Police activity week of 03-15-10 through 03-21-10

03-16-10 14:41 Hours – Ptl. M. Mugler – Criminal Mischief to Automobiles
200 block Wabash Ave. – The victim phoned police headquarters requesting to speak to an officer.

The victim stated that over the last year she keeps finding small scratches on both of her vehicles.

The victim normally parks both vehicles in the rear of her house, but sometimes parks them on the street. There were light scratches on the one vehicle this officer viewed. The other vehicle the victim had a work. The victim just wanted this documented for the time being and she will keep the police informed if the problem persists.

03-16-10 17:49 Hours – Ptl. M. Mugler – Criminal Mischief to Automobiles
100 block E. Plumstead Ave. – The victim states his 1986 green GMC Vandura van had side rear tire and front tire both flat. The victim explained he is in the process of getting the van registered and inspected. The van has been parked in his driveway for several days. This officer was unable to see any puncture marks due to the condition of the tires. Value of the tires is approximately $350.00.

03-16-10 23:16 Hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Disorderly Conduct
Unit block W. Baltimore Ave. – While on patrol in the parking lot in front of Blockbuster Video, this officer was flagged down by two employees. These employees reported that a male passenger in a car that was leaving the lot called the female employee a “nigger” because she would not allow him into the store after it closed. The employees pointed out a vehicle that was leaving the lot and preparing to turn left/west on West Baltimore Avenue. When this officer arrived in the lot, I saw the w/m that was getting into the front passenger side of the car. The employees related that the male knocked on the window and gestured about the time. The female employee gestured back that they already closed and the male/offender made an angry remark including the work “fuck”. The male/offender then made a remark directed to the female employee calling her a “nigger”. The male employee was working out of sight and heard the remark and came into view to see what was going on. Both employees heard the male use the word “nigger” a second time as he was returning to the car. The employees then saw me and flagged me down. This officer was able to stop the car at Owen & West Baltimore Aves. This officer recognized that offender as the man this officer saw getting into the card. There were no other occupants in the car. This officer advised the offender that I received a complaint and he admitted that he did make a remark including the work “fuck” when he learned the store was closed. The offender stated he misread the store’s hours and thought the staff had closed early. The offender denied making any other offensive remarks. This officer informed the offender that I would speak to the staff again and if they wanted to pursue the matter that this officer would file a citation. This officer advised the offender that he could plead not guilty and explain his side in court. Neither the driver nor offender had ID. The information they provided matched Penn Dot records. This officer issued a citation to the driver for failure to produce a driver’s license. This officer spoke again with the employees of Blockbuster and they wanted to follow through and agreed to appear in court. A citation will be filed against the offender.

03-17-10 02:48 Hours – Ptl. L. Albertoli – Driving Under the Influence
Burmont Rd @ Shadeland Ave. – This officer responded to the area of Burmont & Shadeland to meet Off. M. Morgan of the CHPD, Off. Morgan observed a vehicle drive off a grassy area across the sidewalk and onto the roadway. Off. Morgan stopped the vehicle near Burmont & Shadeland. The driver told Off. Morgan that he was returning from Atlantic City and was very tired. When this officer spoke with the driver his face was red and his eyes were glassy and bloodshot. The offender’s speech was slurred and his responses were slow. This officer observed an unopened bottle beer on the front passenger side floor of the ar. The offender told me that there were four beers. This officer found four unopened bottles and a cardboard six pack carrier. I advised the offender to step out of the vehicle, immediately this officer smelled an odor of an alcoholic beverage on the offender. The offender did fail the first field test. The offender was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

03-17-10 13:29 Hours – Ptl. L. Doyle – Disorderly Conduct
100 block Green Ave. (PWHS) – Received a report of two females in custody over a fight at Penn Wood High School. On this officer’s arrival met with the Assistant Principal who showed this officer a video of the fight. The Asst. Principal stated that the one juvenile defendant was waiting outside a class room for the other defendant’s class to finish. The video showed that the one offender walked outside the classroom and immediately the two offenders’ began to fight. The two students/offenders were arrested on scene and taken to police headquarters. Parents of both students/offenders were notified. Both cited for disorderly conduct.

