Police activity week of 03-30-09 through 04-05-09

03-30-09 23:26 Hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – Theft-Attempted from Auto
200 Block N. Wycombe Ave. – Report of car broken into at Marshall House Apartments and the person who broke into the vehicle left their phone in the car and was on the way to pick it up. Police spoke to the victims; the female victim stated she and her boyfriend (male victim) parked their vehicles side by side in the parking lot. Victim stated the last known time her vehicle was secure was at 21:15 hours when she came out of her apartment to reassure herself the door was locked to her car. The male victim stated his vehicle driver doo lock was broken making it unable to be locked. When the male victim came out to their cars at approximately 23:15 hours and noticed that his girlfriend/victims interior light was on and the driver door was ajar. The male victim observed a pink cell phone sitting on the driver seat. The male victim stated the phone rang twice and there was a caller ID, but the person on the other end of the line did not speak. The male victim stated at 23:24hours a female called the found cell phone and stated “I think you have my phone and I lost it in the parking lot” The caller asked if she could pick up the phone. The male victim stated yes and the caller stated she was on her way. The male victim then called the police. Nothing was taken from the vehicles, no damage observed to either vehicle. Police recovered a pink Motorola cell phone. Further investigation.

03-31-09 14:17 Hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Burglary-Forced Entry – Residence Day
Unit block S. Lansdowne Ave. – The victim left his apartment this morning at 08:00 hours to go to work. When he returned home at 14:00 hours he discovered several items missing from his bedroom. The victim states that he has lived at the apartment for the past four years. He stated that no one else has a key. The door appeared slightly damaged and it is possible the actor/s used some kind of tool to pry the door open. Missing from the bedroom: Compaq notebook computer, Sony 27″ color TV, $185.00 cash, two watches, spare keys to the apartment. Victim already contacted the landlord to have the locks changed.

03-31-09 14:15 Hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Theft $200 & over from buildings
100 Block Green Ave. (PWHS) – Police responded to Penn Wood High School for a report of a theft discovered. Spoke with the victim who reports that her pink T-Mobil Motorola Razor cell phone had been stolen while she was in classroom #217. The victim estimates the pone to be worth approximately $200. The victim reported that the pone had been on her desk while one suspect was standing next to her. The victim reported that she looked away then realized her cell phone was gone and the actor ran out of the classroom. The actor and another were searched but the cell phone was not found. There were several others in the area when the cell phone was taken. This officer advised the victim that she should contact T-Mobile and have her cell phone deactivated.

04-01-09 10:28 Hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Assault-Hands-Fists-Feet
100 Block Ardmore Ave.-Ardmore Avenue School- Report of a fight involving two parents in front of Ardmore Avenue Elementary School. On this officer arrival the victim was visibly upset. Prior to the ambulance arrival, she stated that the offender hit her with the front door as she attempted to enter the school and the offender exited the school, after being hit by the door the victim fell to the ground, when she got back up to her feet she was pushed, then punched in the face by the offender. The Victim was evaluated by the Lansdowne Paramedics on location. The victim s face was swollen and a cut was visible near her left eye. The victim decided to pick up her son and seek further medical assistance. The offender in this incident called police at 10:56 hours and she was advised to respond to Lansdowne Police Headquarter to make a statement. The offender later came to police headquarters and stated that she would not make a statement until her attorney could be present. The police will prepare a criminal complaint on the offender for the courts.

04-01-09 12:35 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Theft- Under $50 from building
Unit block W. Marshall Rd. – (Mar-Win Market) – Police responded to Mar-Win market for a report of a theft from a vehicle that occurred within the past five minutes. The actor was described as a white male with long hair wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt last seen walking west bound on Marshall Road toward Lansdowne Ave. This officer made contact with the victim who is an employee of the store. The victim reported that her wallet was stolen from behind the service desk/counter. The wallet was recovered from the trash can in front of the store, but missing was $16.00 in cash, her daughters VISA card and the victim s Pa drivers license. Investigation to continue.

04-01-09 16:15 Hours -Ptl. C. Brown Theft-$50 to $200 all other
Unit block of Eldon Rd. – The victim came to Lansdowne police headquarters to report the theft of his 40 foot aluminum extension ladder. He added that he last viewed the ladder on the side of his home approximately 3-4 weeks ago. He believes the actor maybe the same individual who stole his gutters a few months ago.

