off-duty Darby Police Officer, Jo-El Jean. Officer Jean reported that his neighbor came to his apartment and told him that the “drug dealer’s” apartment was being burglarized again. The reporting party saw an older model black sedan pull up and the passenger got out of the vehicle, climbed onto the roof of the car and then in though the rear window. The reporting party did not want to get involved and would only say that the actor that climbed through the window was a black male and so was the driver of the car. The driver of the car saw the reporting party looking at what was going on and screeched it’s tires and sped off, north through the rear parking lot and then turned right (east) on Windermere Ave. A second witness was in his driveway washing his vehicle when he heard the screeching of tires and saw a black Lincoln Continental come out of the rear driveway onto Windermere Ave. The vehicle pulled across the street into the parking lot where the driver got out and walked over to an apartment but could not get into the front door because it was locked so he stood on the front steps. The actor was standing there when police arrived. As police were searching the apartment the driver of the vehicle walked south on Windermere and then east on W. Baltimore. Officer Czaplicki of Clifton Heights Police was setting up a perimeter when the second witness called him over and pointed out the Lincoln Continental to him but stated that he did not want to get involved and refused any further information. The apartment was searched but there was no one inside and nothing appeared to be disturbed. The back screen window was cut and the front door was found open on arrival which led this officer to believe that the actor fled out the front door prior to police arrival. The area was searched with negative results. The Lincoln that was abandoned was left unsecured and this officer had it towed to Addison’s Auto Body. The victim’s came home at approximately 16:30 hours. They stated that it did not appear that anything was missing and that it looked like they must have got scared off because nothing even seems to be disturbed. Investigation to continue.