Police activity week of 03-09-09 through 03-15-09

03-09-09 06:50 Hours Sgt. J. McCaughan – Criminal Mischief to Auto
Dudley Ave. – the victim reported that he parked his vehicle on Dudley at approximately 0140 hours this morning and when he returned to it at 0640 hours , he discovered that unknown person/s broke out his front and rear drivers side windows of his vehicle. A large brick was found inside of the vehicle on the left rear floor board. Nothing was missing from the vehicle and it did not appear that the vehicle was entered by the actor/s.

03-09-09 11:41 Hours Ptl. K. McDermott – Disorderly Conduct
Unit Block E. Baltimore (Rite Aid) – Reporting officer with Sgt. Eidell & Off. McGinnis did respond to Rite Aid for a shoplifter not in custody. Loss Prevention Officer did observe the offender place several items into a black handbag while in aisle 11 of the Rite Aid. The offender was placed into custody and returned to police headquarters where she was issued a citation for disorderly conduct. The offender was advised not to return to the Rite Aid and released. Items taken – antifungal cream $17.99 and Corn removers $4.99.

03-09-09 09:40 Hours Sgt. Eidell – Criminal Mischief to Auto
200 Block of N. Wycombe Ave. – The reporting party called to report that an unknown actor intentionally slashed the passenger side tire of her husband’s 2003 Chevy Impala while it was parked on the parking lot of the Marshall House Apartment complex. The reporting party stated that she discovered the flat tire at 07:50 hours this date. She advised me that she had been in a minor traffic altercation on Thursday at E. Essex & N. Maple. She stated that the altercation involved an adult male possibly in his early twenties that was driving champagne colored 4 door car, possibly a Sebring. The reporting party believes that this subject lives on N. Maple Ave. on the south side of E. Essex Ave. She stated that it was a very minor altercation where the above subject yelled at her and she yelled back from inside her vehicle. She is sure that the suspect observed her park on the lot and she feels that he simply waited a few days before damaging her husband’s car. She was advised that we could not prosecute anyone without a witness to the criminal mischief at the time that it occurred. She understood this and simply wanted this documented in case there are further problems.

03-11-09 15:15 Hours Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Theft $50. To $200 retail theft
Unit Block E. Baltimore Ave (Rite-Aid) – Received a report of a shop lifter in custody attempting to escape at the Rite Aid store. Police responded and observed the store loss prevention officer struggling with the defendant inside of the office. Police were able to place the offender immediately in custody without further incident and interview the loss prevention officer. The store agent stated he observed the offender enter the store and remove an Omron Blood Pressure Kit valued at $99.99 from a shelf and conceal it in her green handbag. The offenders then went to the register and picked up a pair of SS Sun Scan sunglasses valued at $39.99 and conceal them under her arm. She then walked past the registers without attempting to pay for the merchandise and exited the store. The store agent made the apprehension just outside of the store at the front door and escorted the offender back inside, recovering the unpaid merchandise. While checking the offender’s handbag, police observed a Remington curling iron still in its package. The store agent identified it as unpaid for Rite Aid property valued at $32.99. Total loss to the store including tax was $183.35. A checked of the offender’s criminal history revealed three prior charges for retail theft. A further check did indicate two additional retail thefts where the offender was either found guilty or failed to respond to the citation and a warrant was issued.

03-11-09 17:21 Hours Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Trespassing of Real Property
Unit Block E. Baltimore Ave-(Daniel Pope Karate) – Lansdowne Police received a report of a trespasser at the Daniel Pope Karate studio. Police responded and spoke to the complainant who stated that the offender did enter his studio. The offender had been advised numerous times in the past by the police and the owner of the studio that he was not welcome inside. He has been previously cited for summary trespass by this department. The offender left the studio prior to police arrival; but did drive to the Lansdowne Police Department to “confess” as he put it about going inside the studio. He said he only went in a little bit.