04-02-09 09:08 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Disorderly Conduct
100 Block Woodland Ave. -Police dispatched to Woodland Avenue for a report of a neighbor dispute in progress. While enroute the dispatcher advised that they were now receiving a call on 100 Block of Hansell Road for the neighbor dispute involving a female threatening to shoot the caller. Police responded and made contact with the offender. The offender reported that a neighbor walked down the rear alley of his home and started yelling and screaming things at her. While speaking with the offender, the neighbor came down the street toward the offender’s home. The neighbor reported that he started yelling at the offender because she left her door open to her home. He reported that the offender threatened to shoot him with an AK-47. Police advised the neighbor that it was not up to him to tell the offender whether she could keep her door open or not. Police advised him that if he was concerned about a health and safety issue to call the codes department. Police spoke to the offender about the allegation the neighbor made against her and she reported that after he was yelling at her she did yell to him “How would you like an AK-47 up you’re a–.” The neighbor wanted the offender arrested for terroristic threats. Officers advised the neighbor that he could file a private complaint against the offender for that charge or Police could issue the offender a citation for disorderly conduct. Officers advised the offender she would be receiving a citation in the mail. Police also advised both parties not to speak to one another to prevent any further problems.

04-03-09 00:05 Hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Driving Under the Influence
Unit block W. Baltimore Ave. – this officer did observe a black older model Dodge Ram pick-up bearing Georgia tags traveling west on Baltimore Ave. and cross over Lansdowne Ave. Earlier in the evening, Off. J. Meehan of the East Lansdowne Police did provide me with an arrest warrant for the offender and stated he operates a black older Model Dodge Ram pick-up bearing Georgia tags. I did conduct a traffic stop of the vehicle in question. The offender was observed to have glassy eyes, while speaking to the offender I asked him if he was under the influence of anything to which he stated yes, the he had smoked crack cocaine about an hour prior to being stopped. The offender also stated he had crack cocaine in his possession. The offender was placed under arrest; he was processed and housed at Lansdowne Police Department.

04-04-09 22:26 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Theft – $200 & Over – From Auto
200 Block of E. Greenwood Ave. – The victim, reported that her handbag was stolen out of the U-Haul she rented as it sat parked, unlocked and unattended on N. Union Ave @ E. Greenwood Ave. She believes that the theft occurred between 21:30 hours and 22:00 hours. The handbag contained the victim’s wallet, her PA identification card, social security card, debit card and her birth certificate and her children’s birth certificates. The victim is moving to North Carolina tonight and also had her rental agreement/contract for the U-Haul truck and directions to her destination. She was provided a copy of the report and an identity theft packet

04-05-09 03:06 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Narcotics-Possession-Morphine, etc.
200 Block N. Wycombe Ave.- Marshall House Apartments- While police were in the area of the Marshall House apartments they did observe a male wearing a black jacket and khaki pants standing on the steps to the apartments on the north side of the building. A few minutes later the same male was observed to the left of the steps near the ground level apartment window. The Officer took a position and watched the subject for approximately ten minutes where he continually waked from one side of the steps to the other in the area of the ground level windows and often looked up towards the upper floors of the apartment building. The officer approached the subject on foot and recognized him from a previous call, the subject appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance which this officer immediately suspected was phencyclidine (PCP) the subject/offender’s pupils were dilated, he was unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred. The officer asked if he was using PCP to which he stated “No”. The officer took the suspect/offender into custody for public drunkenness and in a search to arrest; a small glass vial with purple lit with a butterfly on it was removed from his left front pants pocket. The vital contained a vegetable like matter that appeared to be saturated with some type of liquid with a strong chemical odor. The offender also had two “Philly blunt” cigars and a lighter. The offender was transported to Lansdowne Police headquarters where he was processed. The controlled substance will be sent to the Pennsylvania State Police Crime Lab for analysis.

04-05-09 20:53 Hours – Ptl. M. Mugler – Criminal Mischief to Autos
E. Marshall Rd @ Congress Ave. – The Lansdowne Police was dispatched to the area of Congress and E. Marshall Rd for a report of a disorderly subject. The police dispatcher advised that the subject was throwing rocks at passing vehicles. Police spoke with two victims, both indicated that their cars were struck while driving west on Marshall Rd. and that the rocks were coming from the Upper Darby side of the roadway. Both victims stated they could not see anyone in the area.