Police activity week of 12-01-08 through 12-07-08

12-01-08 16:40 hours Ptl. T. Selimis – All other vandalism
Unit Blk N. Lansdowne Ave. – Police dispatched to unit block of N. Lansdowne Avenue for burglary discovered. Upon arrival police spoke with victim and he stated his shed was broken into. Nothing was taken, shed was damaged.

12-01-08 15:33 hours Ptl. C. Brown – Disorderly Conduct-all others
100 Blk Ardmore Ave. (Ardmore Avenue School) – Radio call for fight at the Ardmore School. Upon police arrival one juvenile offender was located on the playground and advised that she was jumped by two other girls. Officer Selimis transported her in the patrol vehicle around the area to look for the involved offenders. Police were flagged down by a juvenile male who stated that his aunt was involved. Juvenile male was transported to his residence where the juvenile offender identified the other offender as being involved in the fight. This offense is being investigated by police and will be completed when all parties are identified.

12-03-08 12:52 hours Ptl. M. Mugler – Burglary-attempt-residence-day
100 Blk Blackburn Ave. – Victim reports an attempted burglary that occurred earlier in the day. Daughter was home and while upstairs heard noise in living room, which she thought was her brother.

When she called down stairs she heard footsteps through the kitchen and out the back door. Offender had to have climbed up onto the deck and came in through the unlocked back door. A Sony Play Station had been disconnected and left on the couch. Over an hour had elapsed between the incident and when the police were called.

12-04-08 00:00 hours Sgt. J. McCaughan – Flim Flam
Unit Blk Nyack Ave.- Victim reported she received a notice in the mail from ALLIED SHOPERS FORUM stating that she was selected to participate in a paid consumer research program. Enclosed in the envelope was a check for $3,498.00 with directions to deposit the check into her account then withdraw $150. As compensation for the training program, withdrawal $250. For a shopping spree and the remaining $2,958. Will be explained by the coordinator when she called to activate. The victim deposited the check and made withdrawals against it only to learn that the check was a bad check and the bank is holding her responsible for a fee for the bad check. Police called the number provided for the “assignment coordinator” Grace Richardson at 450-675-7080 and spoke to a woman who identified herself as “Grace”. Police posed as a “mark” and asked some questions but Grace was only interested in whether I sent the check to them yet. She hung up on officers after she was asked to fax a new acceptance and evaluation sheet. Criminal Investigation Division will review and determine whether it can be followed up on.

12-04-08 12:10 hours Ptl. T. Selimis – Disorderly Conduct
100 Blk Green Ave. (PWHS) Police dispatched to PWHS for disorderly female giving the principal and security a hard time. Juvenile defendant was found cutting her 5th period class by security. The juvenile defendant was informed that she would be receiving an in school suspension. At that time she came out of the office and verbally attacked the security personnel. The juvenile defendant threatened to “f— them up” and continued to curse and scream until she was escorted in the office. When this officer observed the juvenile defendant she appeared to be out of control as she was screaming and yelling. The juvenile defendant was taken into custody, transported to the police station, cited and released to an adult.

12-04-08 12:34 hours Ptl. M. Mugler – Sexual Assault
100 Blk. E. Essex Ave. – Police dispatched to 100 blk E. Essex Ave. for police information. Upon arrival this officer spoke to contact who informed me that her daughter had something to report about a prior incident. The juvenile female explained that back on 11-20-08 she was sexually assaulted in her home.
Informed the Detectives of the incident and they will follow up on this offense.

12-04-08 15:06 Sgt. J. McCaughan – Disorderly Conduct
100 Blk Green Ave. (PWHS) Responded to call for fight at the high school. One juvenile taken was into custody and returned to police headquarters where he was cited for disorderly conduct and released with his mother’s permission.

12-05-2008 12:40 hours Ptl. C. Brown – Theft $200 & over from buildings
100 Blk Green Ave. (PWHS) The complainant stated that laptop # 3 was missing after his first class ended. The laptops are usually assigned to each student; however the missing laptop was not assigned to anyone today, but was being used by a student. Investigation to continue.

12-07-08 03:41 hours Sgt. J. McCaughan – Driving Under the Influence-alcohol
Unit Blk N. Lansdowne Ave. Lansdowne Parking Enforcement Officer reported a reckless driver that was weaving in the roadway, running stop signs and red-light. This vehicle was stopped at Long Lane and Walnut. The driver was arrested for drunk driving and the passenger was arrested for a warrant out of Bucks County.