03-17-10 13:20 Hours – Sgt. B. Eidell – Narcotics-Possession-Marijuana
Unit block Eldon Ave. – This officer, Officer McGinnis and Officer Doyle were serving a search warrant on unit block Eldon Ave in reference to a burglary involving the offender. On police arrival the offender did answer the door. The offender was advised of the search warrant and asked to secure a dog that was inside. At this point the offender did walk up to the second floor. The officers did ask him to identify his bedroom and he pointed out a bedroom on the west side of the house. This officer and Officer McGinnis began searching the offender’s bedroom for the items listed on the search warrant. One of the items was a silver key to the front door of the burglarized house. While searching articles of clothing for this key Officer McGinnis did find a multi colored sock, in a bedroom dresser drawer that contained 23 red glassine baggies containing a green leafy vegetable matter believed to be marijuana. Additional baggies and packaging material, along with items listed on the search warrant, were also recovered. The offender was placed into custody and returned to police headquarters. The offender was processed and the appropriate charges were filed.

03-17-10 19:56 Hours – Sgt. K. Kienzle – theft- Under $50.00-Retail Theft
Unit block e. Baltimore Ave. (Rite-Aid) – Police responded to a retail theft. On police arrival Rit Aid loss prevention officer had observed a theft of merchandise and followed the actor outside of the store. The loss prevention officer instructed the subject to return to the office and upon return, 12 items that were stolen from the store were recovered. The offender was returned to police headquarters and processed. A citation was issued.

03-18-10 02:47 Hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Driving Under the Influence
N. Wycombe Ave. – this officer observed a vehicle traveling South on Wycombe Ave. and failing to stop for the steady red traffic signal at the intersection. The vehicle was stopped. Upon approaching the operator, this officer could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her person. The offender’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy. The offender was asked to submit to a portable breath test which she failed. The offender was taken into custody and transported to the hospital where she was read her implied consent warnings and did agree to submit to a chemical test of her blood. The offender will be charged with driving under the influence.

03-18-10 06:07 Hours – Ptl. C. Brown – Public Drunkenness
100 block McKinley Ave. Police received a call of a sick person. On police arrival the offender was located sleeping in the hallway of the 2nd floor in front of an apartment door. After several minutes officers were able to awaken her, a strong odor of a alcoholic beverage could be smelled emanating from her person. Officer’s tried unsuccessfully to obtain the offenders’ address and information from her. The offender was unable to communicate coherently or walk on her own and had to be assisted by medics. The medics determined that since the offender was in such an apparent intoxicated stated she needed to be evaluated by a physician. The offender was transported to the hospital. The reporting party was extremely upset by the offender’s actions and could not exit her apartment due to the offender blocking it. It was later determined that the offender lives next door on the second floor. Citation for Public Drunkenness will be mailed to the offender

03-18-10 08:47 Hours – Ptl M. McGinnis – Robbery-Strong Arm
Unit block N. Lansdowne Ave. (Wawa) – Police received a radio call for name and number. The victim was contacted by phone, she indicated that at approximately 07:45 hours this date she parked her vehicle on the Strattford Avenue side of the Wawa store. Upon exiting her vehicle a white male in his twenties wearing a gray hoodie and having a scruffy beard walked in front of her, as this happened another unknown male did come up from behind her and grab her hand bag. The males then fled east on Strattford Avenue. The complainant then went home, contacted her bank and then called the police.

03-21-10 14:06 Hours – Sgt. J. McCaughan – MV Theft-Attempted
S. Lansdowne Ave. (Lansdowne Train Station) – Police received a call of a possible theft from vehicle at the Lansdowne Train Station by the ticket booth. On arrival a green Toyota Corolla was parked and unoccupied on the train station parking lot with the dodos open and it appeared that everything in the vehicle was taken out and set on the ground. There were four bowling balls in the parking lot, a bowling bag, numerous type of paper work and other items including clothing and tolls and a Garmin GPS unit with a charger lying outside the passenger door. The trunk was open, the gas cap was off, and there was a key in the ignition that wasn’t for the car. A witness stated she saw black male taking things out of the vehicle approximately twenty minutes earlier and thought he was just cleaning out the vehicle. The vehicle owner was contacted; she stated she may have left the vehicle unlocked. The victim stated that the only thing that appeared to be missing was a quart of Quaker State oil.

03-21-10 19:31 Hours
Upper Darby police responded to a vandalism to auto at the Empire Diner. The actor was taken into custody and taken to the Crisis Center. This officer is waiting for the information on the actor because the M.O. is the same as this incident.