Police activity week of 03-29-10 through 04-04-10

03-28-10 23:57 Hours – Sgt. B. Eidell – Disorderly Conduct
100 block Blackburn Ave. – Police received a call for a domestic dispute involving a mother and with the mother reportedly having a possible fractured arm. N police arrival the son did come to the door after several knocks. The offender was obviously intoxicated and was handcuffed until police could determine what had happened. As Officer Craig was handcuffing the offender (the son) his mother, who was very intoxicated, stepped out onto the porch. When the mother observed her son being handcuffed she stepped toward Officer Craig and tried to stop him from handcuffing her son. Officer Craig did give the mother a slight shove and a verbal command to get back. Due to the mothers state of intoxication she did fall backward and struck her head on a failing on the front porch. This officer did as sit the mother to a sofa in her living room and looked at her head. There was no sign of any injury as a result of the fall. At this point the ambulance was already arriving since the initial call had indicated a possible arm fracture. The mother/offender was flailing her arms around and denied having a broken arm or any other injury. She had no sign of injury and denied that any fight occurred between her and her son. While this officer was speaking with the mother/offender a third intoxicated person came downstairs from the second floor. This person had made the 911 call. Since all three were intoxicated, all three had different versions of what happened and police have been at this residence for two other domestic disputes within the last ten days, this officer advised all three people would be cited for disorderly conduct. The mother/offender, due to her intoxication and the fact that she had fallen and struck her head, was transported to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. The other two offenders were advised that a return call would result in criminal charges and a night in the jail cell. No further calls during the shift.

03-29-10 08:47 Hours – Ptl. D. Schiazza – Criminal Mischief
100 block e. Plumstead Ave. – Police responded to Lime Sportswear for a report of a criminal mischief discovered. On police arrival we spoke with the complainant. The complainant reports two broken glass garage door window panes broken on the side garage door. There were several rocks in front of the garage door and it appears as if the actor/s were throwing the rocks at the glass window panes.

03-29-10 16:13 Hours – Ptl. K. McDermott – Theft- $200 & Over from Auto
Unit block Nyack Ave. -The reporting party stated that his wife’s vehicle was broken into at some point over night. Missing from the vehicle, car Jensen car stereo, and Sony car stereo speakers. The reporting party states the vehicle was locked buy the alarm was not activated. This officer did observe that the driver’s door was partially bent back away from the vehicle but no pry marks were evident.

03-29-10 16:29 Hours – Ptl. K. McDermott – Burglary-No Force-Residence-Day
Unit block Nyack Ave. – While police were on location for the previous incident this officer was informed by the victim that his apartment was burglarized at some point yesterday afternoon. The victim stated his wife was home at the time of the burglary and believed it was him returning from work. The victims wife stated that approximately 1300hours, while she was in the rear bedroom cleaning she heard someone in the hallway shout. Immediately after the shouting she reports she heard the front door open. Approximately two to five minutes after the door opened she walked out of the bedroom and discovered the door open wide and the listed property missing. The wife further stated that the front door was unlocked at the time and that she we unable to see anything because the bedroom door was shut. This officer spoke with a neighbor and he heard somebody shout in the hallway and then heard somebody walking down the steps. Value of loss $411.00.

03-29-10 22:53 Hours – Ptl. T. Selimis – Assault
300 block Barker Ave. – Physical domestic between mother and daughter. All parties transported to hospital for evaluation. Offender/mother was medically cleared for incarceration and processed and housed. Also involved was a four month old baby that the 17 year old mother stated fell off the bed.

The child was also transported to the hospital for evaluation.

03-31-10 15:50 Hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – Public Drunkenness
200 block N. Wycombe Ave. – Police responded to a disorderly subject at the complainant’s door. On police arrival the offender was standing at her mother’s apartment door. The offender was advised she was not welcome at this location and to leave, the offender was manifestly under the influence of drugs. The offender left the building and began yelling and causing a disturbance outside. The offender was taken into custody and will be cited for public drunkenness.

