Police activity week of 04-06-09 through 04-12-09

04-06-09 23:12 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Criminal Mischief – All Other
200 Block N. Wycombe Ave – Marshall House Apartments – Police dispatched for a report of domestic, responded and made contact with the victim. The victim advised that she suspects that her son threw a brick through her apartment window. The victim stated that she heard a noise and thought that someone had fallen on the fire escape, which is near the victim’s apartment. She reported a short time later she discovered that a brick had been thrown through the window. She did not se who threw the brick, but thinks it was her son. The victim stated approximately 45 minutes after that her son was knocking on the door; she refused to let him in. The police had been to the apartment earlier in the shift when the victim and her son had gotten into a verbal altercation. The victim stated that her son left and was last seen walking on N. Wycombe ave. The victim could not provide her sons address but stated he lived at 58th and Market Street in Philadelphia. The victim inquired on how to file for a Protection from Abuse order and this officer advised her that she could go to the Delaware County Court House for the order. The police searched the area for her son but were unable to locate him.

04-07-09 04:10 Hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Curfew Law (Juvenile)-Female
200 Block N. Maple Ave. – Report of a suspicious vehicle parked on N. Maple Ave occupied by at least two males. On Arrival police observed four occupants who all appeared to be juveniles inside the vehicle. The driver was asked to provide the required insurance, registration and drivers license. The driver later identified as the one of the offenders stated that she did not have a license and only presented a pink slip for the vehicle. Offender’s age and license status was confirmed and revealed a suspended learners permit only. Three juvenile offenders were transported to police headquarters for curfew violation. The vehicle was towed to Addison’s. The offenders parents/guardians were contacted and advised of this incident, this was a first violation for all of the offenders, parent’s acknowledgement of curfew violations were signed and copies of the borough curfew ordinance were sent home with all offenders. Numerous citations were mailed to the offender who was cited for motor vehicle code violations.

04-07-09 06:35 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Burglary-Forced Entry-Residence
Unit Block of Nyack Ave. – While conducting a vacant house check police discovered that the rear door to the property was unlocked. The interior of the home was checked and no one was found inside. It did not appear that anything was missing from the home but that is yet to be determined. Police secured the doors to the house and attempted to contact by phone someone from the Hennessy law Firm who is listed as the emergency contact for this property. 10:58 hours this police department received a call from a Hennessy law firm employee. The employee/contact responded to the house on Nyack and advised that an unknown actor/s had made forcible entry through a powder room window located on the S.E. corner of the house. The contact also located a small screwdriver with a broken handle in the rear of the property. The officer did check the window where entrance was gained and observed several drops of dried blood on the window and window sill. Police did photograph the window and the blood spots with a digital camera and then collected DNA samples in case we determined that something was actually taken from the house.

04-08-09 23:35 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – All Other Vandalism
Unit Block S. Lansdowne Ave. – The victim reported that she heard a sound of broken glass come from her child’s bedroom on the south side of the building. When she investigated, she found the glass bedroom window broken by what appeared to be a pebble or possible pellet. The victim stated that she did see two subjects standing on the fire escape steps shortly after the glass broke but she couldn’t see what race they were, only that they were wearing hoodies. Writer checked the area but could not locate anyone wearing hoodies.

04-09-09 15:21 Hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – All Other – Threats
!00 Block E. Plumstead Ave. (Pantry 1) – Police received a report of a subject with a knife located at the Pantry 1 store. The subject/offender was described as a white male, long hair and beard wearing a brown jacket. The subject/offender allegedly threatened the victim with a knife. This officer responded to the call and observed a white male as described walking south through the Pantry One parking lot. This officer did take this subject/offender into custody and positively identified him. The subject/offender was identified by the victim as the person who threatened him with a knife. Upon searching the subject/offender this officer did locate a black folding knife with a three and a half inch stainless steel straight edged blade in his right front pants pocket. The defendant was transported to Lansdowne Police headquarters and charged with Terroristic threats and harassment.

04-09-09 21: 12 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Driving under the influence
Unit Block W. Marshall Road – While this officer was responding to a call of a suspicious person, this officer came across a vehicle occupied and running behind the mar Winn Market. This officer checked the vehicle to see if the vehicle was occupied by the suspicious person and made contact with the defendant who was manifestly under the influence of a controlled substance, he had glassy pinpointed eyes. The defendant stated that he was there to pick up is sister from work. Upon asking the defendant to step out of the vehicle, this officer detected a strong odor of burnt marijuana. The defendant was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters. The defendant did admit to smoking marijuana and stated that there was a marijuana pipe in the center console. The defendant’s girlfriend was in the passenger seat and handed over the pipe. The vehicle was not towed and was allowed to be driven by the defendant’s sister who just finished work at the market. Defendant charged with DUI .

