Police activity week of 01-01-09 through 01-04-09

01-01-09 13:14 HOURS Sgt. J. McCaughan- Assault-hands, fists, feet
Unit Block Florence Ave. – The victim called police after being assaulted by her son. Son attempted to take the house phone and victims cell phone from her and allegedly smashed a planter while leaving. There were holes in several walls the defendant’s second floor bedroom. A juvenile petition will be prepared. The defendant’s probation officer was informed of the incident.

01-01-09 21:35 hours Sgt. J. Eisenhart -Disorderly Conduct
100 Block of W. Albemarle Ave.-Complainant called police after one of his friends became angry and began to uproot Christmas decorations in the front yard and kick in the back door with his feet. This officer did take offender into custody and cited for disorderly conduct.

01-02-09 13:34 hours Ptl. C. Brown – Disorderly Conduct
S.Lansdowne Ave @ the train station- Report of an assault that just occurred at the Lansdowne Train Station. Victim stated that she accidently bumped into the offender, an argument ensued and ended with the offender spitting in the victims face. The offender was last seen boarding then quickly exiting the train leaving the area on foot. Check the area with negative results. Offender later came to LPD Headquarters and stated the victim bumped into him on purpose. Offender gave officer’s permission to search his book bag and person, medium sized glassine baggie containing a green leafy reside was found. Citation issued for disorderly conduct.

01-03-09 07:28 hours Ptl. C.J. Schiazza – Theft-$200 & over-Bicycles
100 Block E. Greenwood Ave. – Victim states that overnight a black and silver Schwinn hybrid mountain bike was taken from the shed in her rear yard. Also taken red radio flyer wagon. Shed had been left unlocked.