Police activity week of 10/05/08 through 10/12/08

10/07/08 08:47 hours – Ptl. K. Kienzle – Disorderly Conduct- All others
Lansdowne & Baltimore Aves- Police responded to area for report of illegal drug activity. Complainant reported seeing a drug deal in front of the Lansdowne Boys Club. She described two black males in their 20’s one wearing a black jacket, the other wearing a black and gray jacket. Police did check two males at the bus stop. First male states he was on his way to work and agreed to let police check his person for any illegal items, nothing found on his person. Second male states he did not have anything illegal on his person and did not mind if police check him. An NCIC check found he had a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear on a simple assault charge out of Yeadon. He was taken into custody and found to be in possession of a folding knife and a marijuana cigarette. Second male was charged with Disorderly Conduct and released to Yeadon Police.

10/07/08 10:02 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Theft – $50.00 to $200. from auto
100 blk Powelton Ave. – Victim states her unlocked vehicle was riffled through on October 6th approximately 0200hours. Missing from vehicle $20.00 in change and her asthma medication.

10/09/08 16:40 hours Ptl. T. Selimis – Theft – $50.00 to 4200.00 from buildings
100 blk W. Baltimore Ave. – Police dispatched for theft discovered. Spoke with victim who discovered her side porch copper storm drain was stolen. Victim states she noticed storm drain ripped off on 10/06/08 but did not report it.

10/09/08 21:50hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Public Drunkenness
Unit blk E. Baltimore Ave. – Police received an anonymous call for an intoxicated white male subject wearing a dress shirt & jeans walking west bound on Baltimore Ave. Caller reported he had been inside Var’s Laundromat creating a disturbance. Officer observed the listed offender who appeared to be waiting for a bus at the 109 bus stop at Lansdowne/Baltimore. Officer kept a visual on subject for about 20 minutes and did not detect him being disorderly. Subject was last seen walking west on Baltimore from Owen Ave. At 2150hours police received a second call from Var’s stating that the subject returned. Officer returned and stopped offender in front of Dunkin Donuts, E. Baltimore Ave. He was manifestly under the influence of alcohol. He was issued a citation for public drunkenness and held until morning

10/10/08 00:18 hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Driving Under the Influence-Alcohol
While driving west on E. Marshall Rd a gold Buick La Crosse was clocked at 43 MPH between Braddock and Wayne Ave. . Near Highland Ave, the Buick abruptly moved left from the right lane into center/right lane in front of me. The driver did not signal his lane change. At Wayne Ave. the car slowed for a steady red signal at Lansdowne Ave. After crossing Lansdowne Ave. the driver was stopped and there was a heavy odor of an alcoholic beverage on or about the offender’s person. Driver was arrested for DUI after failing Field Sobriety tests.

10/10/08 01:41 hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Drive Under the Influence- Drugs-impaired
200 blk W. Marshall Rd. Responded to W. Marshall Road for report of hit and run accident. Spoke with witness who reports she heard a loud bang then looked out the window and observed a Black VW Jetta appeared to be stuck together with a Silver Honda CRV due to the collision that had occurred between the two vehicles. Witness reported they observed the Jetta reverse away from the Honda and travel forward and struck a Red Honda Accord. At the time of the collision the two Honda’s were legally parked on W. Marshall Rd. Witness reports the Jetta left the accident scene and was last seen traveling west on W. Marshall Towards Shadeland Ave. Witness described the striking Vehicle, Unit#1 as a small black sedan. A black front grille was later brought to the Lansdowne Police Station and placed in garage. As a result of a police investigation, the vehicle was located a short time later and the driver, who had injuries and admitted to being in the accident, was taken to DCMH where blood was drawn for analysis. Charges of DUI are pending the results of the blood analysis.

10/10/08 10:58 hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza
Unit blk Florence – Witness observed a black male climb in the second floor window of home on Florence. Witness also reported that the female involved asked her what she was looking at, threw at toy at her and threatened the witness. Police made contact with a juvenile brother and sister who commented they were supposed to be there. The female was brought to the rear of the home where the witness identified her as the female who she had an altercation with and who had threatened her. The female was placed under arrest and brought back to the police station. She continued a pattern of disorderly behavior while in police custody. The offender was issued a citation for disorderly conduct.

10/11/08 11:05 hours Ptl. C. Schiazza – Disorderly Conduct
Unit block of Ardmore Avenue -Report of two stolen bikes. Police spoke to the victim who reported that two bikes were missing from the enclosed porch in the front of his home. The victim reported one was a male bike and the other a female bike. The victim stated that his father noticed that one of the bikes was taken four days ago and noticed the other one missing two days ago.