03-11-09 21:26 Hours Sgt. J. McCaughan – All other Vandalism
Unit Block E. Baltimore Ave (Doyle-Stonelake Funeral Home) – The victim reported that she was on the second floor of her residence when she heard the sound of glass breaking. She went down stairs to the Funeral Home and looked out the front window and discovered that the front window glass was broken out. There were two circular baseball size holes in the window and writer located two stones in the mulch directly beneath each hole. It appeared that someone threw the rocks at the window. The victim stated that by the time she went from the upstairs to the downstairs and discovered the broken window, there was no one around. The victim does not know who would be responsible, citing that there have been no problems personally or professionally. Mr. Doyle will contact the police when he gets and estimate for the window repair.

03-12-09 03:40 Hours Sgt. J. McCaughan – Disorderly Conduct
Unit Block N. Lansdowne Ave. (Wawa Store)
Police received a call for an unwanted subject at the Wawa Store. The victim reported that a white male was bothering customers inside and outside of the store. Victim reports that offender ordered a hoagie with a prepaid Wawa coupon for a hoagie. He then asked her for a cigarette and when she told him she didn’t have another one he gave her a hard time and then cursed at them through the window. She reported the he followed an off duty female officer around the store asking her to see her gun, telling her that he likes guns. The then bothered the newspaper delivery man for a free newspaper. Bothered another customer for money and then followed him out of the store and hung onto the customer’s window as he drove off. He was also heard asking several customers for money or cigarettes. The offender was last seen leaving the area on a Mongoose bicycle towards the Garden Church. The offender was located inside of the lobby at Simpson Gardens. He was between the storm doors and the security doors eating a hoagie. This officer asked him about the incidents at the Wawa but he denied doing anything other then asking someone for a cigarette and getting a hoagie. The offender appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance and when he patted down, a kitchen steak knife was recovered from his waist area. He said he was carrying the knife for protection because he was involved in a fight yesterday. The offender was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and harassment and returned to police headquarters where he was placed in a cell until he sobered up.

03-12-09 14:26 Hours-Theft $50 to $200 from buildings
100 Block N. Union Ave. – The victim called the police after she discovered her purse missing from her dining room table. The victim stated that she came home from the store around 1400 hours. An acquaintance of her son was also on location. He volunteered to help carry the bags into the home for the victim. The victim states she entered the home and placed her shoulder bag down on the dining room chair. She stated the acquaintance asked for a cigarette and she told him he could have one. He went into the dining room to get a cigarette buy the victim did not pay any attention to him. The acquaintance then left the home and shortly thereafter she was missing her purse. Victim canceled her credit cards immediately but was missing her Pa ID card, safe deposit box key, five packs of cigarettes and about $200 cash. Police asked her who else was at the apartment when she was there with the acquaintance. She said no one else was on location just her and the acquaintance. Police checked the area outside the apartment for the purse and spooked to the acquaintance, he did let me check his apartment and room, nothing was found. The acquaintance stated that he was with the victim’s son most of the time while at the victim’s apartment. This is in direct contrast to what the victim told police, who did re-interview the victim and she again stated that it was just her and the acquaintance at the apartment. When asked what the acquaintance was doing at her place, she said “he was talking to Chris”. Police then brought up the fact that she said no one else was around and she said her son Chris was there too. Chris is a known crack addict and would be a likely suspect.

03-13-09 02:12 Hours – Driving Under the Influence
E. Baltimore Ave.- Police observed a silver Buick Lacrosse traveling westbound on E. Baltimore Ave. with an inoperable driver side headlight. Officer pulled in behind the vehicle and started to follow same. The vehicle left the roadway on Baltimore Ave and the right side front and rear tire drove up over the sidewalk on E. Baltimore between Rigby and Legion Ter. The officer pulled the vehicle over. The driver was unsteady on her feet and her eyes were glassy and had the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her person. The offender was place into custody after failing field sobriety tests. The offender was arrested and processed for Driving under the influence.

03-12-09 23:16 Hours-Driving Under the Influence
E. Marshall Rd @ Jackson Ave.-While police were conducting a traffic detail a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee was timed using a Robic Speed Chronometer. The vehicle was traveling at 44 PMP in a 25 MPH zone. The officer activated emergency lights and conducted a traffic stop. As the officer spoke to the defendant he noticed an odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath, the defendant had a hard time finding his license and registration, and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. The defendant failed field sobriety tests and placed under arrest for driving under the influence.

