Police activity week of 06-14-10 through 06-20-10

06-15-10 03:30 hours – Sgt. B. Eidell – Burglary-forced entry-nonresidence-night
200 block E. Plumstead Ave. – While performing his overnight parking duties PEO Riddell was approached by a witness who advised that he had just observed and chased a black male subject that had come out of the Fill Your Belly Deli. PEO Riddell called this officer and I did respond to the scene. The front door of the business appeared to have been forcibly entered. The witness gave a description of the subject. Officers were unable to locate the subject. Missing from the Deli were several cartons of cigarettes and cash from the resister. Detectives were notified and will continue the investigation.

06-15-10 16:22 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Driving under the influence
W. Marshall Road – This officer was on duty when a green Saturn was observed traveling westbound on Marshall Road as such a slow rate of speed that traffic was backing up behind the vehicle. The Saturn was observed crossing over the double solid yellow lines on Marshall Road several times. When the vehicle approached the intersection of Marshall & Shadeland it stopped for the steady red signal, but failed to proceed when the signal turned green. When the signal cycled to yellow the vehicle made a wide slow left turn onto Shadeland Avenue. This officer activated the emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop.

Upon approaching the offender’s vehicle the operator exhibited glassy and bloodshot eyes, a strong unknown chemical odor could be smelled emanating from the offenders person. The offender appeared to have a white substance in both corners of his mouth. The offender seemed confused and unable to follow simple instruction given to him by this officer. After being asked several times to exit the vehicle for the purpose of field sobriety testing, the offender exited the vehicle but required assistance by this officer because he was unsteady on his feet. Due to the offender’s state and safety, field sobriety tests were not attempted.

The offender was taken into custody and transported to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital where he was read his implied consent warnings and did agree to a chemical test of his blood. The offender will be charged appropriately.

06-16-10 06:24 hours – Sgt. B. Eidell – Harassment
100 block Drexel Ave. – Police received a call to see the man in reference to a neighbor banging on the windows of his vehicle while he was seated inside. This officer spoke with the victim who stated he was having an ongoing problem with a neighbor for the past five years. The victim stated that he had made a police report on 6-15-10 after the offender drove through a portion of their mutual driveway that the victim had just had black topped. This morning the victim stated the offender was waiting for him as he came out to go to work. The victim advised the offender he did not want to talk to him and proceeded to enter his vehicle. The offender began banging on the victim driver side window very hard. The victim dialed 911 and the offender began to walk away though the victims property and onto his own property. The witness stated he was awakened by a loud banging outside. The witness observed the offender standing by the driver side door of the victim’s vehicle. The witness stated he observed the offender hit the victim’s windshield. After speaking with both parties along with the witness, this officer made a decision to charge the offender with disorderly conduct and harassment.

06-16-10 09:11 hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Criminal Mischief to automobiles
Unit block N. Highland Ave. – the victim called police to report criminal mischief to an automobile that occurred sometime overnight. Sometime overnight, unknown person(s), did shoot the vehicle at least fifteen times with what appeared to be a BB/pellet gun. The vehicle windshield has to be replaced and the victim stated that he would call if there were any other incidents.

06-19-10 09:50 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Burglary-no force-residence-night
200 block W. Albemarle Ave. – Upon police arrival, the victim stated that unknown actor/actors entered her unlocked residence and removed her pocketbook. The victim added that she usually locks her screen door but leaves the front door ajar, at this time she is unsure if the screen door was locked. The victim’s pocketbook was last viewed sitting on the living room floor at approximately 2100hours on 06/18/10. The victim went upstairs to work on her computer then heard a noise coming from downstairs at approximately 0030 hours. It sounded as though someone was running through the house. The victim checked the downstairs and did not view anything unusual at this time.

The victim was notified this morning by the PNC bank fraud department that her personal PNC card had been used numerous times this morning at different business’s in the area. This credit card has been closed. This case will be referred to the detective division for investigation.

06-19-10 18:45 hours – Ptl. K. McDermott – Theft-$200 & over-bicycles
200 block Jackson Ave. – Police received a call for a theft of two bicycles. The victim stated that her son’s bicycles were stolen for the rear yard on today’s date between 1300-1730 hours. The bicycles were placed under a tent in the rear yard and only visible if you were to walk up the driveway. The bicycles were not locked or secured to anything.

06-20-10 11:56 hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Driving under the influence
N. Lansdowne Ave. – Police were dispatched to the area of N.Lansdowne & Essex for a report of an accident. Prior to arriving at Lansdowne & Essex Aves a second accident was located at N. Lansdowne & Stewart Avenue.

The defendant was viewed standing in front of her vehicle. Upon approaching the defendant’s vehicle an open 24 ox can of Steel Reserve 8.1 % high gravity lager was viewed in the center console cup holder. The defendant had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her person; she exhibited glassy and bloodshot eyes and was extremely unsteady on her feet. The defendant was asked to submit to a breath test, which she failed. The defendant was taken into custody and will be charged accordingly.