10/10/08 16:40 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Theft under $50.00 from Auto
Unit blk E. Greenwood Ave -The victim stated that she last parked her vehicle on 10/08/08 at approximately 1700hours in the rear of her home. When she exited her home this afternoon she discovered that unknown actors entered her unlocked vehicle and stole at least $7.00 in change from her center console.

10/11/08 19:00 Ptl C. Brown – Burglary-forced entry-residence day
Unit Blk N. Wycombe Ave – Victim stated that he came home today and discovered that unknown actors kicked in his bedroom door and his roommate’s bedroom door. He added that he left his apartment intact this morning at 0700 hours. He is unsure at this time when his roommate left the apartment or if the roommate secured the front door. The front door did not sustain any damage nor display any signs of forced entry. All windows were secure with no signs of damage. The victim advised that nothing was missing at this time.

10/12/08 01:21 hours – Ptl C. Schiazza – Theft – under $50.00 from auto
Unit blk Drexel Ave. – Officer responded to Unit block of Drexel for a report of a theft from a vehicle. The victim states that hose happened to look outside of her window at approximately 01:21 hours and observed that the interior light of her vehicle was on. Victim states that when she went outside she observed a male inside her vehicle rummaging through her car. Victim states that the actor exited her car and was last seen running east on Drexel Avenue. Victim states that she parked her vehicle in front of her residence at approximately 1700hours on 10/11/08 and she believed that she had locked it. Only items missing from her car is a small amount of change from the driver side door panel and the center console.

10/12/08 00:49 hours Ptl. C. Schiazza – Curfew Law (juvenile) male
Unit blk E. Greenwood Ave – While on patrol in the area of E. Greenwood & Highland Aves, police did observe a black male who appeared to be under the age of 18 walking north on Highland. Officer conducted a pedestrian-stop and identified the male who stated he was 17 years of age. Officer did transport juvenile male home and will issue a curfew violation.

10/12/08 09:13 hours – Ptl C. Schiazza – theft- under $50.00 from auto
Unit blk Clover – Report of theft from vehicle. Officer responded and spoke to victim who reports that someone rifled through his vehicle. The trunk to the vehicle was open and there was approximately $15.00 in loose change missing from the vehicle. The vehicle was parked in the driveway unlocked. The victim reported that he heard his dog barking this morning at 0500 hours and thought that this could have been the time the theft occurred.

10/12/08 09:14 hours Ptl C. Brown – Theft $200.00 & over from auto
100 blk N. Highland Ave – Victim stated she parked her vehicle intact in her driveway on 10/11/08 at approximately 1630hours. When she returned to the vehicle this morning she discovered that unknown actors stole her Magellan GPS & adapter, An IPOD charger/fm tuner, a cell phone adapter and approximately $3.00 in change. The victim added that she may have accidently left the vehicle unlocked. No damage to the vehicle was viewed.

10/12/08 11:58 hours Ptl C. Schiazza – Robbery-Armed-Knife-Chain Store
On Sunday October 12, 2008 the Lansdowne Police were dispatched to the M&N Dollar Plus store for a report of a robbery. The victim, store worker, reported that two black males entered her store and one of the males came up behind her and put his hand over her eyes. She reported that the male had a knife and asked her how to open the register. The male took approximately $100.00 in U.S. bills from the register and handed it to the other male. Both males fled the store and were last seen running east bound in the parking lot towards Lansdowne Avenue. The victim also reported that she recognized both males who frequent the store often but she did not know their names. Two juvenile suspects were detained a short time later by police and the victim positively identified one as the male who fled the store with the money. The victim reported that the other male was not involved in the robbery.
Upon subsequent police investigation, $116.00 in U.S. currency was recovered.
October 13, 2008 I showed the victim a photo array which included the second suspect. The victim immediately identified our second suspect as the one who grabbed her during the robbery. Victim was 100% positive and that she knows the suspect because he frequents the store. Victim even remembered that the suspect turned 18 because he is now allowed to buy cigarettes. A second arrest is pending.

10/12/08 11:34 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Theft- attempted from auto.
Upon arrival the victim stated that she parked her vehicle in the driveway 10/11/08 at approximately 2100 hours intact. When she returned to her vehicle this morning she discovered that unknown actor rifled through the inside, nothing appeared missing at this time. The victim advised that she accidently left the doors unlocked. The actor left an expensive camera on the front seat.