03-13-09 17:00 Hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Fraud-credit cards, ATM
Unit Block of Ardmore Ave. – The reporting party contacted the Lansdowne Police Department to report that her credit cards had been stolen from her pocketbook sometime in the afternoon, early evening on December 13, 2008. The victim states that on that date in question she was out with her daughter for the day and when she returned home, she went into her pocketbook and noticed that her wallet was gone. Inside the wallet was her identification, bank cards and several credit cards, with one being from Merrick Bank. The victim stated that she did contact all her credit card companies immediately and learned that they were all used on the date, 12/13/08 and all of the cards were used to their credit limits. The Merrick cared was used on this date at several locations. The victim stated that she did not give anyone permission to use the any of the cards.

03-14-09 01:13 Hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Curfew Law-juvenile-male-warning
E. Greenwood Ave. – The juvenile offender was viewed running East on Greenwood, when questioned about his age he advised that he was 14 years old. This officer transported the offender to his residence and advised his mother of the borough curfew violation.

03-14-09 12:50 Hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Disorderly Conduct
Baltimore @ Lansdowne Ave. – Police were dispatched to the area of Baltimore & Lansdowne Aves for a report of three black males, one with a handgun. The reporting party states that one of the black male juveniles was heard saying to the other “I can show you how to get a bitchin cat” and then pulled a gun. The black males were last seen running east on Baltimore and north on Highland Ave. Officer Carr of East Lansdowne Police and off duty Officer Steve Zivello of the Aldan Police did observe two black males running behind St. Philomena’s Church and after a brief foot chase, they were able to detain the black male juveniles. The two black male juveniles did fit the description provided by the witness as being involved with the gun. While speaking to the male juveniles, both did admit to having pellets in their pockets, and the one black male juvenile stated that he had thrown the gun in the bushes around the church. Sgt. Eidell was able to locate the gun, which turned out to be a clear plastic air soft gun with a black handgrip. The two black male juveniles were transported to police headquarters and issued non-traffic citations for disorderly conduct. This officer did speak to the grandmother of the one male juvenile and did advise that her other grandson who was with the two at the station was also involved. The grandmother did respond to police headquarters with the other grandchild who was involved where he was issued a non-traffic citation for disorderly conduct.

03-14-09 14:42 Hours-Sgt. B. Eidell – Disorderly Conduct
Police Headquarters- As a result of the previous offense this officer did make contact with the offender and requested that she respond to police headquarters to pick up her son, after he was arrested for disorderly conduct. The offender did arrive at headquarters and was eventually advised of the reason that her son was being arrested. The offender kept questioning the police as to why her son was arrested and why he was receiving a citation for disorderly conduct. I tried to explain to her that her son admitted that the air soft gun was his, that he had given it to his friend because he knew he could get in more trouble if he was caught with the gun, that he admitted to shooting the gun at ducks and that he allowed his friend to shoot at cars in the area. The offender had a very sarcastic attitude and did not want to listen to anything police had to say. When police requested that her son sign the citation she told him not to sign it and she thought it was wrong for her son to be charged with something he did not do. The offender continued to be disrespectful toward this police. After a continued confrontation with the offender, the offender did push the officer. At this point she was placed under arrest with the intention of charging her with assault on a police officer. Police did make the decision to only charge the offender with disorderly conduct.

03-15-09 20:40 Hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Burglary-attempt-residence
Unit block of E. Stewart Ave. – On police arrival the victim stated that he secured and left his residence on 3/1/90 at approximately 0700 hours, when he returned to his apartment today at approximately 2035 hours he discovered that the inside front door had been forced open. The inside door frame was splintered with pieces of the frame on the floor, minor damage was sustained to the outside of the front door. At this time the victim reported that nothing appears to be missing or rummaged through. Numerous items were viewed throughout the apartment, laptop, iPod, etc but were left untouched.