04-10-09 01:40 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Robbery-Armed-Firearm-Highway
N. Union @ E. Essex Ave – This officer spoke with the victim about an attempted robbery that occurred on N. Union in the area of E. Essex Ave at approximately 00:55 hours. The victim stated that he was walking home on N. Union Ave in the area of E. Essex Ave when he was approached by three black males. The victim recognized one of the males, but did not know the other two. The victim stated that the black male known to him displayed a black semi-automatic handgun and stated, “Remember all that shit you were talking “, placed the gun to the left side of the victims head and said “Give me your F—— phone”. The defendant then struck him in the left side of his face with the fun. The victim described the defendant as a black male, 15-16 years of age, wearing all blue clothing to include “skinny” jeans, a blue hooded jacket and blue vans footwear. A second male, described as a light skinned black male approximately 15-16 years of age, 5’6″ thin build, wearing a blue jacket over orange shirt, skinny jeans and a white baseball hat then took the from form the defendant and pointed it at the victim stating, “Give me your wallet.” After a verbal exchange the second defendant struck the victim on the left side of his face with the gun. The victim stated that this caused him to stumble and then he took off running. The victim ran to a friend’s house then walked home where he advised his mother of the incident and called for the police. The victim stated that there was a third person, a black male, dark skinned, approximately 5’6″, wearing a gray and white striped hooded sweatshirt. This officer put out a description of the actors/defendants and within minutes a Lansdowne resident who was listening to a police scanner called in three suspicious black males walking west on E. Greenwood Ave towards Lansdowne Ave. The caller reported that the suspicious males matched the description that she just heard broadcast on the scanner. Off. Selimis was in the area and observed three males matching that description at N. Lansdowne Ave and Greenwood Ave and conducted an investigatory stop. The victim was driven to the scene by his mother and did positively identify all three actors as the people who robbed him. The actors/defendants were taken into custody. The victim was transported to the hospital by his mother for laceration to his op and swelling to his lip, nose and left check area. The three defendants were charged with robbery.

04-11-09 02:26 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Theft-$200 & over from buildings
200 Block N. Wycombe Ave – Police dispatched to Marshall House apartments for a report of a stolen cell phone. This officer spoke to the victim who reported that she was visiting her friend’s apartment and at approximately 23:45 hours she put her red blackberry curve down in the kitchen. The victim noticed the pone was missing at approximately 00:30 hours and suspects that the males were visiting her fiend apartment took the phone. The victim states she tried to call the phone but it was turned off. The males had left the apartment before she could confront them. This officer spoke with the victim friends and the resident of the apartment, both reported that they did not take the pone and reported that they had just met the males tonight and did not know their names. This officer advised the victim to cancel the pone service and notify her phone provider that the phone was stolen.

04-11-09 15:18 Hours – Sgt. B. Eidell – Disorderly Conduct
Unit block of E. Baltimore Ave. – The listed offender was arrested for disorderly conduct after three ambulance calls to her residence for difficulty breathing. Each time the offender refused the ambulance and stated that she was having an anxiety attack, but would be OK. The offender was intoxicated and was warned after the second refusal that a third call would result in her arrest. On police arrival the 3rd time, the offender answered the door, stated that she was ok and attempted to close the door. This officer stepped into the door and advised the offender that she was under arrest for disorderly conduct. The offender was taken into custody and returned to police headquarters and placed in the cell until she sobers.

04-11-09 – 18:40 Hours – Burglary-No Force-Residence-Day
Unit Block W. LaCrosse Ave. – Report taken via phone. Police did speak to the victim and advised him to make a list of all items that were missing and call 911 in the morning. A 52″ flat screen TV is the only item know missing at this time. This officer will receive more information when the homeowner returns to his residence.

04-12-09 17:12 Hours – Ptl. C. Craig -Burglary-Forced Entry-Residence-Day
Unit Block Windermere Ave – This officer responded for a report of a burglary discovered. On arrival this officer and Officer McDermott observed the front door to the apartment had been kicked in with damage to the door jamb as well as the door. Once we were in the apartment, were observed the alarm keypad had been damaged with the front plate lying on the floor and that the rear right bedroom had been tossed about with the bed flipped over and items strewn about the bedroom. This officer did observe the bedroom closet door open and on the floor in plain view was a small yellow bag containing a green leafy vegetable matter. Sgt. Eidell responded to the scene and while showing the Sergeant where this officer found the small yellow plastic bag, he observed a brown shoe box open with a large clear plastic bag containing green leafy vegetable matter, and another brown and orange shoebox containing several boxes of sandwich bags (commonly used to package narcotics.) At this time the offenders did respond to the scene and stated they had just left the apartment approximately 16:30 hours. At this time both offenders were taken into custody. Sgt. Eidell did photograph the damage to the front door and jamb as well as the alarm keypad and the bedroom that was tossed. Sgt. Eidell did also photograph the small yellow plastic bag of green leafy vegetable matter as well as the two shoebox’s that were inside the closet. A black T-Mobile phone was recovered at the .scene; both offenders stated that it did not belong to them. Investigation to continue.

04-12-09 – 17:47 Hours – Ptl C. Craig – Narcotics-Sale-Marijuana, Hashish
Unit Block Windermere Ave. – this officer along with Officer McDermott did respond to a burglary discovered. Upon our arrival at this location the anonymous complainant advised that the residents of the apartment had just left about an hour earlier. This officer and Officer McDermott did enter the building and found the front door to the apartment partially open. The door had been forcibly breached and there were pieces of wood, from the door frame, lying on the floor. Officer McDermott and I entered the apartment to make sure that the actor/s were no longer on location. The apartment had been ransacked. Just outside of the closet in the bedroom, lying on the floor, was a yellow glassine baggie containing a green leafy vegetable matter believed to be marijuana? Sgt. Eidell arrived on the scene. Sgt. Eidell did check the closet in the master bedroom for the actor/s and observed an open shoe box, with a gallon sized glassine bag ¾ full of green leafy vegetable matter which appeared to be marijuana. While on scene the two offenders did arrive at the apartment. They were advised to sit in the living room. The female suspect advised she had just left the apartment with her two sisters, about 35 to 40 minutes prior to us being called to the scene. This officer requested identification from the male offender and advised him he was under arrest and asked him if he knew why he was being arrested. The offender shook his head and said “Yeah I know why.” The female offender was asked for identification and was placed under arrest. A warrant was approved and executed sat 21:30 hours. As a result of the search warrant, numerous additional gallon sized bags of suspected marijuana were also recovered. All evidence was photographed & processed.