03-31-10 18:11 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Burglary-No Force-Residence-Day
Unit block Clover Ave. – Victim reports he returned home from work and the front door was found open. Sgt. Kienzle and this officer searched the home, nobody was located inside. There were no signs of forced entry. The victim left his home at 0825hours and returned at 1800 hours. He reports he thought he had locked the front door but could not say for certain. Missing items were video game player and games.

03-31-10 19:08 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Disorderly Conduct
200 block N. Wycombe Ave. – Police responded to this apartment for the third time. The offender who was cited previously for Public Drunkenness was again creating a disturbance at her mother’s home.

In the previous incident the offender was cited and transported to the hospital as she stated she wanted to be in rehab. At that time the offender was advised not to return to her mother apartment or she faced arrest. On this incident the offender was kicking the apartment door and creating a disturbance. The offender was placed under arrest.

03-31-10 23:02 Hours – Ptl. C. Craig – Public Drunkenness
N. Wycombe @ Blackburn Ave. – While on routine patrol this officer observed a white female having difficulty walking. After several minutes of observing this female it appeared that she was under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. This officer did conduct a pedestrian stop. While speaking to the offender she was having difficulty keeping her eyes open and her speech and body movements were lethargic. This officer asked her if she was under the influence of anything, to which she stated “yes” that she had injected heroin earlier and had a needle in her purse. The offender was placed under arrest, returned to police headquarters where she will be placed in the cell to await sobriety.

04-01-101 10:30 Hours – Ptl. C. Schiazza – Criminal Mischief to Automobiles
E. Plumstead Ave. – Victim reported that someone had scratched her vehicle overnight. This officer observed there were scratches on the front hood of the vehicle and right front fender.

04-03-10 05:21 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Theft-$200 & over from buildings
Unit block Runnemede Ave. – Police received a call for theft that occurred within the last twenty minutes. The victims allowed the suspect and his girlfriend into their apartment. Sometime during the night, the victim did take $20 from an envelope containing their rent money. The suspect and his girlfriend witnessed the victim take the money from this envelope and then place it back on top of the dresser in the bedroom. After the suspect left the victims discovered the envelope containing their rent money was missing. They stated the suspect is a crack cocaine addict and heroin addict. The victims stated that the suspect is most likely going to 69th street to take an El train. This officer contacted Upper Darby Police to check the El train station the suspect was not located. The total money stolen was $620.00. The victims appeared to be heavily under the influence of alcohol and or a controlled substance at the time of making this police report.

04-04-10 01:16 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – Disorderly Conduct
200 block Shadeland Ave. – while investigating a panic alarm call this officer observed the offender staggering south on Shadeland and stopped in front of my patrol vehicle. The offender appeared to be texting on a phone and was oblivious to the police presence. Officer Selimis shined her flashlight on him and he just looked up and then continued to walk south on Shadeland Avenue. This officer observed the offender walk towards the back of Don’s Dance World, which was closed for business. Police cleared the alarm call and caught up with the offender behind the stores. The offender had a strong odor of alcohol beverage on his person and was under the age of 21. It was discovered that he was urinating on the side of the building. Officer Selimis took him onto custody and found a small sandwich bag containing suspected marijuana. The offender was returned to police headquarters and will be cited for this offence.

04-04-10 10:40 Hours – Sgt. J. Eisenhart – Criminal Mischief to Automobiles
100 block N. Union Ave. – The victim reports criminal mischief to her vehicle overnight. Unknown person had slashed all four of her tires. This officer examined and located the slashes in each of the side walls of each tire consistent with a knife. The victim states that yesterday around 1700 hours she was washing her vehicle in the rear of N. Union Avenue, the victim lives at next door, when a while male, late thirties or forty year old, 5″5″ stock build approached her and began to complain that she was private property. The victim began to gather her things to move her vehicle and the male began to complain that “you foreigners have no respect for property” and thing along those lines. The male entered the basement of the property. The victim believes that this male is responsible for the vandalism. Estimated damage to be $200 per tire. This officer asked why the victim was washing her car on her neighbor’s property and she stated that the lot in rear of her house was full of vehicles.